November, 2019
Let the Raffles begin. We have been blessed to help support our troops. Sportsman's Foundation for Military Families has a Grand Slam Turkey Hunting raffle to support foundation.   
Cancellations openings can come in at anytime. If you don't see anything that interest you in newsletter, text us or call 920-540-5038 or email, We can help you with group rates on certain hunts with some hunts that are listed.    
We encourage veterans to sign up for a hunt at:
You will have to fill out application at the website listed above!
Thank you for serving veterans!
Alligator and hog meat for sale to support Sportsman's Foundation for Military Families, clicking here will take you to offer.
GOD bless our military, police officers, fireman and first responders! "We will never forget".
Take care and GOD bless ,

Grand Slam Turkey Raffle - $300.00. (Limited number of tickets!)
Click here for more information on details.
Thank you for supporting Our Troops and
The Ford Outfitters: Sportsmen's Foundation
The Ford Outfitters: Sportsmen's Foundation
Call 863-655-2454 or
Call or text: 920-540-5038- THESE PRICES NOT LISTED AT WEBSITE! 
Much more detailed information about hunting experience need for each of these hunts and how they can be tailored for you . Please check out new website.
South-central Alaska, deep in the heart of the Chugach Mountains and the Talkeetna Mountains. The center of this vast region - which encompasses nearly 25,000 square miles of remote wilderness - is approximately 150 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska.
Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt, Alaskan Wilderness Expedetions
Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt,
Alaskan Wilderness Expeditions

Spring 2020 Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear - 1x1 $12,750
*Black Bear & Wolf Available No Charge
Interior Mountain Grizzly - 1x1 $8,750 or 2x1 $5,750
*Black Bear Available On A Fee
Coastal Alaskan Black Bear - 1x1 $5,750 or 2x1 $3,750
*Wolf & Alaskan Coyote Available No Charge
Fall 2020 Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear - 1x1 $14,750 
*Black Bear, Wolf & Wolverine Available No Charge
Interior Mountain Grizzly - 1x1 $10,750 or 2x1 $7,750
*Black Bear, Wolf & Wolverine Available No Charge
**Mountain Goat Available On A Fee
Alaska/Yukon Moose - 1x1 $14,750 or 2x1 $10,750
*Black Bear, Wolf & Wolverine Available No Charge
**Mountain Grizzly, Dall Sheep & Mountain Goat Available On A Fee
Mountain Goat - 1x1 $9,750 or 2x1 $6,750
**Black Bear, Wolf & Wolverine Available No Charge
**Interior Mountain Grizzly Available On A Fee
*Hunts Are All-Inclusive From Anchorage
*One-On-One or Two-On-One Itineraries Available
Also Taking Reservations For 2021 Dall Sheep
Mention Tony Gutierrez for special pricing. Prices may not be listed at website.
Text or Call 920-540-5038
2020 Mule Deer Hunt or Elk Hunt $4500 5 day hunt  
text or call: 307-884-6356 or 920-540-5038
Record Mule Deer
These camps are well keep and as noted in the testimonies, you are well cared for:
We decided to sign on with Greys River Outfitters and I am very glad we did! Mike Clark was excellent to work with and very meticulous that we had the correct permits and supplies needed for our hunt. The 22 hour drive to camp was long, yet I was very anxious to arrive and complete the mule deer hunt of my dreams! 
This Wyoming elk hunt is an opportunity to beautifully see for yourself the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Western Wyoming. Hunting areas south of Jackson hole near Daniel,  covering Region G-H.  or  307-884-6356 or 920-540-5038  

MISSOURI: Bull Elks: $4,000 special, 4 Spots available. 
6-days includes meals and lodging. 
Outdoor Bound TV Episode 29 The Way Outfitters 
Outdoor Bound TV Episode 29 The Way Outfitters
MISSOURI: Bull Elks: $4,000 special, 4 Spots available.
700 acre preserve. Meals/lodging and game prep included. Near lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.
Hogsback Ranch now offers hunts in Sonora, Mexico for Desert Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Desert Big Horn Sheep, Javelina, and Goulds Turkey!  
Our hunting preserve specializes in providing quality, trophy whitetail opportunities with fully guided, all inclusive hunts on a wide variety of terrain. Modern lodging and amenities are available for your comfort. Our preserve is family owned and operated, and we take great pride in providing our customers with world class hunting opportunities in picturesque Northern Wisconsin.
Hurtle Creek Outfitters Alaska-
New drawing for Caribou in unit 13 for non-residents it's an excellent unit for Caribou- $7,500
Text or call 907-414-6414 for more details  

Drawing here for Caribou in unit 13 for non-residents it's an excellent unit for Caribou. You  have to apply at adfg online or contact me 907-414-6414. Cost of caribou hunt is  $7,500, if the guy draws. Drawing is open until December 5 any questions let me know.
Tag and license not included.

