While the challenges can feel daunting, we remain grateful for so many remarkable comrades. People like Elle Hearns, who continues to fight everyday for the voices of trans women of color to be heard. People like Maria Hinojosa, who brings Latinx issues to the forefront of responsible journalism by asking smart questions and learning from the answers. For Alice Walker, whose poetry cuts through custom and expectation to wrench us from the limits of intellectual capacity into a world of heartbreaking collectivity. For the organizers, artists, lawyers, and activists doing the essential work of criminal justice reform.  And, dear reader, we are grateful for you, your partnership in this work, and your support of Aubin Pictures over the many years. 

So sit back, click through, and enjoy this awesome SNL  musical tribute Come Back, Barack  by De-Von-TrĂ© (Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd). Onward!
Dispatches from Cleveland  Screens in NYC!
My job as an organizer is always to consider the liberation of others,
and then consider my liberation as a part of that."
                 - Elle Hearns

The New York City screening of  Dispatches From Cleveland  and the epic panel afterwards rocked the Maysles Documentary Cinema on November 6. Special gratitude to our heroic moderator Maria Hinojosa, the inspiring, wise, and honest panelists Elle Hearns, Kei Williams, and Aaron Morrison. And props to DFC Advisory Table member Michaela Angela Davis for holding it down with us and the rest of the deeply engaged audience who showed up and sold out the theater. K eep fighting and share what you know. 
Alice Walker writes about  Chavela

Amidst the wildfires, in a time of despair,  Alice Walker  turned to  Chavela  and there she found rebirth. No greater testament to the power of art. Af firmation. That's when I believe we did something very right. Alice Walker knows that good books and good movies are ways to access another dimension not fraught with fires, Fascism, earthquakes, and floods.

Read more
of this remarkable poem on Alice Walker's website. 
Criminal Justice Reform  spotlight: 

Common Justice " develops and advances solutions to violence that transform the lives of those harmed and foster racial equity without relying on incarceration. Locally, we operate the first alternative-to-incarceration and victim-service program in the United States that focuses on violent felonies in the adult courts. Nationally, we leverage the lessons from our direct service to transform the justice system through partnerships, advocacy, and elevating the experience and power of those most 
impa cted. Rigorous and hopeful, we build practical strategies to hold people accountable for harm,
break cycles of violence, and secure safety, healing, and justice for survivors and their communities."
Basheer Jones Wins as City Council Member in Cleveland!

Basheer Jones (whose bold and brilliant songs feature in Dispatches From Cleveland) is now officially the Cleveland City Council Member of Ward 7. Basheer, a 32-year-old community activist, lost to incumbent TJ Dow four years ago, so this victory demonstrates perseverance and hope in change for Cleveland. 
In Conversation with Aubin's Board:
Scot Nakagawa

Fun Facts about Scot:

Scot met Cat in the '90s at an activist retreat in Delray Beach, Florida. It was love at first protest. 

Scot's feet have walked in over 30 protests and his brain has contributed to 17 organizing campaigns.

The Handmaid's Tale continues to rattle his thoughts as a film with a warning: the possibility of living in a world where "t otalitarianism creeps in through us and the choices we make."

His favorite Aubin picture is  When Democracy Works. "It's still sadly relevant today, and serves as a reminder of the need to remain constantly vigilante in defense of liberty."

His best way to stay warm is cuddling with Junior the dog,  who likes curl up on his lap when it gets cold out. "He's like a hot water bottle with fur."

Don't miss this behind-the-scenes scoop on Aubin Pictures and the creation of Aubin's first official film, When Democracy Works!

In Conversation With Aubin's Board: Featuring Scot Nakagawa
Meet Scot Nakagawa
Films We Love: Rebel Dykes

Watch the trailer!
Watch the trailer!
REBEL DYKES is a documentary about a bunch of kick ass post punk dykes in London, UK, 1980s. Before riot grrl, REBEL DYKES changed the world! 

They need your help to finish the film! Click left to  support  
                         their work!


For more screenings, visit chavelavargasfilm.com/screenings

Chavela: Beloved by Audiences Around the Globe!

Chavela, as seen in Paris, France, courtesy of Muna El Fituri.

Plus two new awards from Chicago LGBTQ Film Festival & Athens International Film Festival!



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