We know this is hardest time of the year to think about getting outdoors but the darker the days the more important it is for our bodies to get outside and move.

It is easy to postpone our good intentions until the new year. Don't let the next 8 weeks pass by in a holiday blur. You have a chance now to finish your year in style.

If you need to be convinced, have a read of this piece Mary wrote in The Irish Times recently about why this time of the year is the best for running.

Plan out now what you would like to achieve in the remainder of 2018 and if we can help you get there we would be delighted to help.

Winter Running Classes

Start Next Week

Our new term of classes start next week 5th November and include 6 weeks before Christmas and 2 weeks in the new year. This term of class is completely in the dark so perfect for those of you who don't seem to have the motivation these dark evenings and would like support and company out and about. Check out the Timetable and Booking.

Winter Diary Dates

There is more on our agenda that just classes

This Sat - St Anne's parkrun

FunRun and SS Classes
New Term Starts Monday

Sold out - 17th Nov

17/18 Dec
Booking via FB group

Waiting list for 2019

Jan/Feb Dates open

2019 date open

2019 Programme open

Ongoing through Winter

´╗┐An October to Remember
We have had a pretty spectacular October, both in weather and in running terms. Our beginners runners ran their first 30 minutes last week while our group of 33 marathon students last Sunday earned their Dublin Marathon medals.

We have had running workshops, a term of autumn classes and a celebratory Halloween pop-up city run. Mary wrote a few pieces in The Irish Times and we relaunched our Plank a Day challenge.

We are beyond proud of our Dublin Marathon runners, volunteers and supporters. What a weekend we have just had. Check our all our Dublin Marathon Photos.

It was just a pleasure to coach runners all the way from 10k up to marathon and over the summer friendships have been created and memories made that will long outlive the marathon season. What an inspiring bunch of runners you guys are.

Incidentally, if you have been inspired by the marathon, don't launch right into marathon training if you are not comfortable over 10k distance. Consider our Half Marathon Workshop and let the body gradually adapt to long distance. But if you do have 2019 on your bucket list, here are our marathon coaching plans.

Huge congratulations to everyone who has hit running milestones this month from first parkrun to marathon and everything in between. It is wonderful to hear all your stories and watch all the hard work pay off.

What we love the most is the support that you guys give eachother en route and from the sidelines, so a special shout out to all our supporters and volunteers this month.

If you did complete the marathon, we hope you are still smiling! Have a read of this weeks Irish Times article with Marys' advice on life on the other side of the marathon....

A Plank a Day?

Could we tempt you to join us as we kick off our Plank a Day challenge this 1st November? We have a new approach this term making it easy for you to stick with that challenge, so why not give it a go from the comfort of your own sitting room....
And Finally....
We are getting very excited about our trip to France in a few weeks for our annual running (and wine) celebration and no doubt more events and ideas will be inspired from conversations on that trip. It wont be long then until we are planning our Christmas pop-up classes and getting you to start planning your 2019.
But in the meantime we wish you the very best for a great November. Try not to let the month run away on you. Get those running shoes on instead.

If you have any questions for Anne, Aoife or Mary, or any of our programmes, be sure to get in touch.

Aoife, Mary & Anne xx