Registered big game hunting guide Ray Paniwozik has lived in Alaska for 19 years and has guided hunters and fisherman in Alaska since 1996. His big game guiding career has led to hunt many areas of Alaska including South Central Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula, Alaska Range, and Kodiak Island. Ray is not only a registered big game hunting guide but he also holds a United States Coast Guards License and guides fisherman.
Text or Call 907-414-6414

Fallow Deer hunts 3,500, Gold Class Elk Hunts $4,500, Russian Boars and much more... 
Call 631-745-3235 or   
The MoonShine Ranch ng
The MoonShine Ranch
Pennsylvania Hunting Ranch
The Moonshine Ranch is a place where your hunting dreams become a reality.
Private preserve hunts and fair chase hunts in Pennsylvania
with well-traveled experienced bow hunter and guide Lou Lampitelli.
The Moonshine Ranch is located in Wayne County, North Eastern PA. Our Pennsylvania hunting ranch offers a wide variety of hunting adventures: Archery hunting, Crossbow, Shotgun, and Rifle hunts for wild boar, whitetail deer, turkey, ram, sheep, and many other exotic species. Our Archery hunts are conducted from strategically placed tree stands as well as ground blinds. Spot and stalking is available when guided. Pennsylvania hunting licenses are required. Mandatory state restrictions on antler sizes to ensure maximum growth, which has been known to produce the larger bucks.
Call 631-745-3235 or  
2020 NEW BRUNSWICK Spring or Fall Bear Hunts
Over bait  
6 hunters in camp (ask about 7th if your group all spots!). 
$2,750 Fully guided 5 day hunt  (2 Bear harvest area),  
Call or text 506-325-8579 or   

Bear Cam Footage Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps 
Bear Cam Footage Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps
Although the Spring bear hunt officially starts the middle of April, our first hunt is in the middle of May. The reason for this, is because there is still too much snow in the woods for proper baiting and a lot of bears are not out of their dens in April. The average adult black bear weighs anywhere from 300-600 pounds.
Approximately 30 sites are maintained. These baits are started three weeks prior to the hunt and re-baited daily. All baits are located within 20 miles radius of the camps. We also encourage the hunter who has a four wheeler to bring it along to participate and travel with the guide daily to visit all bear bait sites.  
Meals, transportation and lodging provided (each group have their own cabin).
Success rate 85-100%
Average number of bear seen for the week is 5-8 
Two bait sites per hunter / 6 hunters per week
Craig Boddington has endorsed my outfitting business. 
Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps
381 Becaguimec Road, Maplewood
New Brunswick, Canada E6E 1M9
NEW Hunt Offering
Saskatchewan Whitetail:
$4000 Plus $660 in tags & taxes for a November 2019 Whitetail hunt.
Wilderness camp, max of 6 hunters per week.
GG Outfitting
GG Outfitting
Gunson Guiding & Outfitting 
Join us on:   FacebookLinkedIn, or   Instagram 
British Columbia: BIG Moose - Stone Sheep - Mountain Caribou - Mountain Goat - Black Bear
Saskatchewan: Whitetail - Moose - Black Bear
Call or text Jake at: 250-500-2717 or visit 

Westwind Guide Service,  owned and operated by Alaska Master Guide Tony Lee, specializes in brown bear, grizzly, moose, black bear and dall sheep.  
Call:907-373-2047 or  

In 1969 Tony came to Alaska with the simple goal of having one of the top outfitting services in the state. After learning to fly in 1972 and later purchasing a Super Cub, he paid his dues as assistant guide for several years. In 1979 he earned his Licensed Registered Guide status (#498) and now is a Master Guide (license #105), and owner of Westwind Guide Service. With 100% effort he reached his original goal and has many satisfied clients with record class trophies.

You can be assured we'll do everything we can to make your Alaska hunting trip a great experience! We're a small family-operated outfitting service based in the Shotgun Hills and Nushagak Hills of Alaska. The far outpost of our hunting area is 300 air miles off the road system and located at the top of the Alaska Peninsula. All of our hunts are conducted in unit 19, 17, and 13 and we have been hunting these areas for the last 35 years, which is literally our backyard, our knowledge of this area is second to none.
Call:907-373-2047 or

Montana-Hidden Valley Outfitters-Call (406) 795-8286 or visit
  Tracy Weyer and Hidden Valley Outfitters. We have been in business for over 25 years; specializing in mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, antelope, turkey, upland birds, varmints, black bear and mountain lion. Hunts for the rifleman, muzzleloader and archery enthusiast, hunts are located in Eastern Montana and western North Dakota, our fair chase hunts take place on private property in Montana and North Dakota as well as the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest in central Montana. 

