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I f you have been waiting for the start of outdoor art shows like I have, it is finally going to happen. My first outdoor show, November 10-11 will be at Old School Square, Cornell Museum, in Delray Beach. Delray Beach has always been special to me, and I know many of you, my followers and collectors, found me there. I look forward to your dropping by. I have a lot of new work to show which has been a task to frame, but I am almost done.

You can mark your calendar for Dec 1 & 2 in West Palm Beach Arts Festival at the Armory Art Center. Since it is the first weekend of the month, I may only get a reminder email out to you. As always, my Exhibitions and Festivals page on my website is kept up-to-date.

These outdoor shows will include my original paintings, matted and framed, as well as prints, large-format reproductions under acrylic glass, and printed merchandise.

I will also be participating again with printed merchandise of my original watercolors in the Southern Handcraft Society, Pineapple Grove Chapter, An Olde Fashioned Holiday November 15-17. This is in the Fieldhouse (formerly the Vintage Gymnasium) at Old School Square, 51 N. Swinton Ave, Delray Beach, FL. FREE admission.

Fingers crossed for continuance of the splendid weather we have been enjoying these last couple of weeks.
Newest Original Paintings
Many of these paintings will be shown, matted and framed, at the outdoor shows in the 2018/19 season.
These original paintings range in size from 6x6"on wood cradle to framed 20x20", 17x13" and 22x16". All are painted on 20# watercolor paper.
Upcoming Outdoor Shows
I focus heavily on outdoor exhibits because I get to show a more complete body of work to a broader audience.

Art on the Square
A Fine Art Show
Cornell Art Museum
November 10 - 11
Delray Beach, FL

West Palm Beach Arts Festival
Armory Art Center
December 1 - 2
811 Park Place,
West Palm Beach, FL
Indoor Show
An Olde Fashioned Holiday
Pineapple Grove Southern Handcraft Society
(formerly the Vintage Gymnasium) at
Old School Square, 51 N. Swinton Ave,
Delray Beach, FL
November 15-17
admission free
Large Format Prints
These are reproductions of my work, enlarged and printed on high quality paper behind 1/4" acrylic glass. These large-format prints are designed for large spaces and because of the thickness of the acrylic appear dimensional. The acrylic gives them a watery feel. Sleek with no need for frames.

Custom sizing is available which will be proportional to the original painting proportions. I can crop for special sizing needs (change a horizontal into a square for instance). Contact me with questions.
Reproduction Print
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
Reproduction Print
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
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