November 2018 Monthly News & Updates
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We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Our offices will be closed Thursday & Friday, November 22nd and 23rd.
It's not too late to take advantage of our customized AEP fact sheets . Choose from two different options, submit your name, email and phone number and we'll email you your personalized PDF. Email them or mail them to your clients and prospects informing them about their options during AEP. Get yours...
In need of prospects? If you're a contracted agent with us, you're entitled to 250 free prospects. They're not qualified leads, but you can turn them into leads. Learn more...
Are you offering Medicare Supplements during the Annual Enrollment period? If not, you should be. Many agents write 1/3 to 1/2 of their annual Medicare Supplement business in the 4th quarter of every year. Check out the benefits of selling Med Supps. Learn more...
Don't forget to utilize our free marketing pieces if you're an appointed agent with us.
Cigna has added two more states (LA and TN) with increased commissions on Medicare Supplement Plan N. All states included with the 5% higher commission are: AL, AZ, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MD, MT, NC, NE, NJ, NV, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA & WV. Get contracted by clicking here .
Don't forget to take advantage of Cigna's bonus program by selling their Final Expense products. Earn $450 when you sell $3,000 in issued annualized premium per month. That's over $5,000 a year when you qualify every month. Find out  how to qualify .
Do you have Aetna in your carrier portfolio? Learn more about this A rated carrier and download their ' New Business Made Easy ' guide to find out more about selling Medicare Supplements with them. Ready to get contracted today?
Accelerated Underwriting with SBLI gets your applications processed quickly. Learn more...

  • Guaranteed AU process for everyone²
  • No blood, No urine required
  • No Medical Exams³

2 Note: no one is excluded from SBLI’s Accelerated Underwriting process but not all insurance risks are insurable. 
3 Each application requires a telephone interview instead of a medical exam. 
Mutual of Omaha
Are you earning additional marketing credits by submitting apps electronically? Mutual of Omaha gives you a full 1% of the ANBP on e-apps and only .5% on paper apps. You'll earn marketing credits faster by submitting electronic applications. Download the e-App guides to get up and running quickly. Learn more about Marketing Credits >
It's not too late to sell Mutual of Omaha's PDP* plans. PDP kits and marketing materials are available to order/download . Complete your Contracting and product training via Mutual of Omaha's Sales Professional Access . Visit our MoO MA/PDP page to download materials and learn more.

*Available in 48 states. Not available in Florida or New York.
Learn how to track your Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug business. Read more...
Mutual of Omaha will soon offer Automated Underwriting on the e-Application for Living Promise® Final Expense. You can deliver instant underwriting decisions to your clients and a faster application process.    Learn more...
Gerber Life
Gerber Life’s new Simplified Senior Life Insurance Plan provides permanent life insurance coverage with these added benefits:
  • Guaranteed premiums, cash value and death benefits
  • An easy application process for your clients
  • Quick underwriting decisions

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