November 2020
Gout and Diabetes

The Gout Education Society is committed to raising public awareness of gout. The Society arms healthcare professionals, like you, with resources to share with patients and staffand provides access to the most up-to-date research and information about gout and treatment options.

While Thanksgiving is an important time of year for many gout patients in terms of eating (and being aware of foods that trigger their flares), November is also American Diabetes Month. Gout rarely exists in isolation; in fact, there is a prevalence of gout in patients with other diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, renal disease and more.

Research has long suggested a link between gout and diabetes. Did you know those with gout have a higher risk of developing diabetes? In fact, women who have gout are 47% more likely to develop diabetes than women who do not have gout.

Insulin resistance may also play a role in the development of gout, and hyperuricemia can worsen insulin resistance. Patients who have gout are at an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Similarly, patients who already have type 2 diabetes are more likely to have hyperuricemia and gout. 

In order to manage gout with diabetes, it's important to encourage patients to check their blood sugar and uric acid levels regularly (made easier with the help of our handy "Go For Six" Score Card). With the right treatment plan and lifestyle adjustments, patients can live a life with fewer, or even no, gout flares.

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Join Us Friday, November 20, for a Live Roundtable Webinar on the Link Between Gout & Renal Health
We are hosting a live roundtable webinar on the link between gout and renal health, during which rheumatologists and nephrologists will explore these comorbid conditions. Members from renal health nonprofit organizations will also join the discussion to share their role in providing education on gout and renal health.

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Living Healthy with Gout
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