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November, Letter from the Editor

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Isabel Allende
A'Lelia Bundles
Dear Readers and Writers,

Welcome to the November issue of the Literary Season Online!

Our October session was a smashing success, with acclaimed writers like Margaret Atwood and Joseph Boyden taking to the virtual stage to discuss the ins and outs of their writing processes, their life experiences, and so much more. Many of you gave us feedback about how much you loved these discussions, telling us, “It was wonderful hearing from the great minds of the 20th and 21st century” and “I’m not even a literature person, and I was riveted.”

Engaging workshops, a provocative panel on the different faces of memoir, and a spell-binding Literary Event after Dark by lyric fusion poet Lady Zen, inspired our audiences around the world. This is what the Literary Season Online is all about, reaching new and ever-present members of our international literary family with informative and exciting experiences.

We thrilled to tell you that for the November issue of the Literary Season Online, our theme is storytelling. The art of storytelling is one of the most ancient human practices. It has existed as long as we have had language. Communicating stories is a means for passing along wisdom and knowledge, for sharing information, and for the joy of entertainment. While it has many facets, the art of storytelling is the foundation of writing itself.

In November, we will welcome two immensely talented storytellers to our virtual stage: Isabel Allende and A’Lelia Bundles. Isabel Allende — novelist, feminist, and philanthropist — is one of the most widely read authors in the world, having sold more than 74 million books. Isabel’s works entertain and educate readers by interweaving imaginative stories with significant historical events. We are featuring her in our book club, starting on October 20th; learn more here.

A’Lelia Bundles — award-winning journalist and author — wrote a biography of her great-great-grandmother, the first female millionaire, On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C.J. Walker, which was made into Self-Made, a fictionalized Netflix series which premiered in March 2020. An incredible storyteller, A’Lelia worked as a news executive and producer for thirty years and writes about the legacy of her incredible family. We are featuring her in our book club as well, starting on October 27th, learn more here.

Stimulating workshops like Diana Spechler’s Live Storytelling workshop which will culminate in a lively Student Storytelling Showcase. She’ll be posing the question “What is the secret of the storytellers on The Moth Radio Hour or This American Life?” How do they communicate such convincing emotion and intimacy, whether their stories are funny or sad, informative, or impressionistic? Contrary to popular belief, great storytelling has less to do with public speaking than it does with the writing.
Diana Spechler
Dinty Moore
Dinty Moore will be teaching The Art of Vivid Description. Recent scientific discoveries about how the brain processes words, especially descriptive words, gives fresh meaning to the old saying, “Show, don’t tell.” EJ Levy will give the workshop Writing From Life, asking how do prose writers blend fact and imagination to transform life into compelling fiction and memoir? This hybrid workshop will explore the border between fiction and nonfiction narratives, to consider how the imagined can deepen our nonfiction and how autobiographical elements can enliven our fiction.
E.J. Levy
Kat Falls
Kat Falls workshop will explore how to Make the Impossible Possible: How to Create a Fresh and Vivid World, and Reinventing Fairy Tales and Myths for All Ages & Genres. This sci-fi and fantasy workshop will explore how to make world-building fresh and believable. Each of these workshops will have 2 sessions, giving you twice the amount of time to delve into the subject matter and get the most out of it.

Our new online series Late-Night Live celebrates cultural diversity through poetry, stories, and performance. This year we’re getting rid of the stage and bright lights and giving you a much more personal storytelling hour. Join us on Wednesday, November 11, 9:30 – 10:30 PM for Bedtime Stories, where six storytellers will take us on an intimate journey through tales and stories. (Content may not be suitable for a younger audience.) We will have performances by some fantastic storytellers including Dhana Musil, Stephanie Medlock, Jim Mossuto, Diana Spechler, Martin James Grapengeter, and Rusty Russell. Jocelynn Sunrise will bring it all together as our special guest MC.

Our new literary adventure, called the Literary Season Online, takes the San Miguel Writers’ Conference concept, one we have been perfecting for over 15 years, and transforms it, offering a monthly conference (October through March.) We are offering season passes to those who want the full experience, monthly passes, and individual tickets to our myriad of events (click here for more). Every month you can expect a letter like this one, sharing the theme and detailing the upcoming month’s events.

Just as our conference is changing, so will your writing, achieving new heights of creativity and purpose. We hope you’ll choose to be part of it! See you soon!


Mittie Babette Roger
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Una Temporada Literaria en Línea
Conectándonos con el mundo de la escritura
Carta de la Directora  

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Isabel Allende
A'Lelia Bundles
Comenzamos nuestra Temporada Literaria en Línea con mucha emoción y expectativas, deseando que todos los asistentes se sintieran entusiasmados con las entrevistas de Joseph Boyden y su mundo narrativo del norte de Canadá, y de Margaret Atwood, la gran poeta y narradora, quien volvió a sorprendernos con su dinamismo y constante presencia en las redes sociales, demostrando que este mundo de la pandemia no podrá detener jamás la creación literaria.

Los talleres, pensados en el gusto e interés de todos, también iniciaron con grandes sorpresas. La Literatura Portátil y la Poesía de lo Cotidiano se llevaron el reconocimiento de muchos futuros escritores.

Pero la Temporada Literaria en Línea del Festival de Escritores en San Miguel está apenas iniciando y ofreceremos más conferencias y audaces entrevistas, paneles, talleres y eventos literarios especiales. En la Sesión de Noviembre, del domingo 8 al sábado 14, presentamos al mundo a dos talentosas escritoras: Isabel Allende, una de las autoras más leídas del mundo, con más de 74 millones de libros vendidos y traducidos a más de 42 idiomas. Hablará sobre su último libro, la guerra civil española y el golpe de estado en Chile. Y a la periodista y escritora A’Lelia Bundles, conocida hoy por la serie de Netflix y quien nos contará sobre la vida de su tatarabuela en “Una mujer adelantada a su tiempo: la vida de Madam C.J. Walker como emprendedora, activista y filántropa”.

En los talleres ha llegado el turno al género más recurrente, “Escribir Ficción” con el reconocido escritor, crítico y editor mexicano Martín Solares, quien en estos días estrena la publicación de su último libro “Muerte en el jardín de la luna”. Y el taller de Periodismo “Escribir para medios de comunicación” con Mariana H, locutora cultural en radio y televisión, quien también está estrenando su nuevo libro titulado “A través del vaso. En vivo con 26 músicas y músicos de México”.
Martín Solares
Mariana H
El evento nocturno de esta sesión acompañará muy bien las largas noches de la temporada con Bedtime Stories en donde seis voces narradoras nos compartirán inquietantes historias.
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¡Bienvenidos a la Sesión de Noviembre!

Armida Zepeda,
El Festival de Escritores celebra la literatura; es un festival para escritores y lectores. Ofrecemos pases especiales que incluyen conferencias magistrales, eventos nocturnos en vivo, eventos literarios y talleres de escritura.

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