Through the years Hidden Valley Outfitters has teamed up with television shows and personalities such as Mossy Oak, Real Tree, NAHC, Gettin Close, SOE, Babe Winkelman, Michael Waddell, Mike Stroff, Gordy Krahn, Huntley Ritter and many others.  These shows have been featured on hunting television networks including The Outdoor Channel, Versus, OLN, and ESPN.
We hope you will join us to on your next adventure.
Hidden Valley Outfitters
Wibaux, Montana
(406) 795-8286
UT-BUFFALO HUNT MEAT HUNTS, Prices starting at $2,500-$2,900
2 yr. BULLS-$3,500, 3yr Bulls $4,00-$4,800, Cows $2,900-$3,500
Openings for 2019 - Buffalo Heads/Robes are YOURS! 
There are also hunts in CO, SD, and NM available. Prices vary at these locations. Please fill out form for more information. 
Call or text 920-540-5038 
Lodging is different with each outfitter. You will be guided into the area, assist you with gutting the animal, and then load the animal into your vehicle.  Meat processors available upon request.

Call 920-540-5038
Cherry Creek Farm/Michigan Trophy Deer Hunting, Turkey Hunting
Special Meat Doe Hunts $300.00 available till the end of 2019 
Text or call
248-762-3314 for bookings 
Cherry Creek Farm -Mio, Michigan 
Cherry Creek Farm -Mio, Michigan

One of the prime whitetail deer hunting preserves in Michigan, a place to trade the pace of daily living for the relaxation of the country. Michigan's Cherry Creek Farm offers outdoor-lovers 500+ acres of scenic whitetail deer hunting, turkey hunting, pheasant hunting, and trout fishing! At our nature preserve you will be guided to some of the best trophy deer hunts, turkey hunts, pheasant hunts, and fishing experiences to be found in the state of Michigan. Our goal is to offer you and your sports-loving family the best whitetail deer hunting, turkey hunting, pheasant hunting, fishing, and wilderness vacation ever in Michigan!  
Text or call 248-762-3314 or
text or call 708-536-7290 OR 780-536-7298
Blue Sky Outfitting Home Page Video
Blue Sky Outfitting
Woodland Buffalo Hunting 
For most hunters, woodland bison is the pinnacle trophy.  These majestic creatures are so large, you will surely be stunned when you see them up close. These are native, free ranging woodland bison in their natural habitat. Fortunately, they are not a pure wood bison - which means you are allowed to export your cape and horns to the United States. 
The bull may weight up to 3000 lbs. and a cow 1500 lbs.  Studies have shown that many of the bulls in this area are ancient, and trophy potential is very high. There is also the satisfaction of having hunted a rare and awesome trophy - a true free ranging woodland bison. The very elusive timber wolf inhabits the same area as the woodland bison and can be hunted with reasonable success at any time during the hunt.
Our fair-weather season includes the month of October and the last two weeks of May.  The winter hunts occur between November 1st and April 30th.

email: or call 608-403-7505
Wisconsin-Deer Haven Acres-Special 10% off Trophy Bucks
Our preserve has heated and unheated box blinds, traditional ground blinds and tree stands. There are a vast number of natural food plots scattered throughout the preserve.
We offer an outdoor shooting range for our guests.
In addition to hunting all guests are welcome to fish on our pond that is heavily stocked with Walleye, Bass, Perch and Bluegill when applicable.
All hunts require a non-refundable 50% deposit when booked (if you cancel your hunt or do not harvest an animal your deposit can be used or transferred to a future hunt). The remaining balance is due after a successful harvest.
email: or call 608-403-7505
Text or call for details: 307-248-2551 OR 307-248-0867

Mountain Lion Hunt
Two cancellations for mountain lion hunts for December 10-14th and December 17-21st. These are over the counter tags and we are offering a discounted price at $3750.00 for hunters who are looking for a thrilling hunt. First come first serve.
One of our Favorites! These hunts take place from December thru February. They are conducted with the use of 4 x 4, ATV, UTV, and snow machines. This hunt is a one on one hunt with multiple packs of hounds and hounds-men to accommodate multiple hunters. During the hunt it can get very cold while on the snow machine but then it can get hot while on foot tracking the mountain lion. Depending on the year it can get down to -20 degrees so it is important that you bring enough clothes to accommodate the weather change, from snow, ice or sleet. Please expect a rigorous hike, we can not pick control where the mountain lion goes. We will use snow machine to get as far as we safely can. or  307-248-2551

Fall/Winter 2019- 
Premier Arizona Fully Guided Big Game Hunts
Exceptional Fully Guide Trophy Big Game Hunts
All-Inclusive From Phoenix
Personally Guided By The Outfitter  
(You need to mention this newsletter for these prices)  
Call or Text 920-540-5038  

