Mini InTouch November 2020
Highlights of This Issue
* NEW Practice Permits NOW Available for Downloading
Plus Your Receipt for Income Tax Purposes
* Update on CE Submissions
* International Border Testing Pilot Project
* Technology Tips and Tidbits
* Highlights of the Recent College Communications Survey
* CDHA Corner
NEW Practice Permits NOW Available

For step-by-step instructions on how to print your practice permit and/or your receipt for income tax purposes, please click the button below.
Update on CE Submissions
The College is temporarily waiving the 120-day rule for submission
The Continuing Competence Program is a large and complex portion of the registrant database. Therefore, the College is taking the necessary time to ensure all the information from the old database converts properly and the new CCP rules are captured correctly.

As soon as this priority component is ready for your submissions we will let you know. In the meantime, please retain all your CE documentation.

Section 3.1.1 of the Continuing Competence Program and Rules states; "It is the responsibility of a General regulated member to ensure each learning activity is reported within 120 days of completion of a learning activity." The College will be temporarily waiving this rule until the CE component of the database is made available.
International Border Testing Pilot Program
Further to the College's email of November 6
On November 6th the College emailed registrants regarding the International Border Testing Pilot Program.

  • Clients of dental and dental hygiene practices are required to wait 14 days prior to attending appointments regardless of participation in the pilot.
  • Dental hygienists, and all regulated health professionals, are ineligible to participate in the pilot.

Subsequent to this email, the official order, signed by Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health, was released. We draw your attention to Section V. b. which is copied below, confirming the details of our email:

"V. The persons described in paragraph I, shall be prohibited from certain settings within Alberta in accordance with the following restrictions:
b. For 14 days after arriving in Canada, these persons are restricted from entering continuing care, health care and other clinical settings where health care services are provided for the purposes of working, volunteering, or visiting...."

To review the entire order or our November 6th email, click the buttons below.

To help alleviate some of the difficulties with the website and registrant database many of you have been experiencing and calling the College about, we have assembled some "Tips and Tidbits" we hope will assist you.
College Communications Survey

The College would like to sincerely thank all 365 of you who participated in our recent College Communications Survey.

Your answers, and candid comments, will be used to guide and refine our communications strategies over the next 12 months as we work to modernize our operations. In addition, it provides us with some benchmark scoring we will use to measure the success of our upcoming plans.

We have captured some of the results, and scoring, we thought you may find interesting.
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