October 2018
November Music Notes
Welcome to Temecula Music Teacher newsletter. This is our monthly communication of the exciting things happening at our music education center. In it you will meet teachers, fellow students and learn more about the instruments we teach. Also we will have updates and upcoming events. So stay tuned in to our exciting Music Notes.
"Night at the Theater"

We are proud to support one of our vocal talents Maggie Toth in her performance with CYT (Christian Youth Theater) this November 17th at 5pm . YEA!!!!

She will be part of the cast for “Seussical”. We will have a night for our studio to go and show our support. Maggie will be selling a discounted price for those at our studio.

Let’s don our theater attire and enter the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss!

Our studio price for tickets is $14 and can be purchased directly through Maggie Toth. Please leave an envelope in the office with the following information: your name, phone number, # of tickets, Nov. 17th 5pm ….along with a check written out to “Monica Toth” for the appropriate amount. ($14 x #of tickets).
Orders need to be in office by November 13th! You can pick up tickets in office on Nov. 14th or specify you want EMAIL tickets. Thank you so much for supporting Maggie and all our talented local kids!

**Parents: if your child is doing any performances we would LOVE to show our support as a studio. Let the office know of any special events.

 Music Master Incentive Program
Keep working hard at getting your practice times completed and logged. If you haven't started, it's not too late! Our students have received prizes to....

Bahama Bucks
Yogurt Factory
Shakey's Pizza
Urbane Cafe
and more!!

We will be entering all signed off practices into a drawing the week of our December recitals for some great prizes!!
New Classes: Theatrical Arts
We are so excited to offer these classes to our middle school through high school students!!

Theatrical Voice : instruction in the blending of acting and singing; work on singing scenes, costume and prop integration; individual and troupe recital performances; exercises developing acting and voice
Private lesson : $110/month, half hour lesson

Audition Prep Classes :  class on presentation, poise, projection, memorization  -private $110/month
Musician Spotlight
This month's Musician Spotlight is on another studio family.. the Frary girls! The Frary family has 4 of our very talented musicians, Rachel, Lana, Shannon, and Hailey.

Rachel began her musical journey when she was 6 years old. To Rachel, music is an opportunity to try something fun and new. She began with guitar and has enjoyed exploring new songs with it. Rachel's favorite song to play right now is "I'm a Mess". She gravitates toward challenges so the guitar is a perfect fit.

Lana started her musical adventure when she was 7 years old. The piano caught her attention and she was determined to become good at it. She likes the challenge of trying new songs and mastering them. Her favorite song is "This is Me." We expect to see Lana continue to excel in her abilities on the piano.

Shannon was just 5 years old when she followed her mother's lead to the piano. Immediately she fell in love with it. Shannon likes to take popular songs she hears and learn to play them on the piano. Her favorite song to play right now is "Party in the USA". It won't be surprising to see Shannon develop her own songs for the piano someday.

Hailey is a musician that literally "marches to the beat of her own drum". Although she too started with piano at 6 years old, her musical life changed when she tried a rock band. Her heart began to beat with the drum. Since then she has taken drum lessons. Music has always been a part of Hailey's life... if she's not playing it, she's listening to it. Her song of choice for right now is "No Brainer". We will not be surprised if we see her expand to more instruments as she grows in her music.

We are so blessed to have the Frary Girls at our studio. It is exciting to see them grow and develop into their own style of musician. We look forward to seeing them perform in the recital.
Teacher Spotlight
This month's Teacher Spotlight is Melissa McKay .

Melissa comes to our studio with a basket full of experience. Not only has she been teaching for many years, but she has an eclectic assortment of instruments she teaches.
Born into a musical family, Melissa has been surrounded with music her whole life. Both her parents were singers and had her and her brother start early on with piano and singing. In fact she and her brother were singing performers. As an adult she pursued her education by getting a Fine Arts degree and added to her musical repertoire the accordion, flute, piccolo, and ukulele.

