Industry Update ~  Issue 44 ~  November 2019
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Australian Mushrooms marketing program

The latest update of the marketing program is being prepared by Hort Innovation for presentation to the SIAP in early December. 

An updated overview of the program will be included in the December edition of the Australian Mushrooms Journal.

In-store sampling underway

Shoppers across Australia are being shown how easy it is to make everyday dishes much tastier with mushrooms, with in-store sampling now underway. The first phase of the Summer In-store Sampling program will run nationally from 14 November through until 14 December in selected Woolworths and Independent stores. The second phase will commence on three February and run through until 5 April. This phase of activity will be conducted in Woolworths, Coles and Independent stores.

Recipes and tips deliver for mushrooms

Media relations activities continue to deliver strong exposure for Australian Mushrooms, with tips, recipes and content from ambassador Miguel Maestre reaching Australian consumers. Recent highlights include two pieces in Woman's Day (September and December issues), five recipes on Australia's Best Recipes and the cover of Buy Australian magazine.

Australian Mushrooms Ambassador Miguel Maestre makes an appearance in the Woman's Day's Christmas edition.
Steering rapid growth: New Board members join Hort Innovation

Mr Selwyn Snell was re-appointed as Chair, and Dr Mary Corbett retained the Deputy Chair position at the recent Hort Innovation AGM. Mr Snell said Hort Innovation invested more than $122 million on behalf of the horticulture sector, including Australian Government contributions, across some 600 projects during the 2018/19 financial year - making it the biggest year yet for the company.

Further details on the AGM, including Board appointments is available at the following LINK.

Mushroom Fund Annual Report now available

If you haven't done so already, please take the time to d ownload a copy of your Hort Innovation Mushroom Fund Annual report today!

Each industry-specific report includes key investment and project information from the year  and is available to download from .
A copy of the Hort Innovation 2018/19 Company Annual Report, detailing activities and highlights across the entire portfolio of work, is also available.

Impact of Hort Innovation Investments revealed

During 2018/19, Hort Innovation engaged independent consultants to evaluate the impact of R&D investments. This evaluation examined a random sample of all Hort Innovation R&D projects completed in the 2017/18 financial year, plus a specific look at the impact of work within the Hort Innovation Apple and Pear, Avocado, Mushroom and Table Grape Funds. The assessments revealed a range of economic, social and environmental impacts being generated for growers, supply chain participants and the community at large.

For the Mushroom Fund assessment, a random sample of five projects was assessed, with their benefit-cost ratio estimated at 2.22 to one, with some $3.41 million in additional value expected to be delivered to the industry and community over the next 30 years. A short Fact Sheet describing how the Mushroom Fund assessments were made and what they found is now available. Further details and results of the impact assessments for four of the Mushroom Fund projects are available in the research provider's reports.

Investment analysis

Hort Innovation has developed an interactive chart that allows the industry to see how Mushroom Fund investments are tracking against the industry's Strategic Investment Plan. The chart contains up-to-date information reflecting project investment across the life of the SIP to date, from July 2016 to June 2019. To date $13.7 million has been invested in research, development and marketing for the mushroom industry during the SIP.

New Mushroom Industry Strategic Partner appointed
Hort Innovation has announced Mark Spees as the new Mushroom Industry Strategic Partner (previously known as Relationship Manager). The name change to 'Industry Strategic Partner' more accurately describes the function that this role performs, working in partnership with industry. 

Industry Strategic Partners like Mark are able to keep you updated with information from your industry's levy investments and how outputs from these can help your business grow.

Contact: Mark Spees - 0439 574 173 -

Strategic Investment Advisory Panel

The SIAP  will meet in Sydney from 4-5 December 2019.  To stay up to date with SIAP activities, please use this  LINK   to view a full list of meeting summaries.  If you have any questions related to the SIAP please contact Hort Innovation Mushroom Industry Strategic Partner, Mark Spees - 0439 574 173  -

Have your say on the important issues for sustainability of Australian horticulture

Hort Innovation is inviting all people interested in horticulture to share their thoughts on the sustainability of fruit, vegetable, nut, cut flowers, turf and nursery production in Australia.
  This short, 10 minute survey will help industry to understand and respond to the issues that are most important to you.
Thank-you for your time. Please also share this with anyone with an interest in horticultural production around Australia.   For more information on this initiative, go to the Hort Innovation website at .
If you have any further queries, please contact Ingrid Roth, Horticulture Sustainability project lead, on 0428 195 485 or 
A snapshot of mushroom news

Mushrooms in the News is a quick snapshot of news relevant to mushrooms. It could be a great recipe, a healthy reference, some research findings or some mushroom industry coverage. When we find it we will post it to the site and include it in the Monthly Update. If you have any comments or find anything that has been missed, please email and let us know.

Researchers prove mushrooms are magic for your immune system An Australian study has found a combination of extracts from Shiitake, Reishi and Maitake mushrooms can work together to boost the immune response of human cells. The Griffith University study, funded by Australian health product manufacturer Integria Healthcare, found the combination of extracts created a response beyond the sum of the individual parts. The immune response is caused by polymers of glucose called β-glucans, which are unique to mushrooms and other fungi.

Avoid dairy for a healthy prostate, says latest study A published review, involving more than a million men, has warned American men to avoid dairy for a healthy prostate. The review assessed the risks associated with plant and animal-based foods, with plant-based diets found to be associated with lower risk. This article also highlights a recent Japanese study published in the International Journal of Cancer, suggesting eating mushrooms may help to prevent prostate cancer  in middle-aged and older men.

Boosting your energy and immunity are just two of five ways that mushrooms are really good for you Let's face it. If you love mushrooms, then you enjoy reading about how good they are for you. This article includes five great healthy reasons to enjoy more mushrooms including boosting immunity and energy, keeping blood sugar in check, easing inflammation and helping you look young (apparently it is the youth-boosting antioxidants).

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