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Still feels like summer here in South Florida as I write this newsletter with one wrist in a cast for 4+ weeks. Sounds like I had an interesting summer doesn't it! Actually I did have good family time with my sisters in Asheville, NC, and was lucky enough to break my wrist on the last day! Needless to say, I'm trying to work out how to proceed with a few small shows this fall with only one hand. I reluctantly declined acceptance into a juried show as too much to handle this year. I am wondering how it will go starting November 9 with one arm in a sling. I guess there is always a first (and last) time!

I am excited to be participating in Oceanfest at Anne Kolb Nature Center and will be donating a portion of proceeds from sales of Sea Turtle prints to South Florida Audubon Society toward their Sea Turtle Hatchling Rescue program. Come out and see me and maybe get a print and help support this worthy cause.

Upcoming show information is below as well as on my website festival and exhibits page. The webpage lists shows through March 2020.

My website also has original paintings for sale, links to purchasing large format reproductions, and links to merchandise.
Outdoor Shows and Exhibits
Excited to be part of this upcoming show at Anne Kolb Nature Center . The South Florida Audubon Society, of which I have been a member and a volunteer for their Sea Turtle Hatchling Rescue program, is partnering with the event. I'm looking forward to displaying my paintings and merchandise at this venue celebrating nature and the ocean.
This Christmas Boutique at Westminster Academy is a new holiday venue for me which means I will have a lot of affordable merchandise for sale, as well as exhibiting originals and large format pieces.
With the help of a friend and fellow artist these articles were published recently.

The Rickie Report - November 2, 2019

VoyageMia - July 3, 2019
Large Format Reproductions
Everyone loves sea turtles.
40" x 29"
Custom sizes available
Available locally or as custom order.
Reproduction Print 24x41"
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
Available locally or as custom order.
Reproduction Print 40x40"
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
Large format prints are reproductions of my work, enlarged and printed on high quality paper behind 1/4" acrylic glass. These large-format prints are designed for large spaces and appear dimensional because of the thickness of the acrylic. The acrylic gives them a watery feel. Sleek with no need for frames.

Custom sizing is available which will be proportional to the original painting proportions. Can be cropped for special sizing needs (change a horizontal into a square for instance). Ship anywhere.

There is approximately a 2 week turnaround time.

Contact me with questions or special requests.
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