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Nov. 2 Social


Rocking "R" Ranch House Bar & Restaurant


7501 E Kenosha St, Broken Arrow, OK 74014

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Bring your spouse/guest.

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Rocking R Ranch


11/02/23 6:30pm - 11/02/23 8:00pm America/Chicago
Social Event
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Nov. 8 OKC

Charleston's Restaurant


2000 S. Meridian Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Speaker: Jessica Parker with the Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division: Community Outreach and Resource Planning Specialists (CORPS)

Topic: Salaried Employee's Overtime Changes, and more

OKC Meeting




11/08/23 11:30am - 11/08/23 1:00pm America/Chicago
OKC Meeting
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Nov. 9 Tulsa

Tulsa Country Club


701 North Union

Tulsa, OK


Speaker: Jessica Parker with the Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division: Community Outreach and Resource Planning Specialists (CORPS)

Topic: Salaried Employee's Overtime Changes, and more

Tulsa Meeting


Tulsa Country Club


11/09/23 11:30am - 11/09/23 1:00pm America/Chicago
Tulsa Meeting
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We had a great turnout for our MEPO Golf Event, we had 76 players attend.

1st place: Ferguson HVAC(Team 1)

2nd place: McIntosh

3rd place: Ferguson HVAC(Team 2)

ALL PHOTOS TAKEN of the Golf Teams Can be Picked up at MEPO's Novembers Lunch Meeting.

We would like to THANK these sponsors for their wonderful support of the MEPO Golf Tournament!

Announcement: We would like to Welcome New Members to the MEPO organization!

Randy Ramsey

11375 E 61st St Suite 101 Broken Arrow, OK 74012


Matt Derycke

Heath Hendrickson

2301 North Sweet Gum Ave.

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Electrical News:

What’s in the Code? Applying the NEC to medium- and high-voltage grounding

Grounding techniques and National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements play a critical role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems, especially those operating at higher voltages such as 5-kilovolt (kV) and 15-kV systems. Unlike systems with voltages of 1,000V or less, these higher voltage systems necessitate specific grounding provisions to manage potential hazards effectively. For systems exceeding 1,000V, the NEC mandates more stringent grounding practices to prevent dangerous voltage levels, control fault currents, and safeguard personnel and equipment. This includes provisions for specialized grounding electrodes, bonding conductors, and fault protection schemes tailored to the elevated voltage levels. By adhering to these regulations, engineers and electricians ensure that high-voltage systems operate safely and reliably, mitigating the risks associated with their operation.

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Mechanical News:

Transforming HVAC Technicians Into Sales Consultants

Transforming HVAC technicians into sales consultants represents a pivotal shift in the industry. By equipping technicians with enhanced sales techniques, effective communication skills, and a deeper understanding of providing value to customers, the potential for success skyrockets. This evolution not only empowers technicians to upsell and cross-sell products and services, but it also fosters stronger relationships with clients. As technicians become adept at identifying and addressing customer needs, they not only enhance their individual performance but also contribute significantly to the overall growth and profitability of the HVAC business. This transformation aligns perfectly with the evolving demands of the industry and solidifies the technician's role as a trusted advisor in the eyes of the customer.

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Plumbing News:

Plumbing Winterization Tips for You and Your Customers

As a seasoned plumbing trade professional, it is imperative to grasp the intricacies of winterizing both interior and exterior plumbing systems. To safeguard against freezing temperatures, start by insulating exposed pipes in unheated areas like basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Additionally, ensure that any gaps or cracks in the building's foundation are sealed to prevent cold drafts from affecting the pipes. Outdoors, disconnect and drain garden hoses, and consider installing frost-proof hose bibs. For extra protection, insulate outdoor faucets with covers designed for this purpose. Finally, educate customers about the importance of keeping a slow trickle of water flowing through faucets during particularly frigid nights to prevent freezing. These measures collectively ensure a robust defense against winter's chill and help maintain plumbing integrity throughout the colder months.

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Risk Management:: Mitigating the Risk of Social Inflation at Your Business

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Question of the Month:: Employee Notice Period Click Here for more information.

It's Your Life::Could Life Insurance Benefit You? Click Here for more information.

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