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Still Using Old Technology? Here’s What Might Happen …

Is using old technology worth it? Relying on aging systems to run your organization can lead to frustration and unplanned downtime (plus much more). If you’re using outdated tech to support communication, security, and collaboration, here are a few things that may happen as a result ...
Winds of Change: The Impact of a Derecho on a Hyperconvergence Project

What happens when phase 2 of our own hyperconvergence implementation gets blown away by 110 MPH straight-line winds? Join us for 20 minutes on Dec. 2 to find out how (or if!) we stayed on course.
Building a CEC Healthcare Team: Meet Mike Young

Mike Young got his start in healthcare technology more than 20 years ago, when he learned how to run wire, terminate cables, and install nurse call devices. Now he's helping CEC build out an impressive healthcare team.
Make Integration Your Goal for 2021: Technology Works Better Together

A good goal for 2021: Consider how your systems could work in sync to improve efficiency and save you money. This doesn’t necessarily require an investment in new technology. Sometimes, what you have can be integrated to work together.
Bourbon, Backup and Bingo with Unitrends and CEC

On Dec. 3, Unitrends is joining with CEC for a little lunchtime fun: Bourbon, Backup, and Bingo! Learn about backup and disaster recovery solutions from Unitrends, how CEC can help you make it through the months ahead, and maybe learn a little about bourbon, too!
Business Resilience with
Scale Computing

Join Scale Computing and CEC on Dec. 9 to discuss how you can turn adversity into success with the right strategy, technologies, and mindset. Learn about backup and recovery, cloud storage, supporting remote work, and protecting against ransomware and cyber threats.
Exciting News! CEC is always looking for ways to improve and we rely on customers like you to give us valuable feedback. That's why we now will be running our CNPS survey quarterly. No action needed at this time but be sure to check your junk folders just in case the survey ends up there. Thank you for improving our customer experience!
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