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Deborah Wilder
CCMI President 

Maryland Lowers Prevailing Wage Threshold to $250,000

The Maryland legislature recently reduced the prevailing wage threshold in the State to $250,000. This lower threshold is also being adopted by various counties that implement prevailing wage compliance on their local projects. The prior threshold of $500,000 was the highest in the country. Some states, which implement their own prevailing wage requirements, have no threshold and some have various thresholds ranging from $1,000 to $250,000.

While this lower threshold probably does not impact most of the prevailing wage projects in the State, it does, in fact, impact maintenance and repair work within the State. Typical on-call work, involving road repairs and repairs to buildings, will now include more projects at this lower threshold amount.

California’s Interpretation of Apprenticeship Ratios

California has an apprenticeship goal of 20%; that is one apprentice hour to every five journeyman hours work (Operating Engineers, Laborers and Teamsters have some exceptions). That 1:5 ratio is reviewed by the DIR at the end of the project for compliance purposes

However, do not confuse this with the need for apprentices to be supervised on a project on a DAILY, per hour basis. Remember that apprenticeship is an on-the-job training opportunity and if there is not a journeyman working alongside the apprentice, then the apprentice is not receiving the benefit of that supervision. If an apprentice is working without supervision, be it one hour or the entire day, the apprentice will need to be paid the full journeyman wage and fringe benefit package for all time they worked without journeyman supervision.

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Deborah Wilder will be speaking at 7 different sessions.
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FROM THE INBOX....You asked, we answered!
QUESTION: Illinois recently told my company we could not take credit for vacation pay for our workers. What is that about?
ANSWER: The State of Illinois requires that vacation be included in the wage determination in order for an employer to take credit for vacation pay. If a particular craft determination does not include a specific listing for vacation, your payment of vacation is certainly welcomed by your employee, but you may not take prevailing wage credit for the value of the vacation time you pay to the worker as part of your state prevailing wage requirement.  

This  can become problematic when you are dealing with a mixed funded project because federal Davis-Bacon does allow for vacation credit as a standard fringe benefit, while the State of Illinois may not. Remember the adoption of vacation pay within the prevailing wage determination can change by craft and by county. It is always good advice to consult with your attorney or a labor compliance consultant to make sure you understand all of the prevailing wage requirements when you begin work in a new jurisdiction.

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