Tuesday - Friday
11 am - 2 pm

Make reservations through Yelp or on our website. www.varsitysportsgrillanchorage.com

The Varsity is OPEN for the following UAA events


UAA Women's Volleyball Nov. 09
UAA Men's Basketball Nov. 10
UAA Women's Volleyball Nov.11
UAA Men's Basketball Nov. 11
UAA Women's Volleyball Nov. 14
UAA Women's Volleyball Nov. 16
UAA Women's Basketball Nov. 17
UAA Women's Basketball Nov. 18
UAA Men's Basketball Nov. 28
UAA Women's Basketball Nov. 30

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AFC Comes to the
Alaska Airlines Center

Dine at the Varsity before the fights! The Varsity will be open for all AFC fights.Ticketed guests only. Doors open at 5:30 pm.
GCI Great Alaska Shootout

It's the final year! Make your plans to eat at the Varsity when you come to the Shootout! Great food and fun for the whole family! Opens 1 1/2 hours before events start.
November 21 - 26.

Holiday parties are awesome at the Varsity. 

Contact Chef Matt to discuss options for your next holiday party. Click the link for more details. 

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Varsity Sports Grill, 3550 Providence Dr., Alaska Airlines Center