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November 3, 2016 Newsletter

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Atlas API Training Provides Online Training Solutions for the Petro-Chemical and Power Industry Disciplines

Atlas API Training Announces Online Welding Quality Control Course Now Available for $599 until November 8th  

Introduction to quality control for welding course offers petro chemical and power industry inspectors updated training certifications.

Houston, TX, October 19, 2016 ( - Atlas API Training's new online welding training course greatly reduces the learning curve associated with becoming a welding quality control professional in the petro chemical and power industries. According to Hannon McLeod, president of Atlas API Training, "There is a growing need for this expertise across the industry, Quality control inspectors have always required a great deal of on the job training to attain the knowledge and experience required to become skilled at this craft. The creation of this online course will greatly reduce the amount of on the job training required to become a productive quality control inspector."

The course covers topics such as Inspection Packages, Inspection and Test Plans, the reading and interpreting of Isometric Drawings and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams. It also covers the making and filling out of Weld Maps and Flange Maps, the basics of the Industry Standard ASME Section IX, Welding Procedure, and Welder Performance Qualification. Material Test Reports for welding consumables, as well as construction materials like Pipe and fittings will be highlighted. Even items normally covered by the Client Engineering Specifications will be discussed.
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New Online Course - Introduction to Quality Control
New Online Course - Introduction to Quality Control
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Coming in January - Basic Petroleum Geology course

Here's a preview of the unique style of Sarah Compton (PHD in Geology) new course that we'll be offering in January:

"This is the first entry associated with my online Basic Petroleum Geology course offered by Atlas API Training. The goal of these posts will be to educate and mildly entertain you. Since this is the first post, I suppose using it as an introduction to the course and to me will be best.

Let's start with what you're most interested in: the course. The course is similar to your standard basic petroleum geology course in that it's intended to introduce the major concepts behind petroleum geology. It's targeted to technical and non-technical folks alike, including geologists who are just entering the industry. I grew up as a geologist without a petroleum geology course :(  and I am designing my course as something that will cover most of the questions I had coming into the industry. I am also directing it to my colleagues in engineering, land, regulatory, or even accounting. Ta-da! Now, you already have an idea of what you'll be getting into.

You didn't even have to fill out some dumb form and give us your e-mail address so we can spam you!"My goal as a teacher is to deliver information in a manner that makes it easiest to learn. As a "new guy" to the industry, I have to admit I was intimidated at the thought of making a course that would compete against courses made or taught by professionals with more experience than I have years of life. However, I realized that this is a basic petroleum geology course. Decades of experience in the industry don't change the fundamentals that I am teaching, and I have spent the better part of a decade studying geology anyway, so I do have a fair bit of experience in the general area. I believe teaching method is most important. We have all had to learn from a mentor, professor, or teacher who was brilliant in their field, but completely useless when it came to speaking with actual human beings. I am not that way. I can usually talk to humans...unless I've been coding for 12 straight hours or something, then I'm kind of drooling in my coffee cup, but who isn't at that point?

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Atlas is looking for instructors for training courses in the oil, gas, power, and nuclear fields. If you are interested in becoming an instructing partner, please contact Hannon McLeod ( ). We are interested in any training courses related to the oil, gas, chemical, and power industries. We have the best compensation plan in the industry.