Melissa is drawn to music because it allows her to express herself without words. Each instrument gives her a different creative outlet and she enjoys what each instrument offers.

Teaching music has become such a joy for Melissa. She began teaching years ago when someone suggested that she share her knowledge and love of music with students. Since then she has opened the music world to many students. At our studio she teaches, vocals, piano, accordion, flute, piccolo... in fact we say "What doesn't she teach?" We are so blessed having her part of our teaching staff.
Instrument Spotlight
This month's Instrument Spotlight is the Cello .

What family of instruments do you belong to?
C : I belong to the string family. My cousins are the violin, viola, and the big daddy of us all.. the bass.

Where do you come from?
C : My ancestral home is beautiful Italy. I was created along side the violin and viola around 1500. A lot of people think I evolved from the viola, but that is not true. I was created as myself at the same time as the violin and viola.*

What does "cello"mean?
C : The meaning "cello" comes from the Latin word violoncello .* The meaning is low string instrument.*

What are you made of?
C : I am made out of wood with 4 strings. A traditional cello has a  spruce  top, with  maple  for the back, sides, and neck. Other woods, such as poplar or willow, are sometimes used for the back and sides.* I also have a bow.

How are you played?
C : The musician sits in a chair and hugs my sides with his or her knees and extends my post so I am elevated off the ground. The right hand holds the bow and draws it across the strings between the fingerboard and bridge. The left hand holds the neck and the fingers press on the strings to make the notes. HOWEVER, something special about me as that sometimes the musician plucks my strings with the right hand instead of using the bow.

What are some fascinating facts about you?
C : My music is written with the bass clef not treble clef. I also have a very melancholy, low tone which is very soothing and a little sad sounding.

*Wikipedia "Cello" Oct. 23. 2018
Musician Advancement
Big SHOUT OUT to our awesome musicians!!
  • Ensley Cooper moved up a level
  • Peyton O'Brien moved up a level
  • Kingston Bartche moved up a level
  • Ethan Brandy moved up a level
  • Nathan Hunsberger moved up a level
Hoedown Fun!!
We had such a great time with our student community! Here are a few of our fall celebration photos. Thank you all for coming out and having a great day with us. For those of you who could not attend, no worries, there will be more events coming soon.
Studio Reminders

  • CHRISTMAS MUSIC BOOKS are here!! If you would like to purchase one for your student, email us at info@temeculamusicteacher.com OR let the office know and we will place your student in the correct level. Most books are between $7-$12, and it is a fun way for children to practice their sight-reading over the holidays.

  • Thanksgiving Break: The studio is closed for the week of November 19-23rd as we follow the TVUSD school schedule.

  • Veterans Day: WE ARE OPEN!! November 12th, Monday. Although we do follow the TVUSD school schedule, there are a larger number of Monday holidays, and so there are a few that we are indeed open, this is one of them :)

  • Recitals: Students should all have recital pieces memorized and ready for performance before Thanksgiving break in order to perform in our recitals. This is essential for a great experience for all students, as we do not want any additional performance anxiety for any of our musicians. Recitals are coming up fast, so keep practicing hard. You will receive updated recital program drafts via email, the week before Thanksgiving in order for us all to proofread and have the accurate song titles and name spelling on each program.

  • Auto-Pay is available for all students. If you would like to add your credit card info, please talk with someone in the office. For many, it is easier than remembering cash/check each month, and makes our billing easier on our end. If you are interested, let us know!

  • Reminder: If you are not going to be at lessons, please try to remember to inform the office as it is incredibly helpful in order to offer those times up for other students to get makeup lessons in when needed. Makeups are for illness only, unless pre-planned with the office at least 24 hours before you are not going to be able to attend your regularly scheduled lesson.

  • Our Facebook page has a lot of announcements and fun videos/photos. Like our page, and keep up with the day-to-day announcements and educational articles we are posting. Click on the link here to take you straight to the page. Temecula Music Teacher Facebook Page