Contact Us For The Latest Trophy Information & Permit Areas
OTC Mule Deer Tags & OTC Coues Deer Tags Also Available
If You Drew A 2019 Elk or Pronghorn Permit, Please Contact Us ASAP
The Latest In Trophy Information & Hunting Areas
Now Taking Reservations For Fully Guided Elk Hunts
Now Taking Reservations For Fully Guided Pronghorn Hunts
Trophy Mule Deer Hunts Starting As Low As $3,750
Trophy Coues Deer Hunts Starting As Low As $3,750
Trophy Elk Hunts Starting As Low As $5,750
Trophy Color-Phase Black Bear Hunts Starting As Low As $4,750
Premier Bighorn Sheep Hunts Starting As Low As $10,750
*Desert Bighorn or Rocky Mountain Bighorn
Contact Us For The Hunt Of A Lifetime
All Hunts Personally Guided By The Outfitter
Long Duration Trophy Hunts Available
or call 920-540-5038 
Aberdeen, South Dakota Pheasant Hunting BOOK NOW!
Dates available:
2-Day hunts: Oct.20th, 27th, Nov. 10th, 17th Dec. 1st, 8th, 15th  
3 day hunts: Dec. 11th, 18th
Text or call 605-290-7502 or  
Royal Flush Pheasant Hunting Lodge // South Dakota 
Royal Flush Pheasant Hunting Lodge // SD

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge || Aberdeen, SD
At Royal Flush Hunting Lodge, a premier South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge, we offer over 4,000 acres of prime world class pheasant hunting land near Aberdeen, South Dakota. All of this land is a different nature such as corn strips, sloughs, CRP, grasslands, food plots, and shelterbelts giving hunters all types of terrain to hunt on different days. We are located in Stratford, SD which is the heart of pheasant and deer country. We offer guided pheasant hunts along with archery deer hunts.
Text or call 605-290-7502 or
FISHING, Alligator, Wild Boar, Deer Hunting, EXOTIC BIG GAME-
Club Memberships plans available for Okeechobee Outfitters  
Call:  863-655-2454 or 863-634-7803 
Okeechobee Outfitters/Seminole Prairie Safari-Florida Hunting 
Okeechobee Outfitters/Seminole Prairie Safari-Florida Hunting

More than just a wild hog hunting trip and trophy alligator hunting trip, it's about the whole Florida hunting experience. Whether it is stalking a wild boar, sitting in a blind Osceola turkey hunting, or maybe traveling high speed out on a air boat trophy alligator hunting, Seminole Prairie Safari / Okeechobee Outfitters hunting guides are hoping you go back home with a true adventure that you can share for years. We have developed hunting grounds in the middle of the Seminole Indian Reservation, in Southern Florida, that makes for The Best Hunting Experience on an open big game ranch. The 2,000 acres of Prime Habitat in the middle of 36,000 acres is loaded with a self-sustained herd of native hogs and Osceola turkeys and rare exotics from all over the world. This is truly an exceptional Florida hunting Ranch to hunt in North America, much less to visit.
New Mexico Elk, Mule Deer, Ibex, Antelope, Oryx, Bear, Lion, and more...
Text or call 505-330-9776 or

Guided Elk Hunt Information
Upon successful draw the clients will be able to use a guide as per contract. If unsuccessful in New Mexico lottery draw then private landowner tag option may be available. All guides employed by Wilderness Outfitter Productions are registered (NMG&F), experienced and highly qualified hunters with required first aid and CPR training.

We share your passion for New Mexico Big Game hunting and offer these services:

* Semi-guided 2 day New Mexico Elk hunting (Affordable for any budget) - $2,000

* Fully guided 5 day New Mexico Elk hunting with base camp options starting - $4,000

* Full Service 5 day New Mexico Elk hunting
(includes- guide, camp setting or lodging, camp cooked meals) - $4,500

* Other Full Service hunts with Guide, Camp Cook and Base camp available . Pricing upon request.  Group rates available just call.

Videography, editing and production is an additional 500.00
Hunters are responsible for NMGF license hunt fees.
Text or call 505-330-9776 or 
Alaska and Western States Links for permits and tags  
Alaska - 907-465-4210 -
Arizona - 602-942-3000 -
Colorado 303-297-1192 -
Montana - 406-444-2950 -
New Mexico - 505-476-8000 -
Wyoming - 307-777-4600 -
Thanks for taking a look at our current offerings. If I can help you in any way be it hunting information or placing an ad, please feel free to call or text me at (920) 540 5038 or via email:
Tony Gutierrez (920) 540-5038