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November 2017 Issue

As part of our new MS-CPAS work, you'll be receiving a newsletter like this once a month with information on assessment updates. Please make an effort to distribute the information to all parties if needed. Thank you again for all the hard work each of you does for CTE. We are really excited about what the future holds for the students in the state of Mississippi!
Testing-Prep Reminders for Test Coordinators
As many of you know, the key to any successful testing period in a school setting hinges on planning and organization. Here are a few key reminders prior to starting testing in your school.

1. Submit and Verify Student Rosters
    • Use the provided queries appropriate for your student package to get the rosters to submit and verify on the RCU website. Make sure the students' MSIS IDs are correct as well as the tests assigned.
    • Make sure you complete this process during the roster verification window.

2. Read the CTE Testing Manual

    • Review Section 5 Testing Day to understand the process from start to finish. 
3. Test Your Labs
    • Use Section 2 (p. 12) of the CTE Testing Manual as your guide.
    • The demo test process (CTE Testing Manual - Section 4) is a great way to complete a trial run for the lab.

Key Contacts
Assessment Manager ..............................
PBA .........................................................
IAD Meetings ...........................................
National Certification ...............................

Dates to Remember
  • Oct. 30-Nov. 10 - Fall Verification Period 
  • Nov. 13-17 - Fall Testing
  • Dec. 1 - Fall Final Reports Published
  • Jan. 29 - March 23 - Spring Verification Period
  • Feb. 20-22 - SEC Test Coordinator Training

PBA Update

Materials are being written for this year's PBA for all four revision programs (architecture and drafting, digital media technology, polymer science, and simulation and animation design). Teachers in these pathways are enrolled in a Quality Performance Assessment Canvas course that provides information about the PBA revisions and serves as a file repository for draft materials. Revision meetings will be ongoing through January.
Test-Taking Strategies for Standardized Assessments
As your students are preparing for MS-CPAS assessments in either the fall or the spring, do you ever wonder: What do other high school students do to get ready? Here are a few tips that may provide them the perfect recipe for success.

1. Listen and read the instructions carefully. If you pass over the instructions, it may lead to errors or time lost.


2. Read each question carefully. After reading the item, highlight the key words to help understand the question.

    • Ignore unnecessary parts of the question to help understand what the question is asking. Is the question asking for a calculation? Often math word problems provide additional information that you do not need to answer the question.
3. Read each answer choice carefully before you make a selection.
    • Eliminate all answers that are not correct.
    • Do not look for patterns in the answers. Each test has a randomized order of the items. There can really be three "C" answers in a row.
 4.  Use your time wisely. Each timed assessment is either 55 or 110 minutes. The amount of time is detailed in your instructions.
    • Focus your attention on the task. It is easy to get distracted by other students or noises in the room. 
    • Usually students have time left over at the end of the test. Use that time to make sure you have answered all of the items the way you wanted and have not clicked incorrectly.

 5. Come prepared for test day!

    • Make sure you have reviewed the information your teacher provided you as a study guide.
    • Plan to get a good night's sleep the night before testing day.
    • Hydrate and eat a good breakfast so your mind is ready to take the test.

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