November 2020
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Staff and Senior Advisor Updates
We are excited to welcome Frank Robinson as a new Director at ESI. He has been a leader in the economic development and sustainable development industries for over 18 years.
We are excited to welcome Ardy Lynn Wurtzel as a new Associate Director at ESI. Prior to joining, she worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
Peter Angelides is moderating ULI's Real Estate Forecast panel "Navigating a Post Pandemic Economy – Regional Resilience" on Nov 19.
Steve Mullin will be a speaker at the General Building Contractors Association's Regional Economic Forecast and Impact on Construction webinar on Nov 12.
ESI ThoughtLab appointed Michael Geach as Director of Business Development. Welcome, Michael!
ESI ThoughtLab welcomes Mark Purdy as a Senior Economist. He's a member of the World Economic Forum’s Community of Chief Economists and of the European Ad Hoc Council.
Gina Lavery was chosen to go to Economy League GPLEX. She also penned an article for CREW. She'll join the panel "Strategies for Preserving Local Economies" hosted by South Central Assembly.
Ethan Conner-Ross was nominated for the Top TDM Professionals Under 40 Award. Congratulations Ethan!
Richard Bickel will be on the panel to choose a researcher for Transit Cooperative Research Program project A-46.
Curtis Gregory
Dr. Curtis Gregory has been appointed to the Dean's council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Fox School of Business at Temple University.
Over the past few months, Dr. Bernard Markstein have given three webinars on COVID-19’s impact on residential construction and one webinar on COVID-19’s impact on nonresidential construction.
We bid farewell to Director Brittany Forman as she leaves her role to become the Borough Manager of Media, PA. We also welcome Kennedy Sampson, our newest intern!
News from the Lab
ESI ThoughtLab is joining forces with CityAge, a leading digital events and networking company, to create 360-degree thought leadership, a new formula for firms to ensure the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives in a digital-first world.

Our partnership will combine ESI ThoughtLab's innovative thought leadership and evidence-based analysis with CityAge's expertise in digital events and executive networking.

Founded in 2012, CityAge facilitates thought leadership and human connection, maintaining a public interest focus in building the future of our cities and society.
U.S. - China Research
Economic Challenges and Policy Directions in the Biden Era
Should Biden become the next POTUS, even if the tough and antagonistic nature of the U.S. against China remains unchanged, it will still lead to a more regular and predictable framework, and we might see the slowdown or even the halt of the U.S.-China trade war.
Present Value
We published numerous articles in our blog, Present Value, and our experts have been featured in the news offering their insights on Transportation and Infrastructure.
We have published numerous blog posts in the past year related to Real Estate, showcasing the insights and experience of our thought leaders in the field. Topics include the Philadelphia Housing Index, Opportunity Zone strategies, historic preservation and much more.
We held a discussion with a few of our Senior Advisors to to hear their perspectives on economic development initiatives and strategies in the age of COVID-19.
Philadelphia’s restaurant industry is a core part of the city’s identity. While numbers are showing signs of rebounding since April, this still represents a substantial drop from the typical baseline.
Client Spotlight
Philadelphia Housing Authority broke ground on $52 million Sharswood Ridge development.
Imvax Inc. unveiled its new 17,000 square-feet HQ in The Curtis in Old City, Philadelphia
Two more tenants lease space at One uCity Square - the upcoming office and lab space developed by Wexford Science & Technology
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