November News and Updates

New Report: "Inclusive Employment and Career for Boston Youth with Disabilities: Pathways to the Talent Pipeline"
  • Only 1 in 3 Massachusetts adults with disabilities are employed.
  • The poverty rate for people with disabilities is three times that of those without.
     Students and young adults with disabilities are at risk population: about 60% of Boston students with disabilities will either drop out, not transition to adult services or will graduate but then become disconnected from post-secondary school or career pathways.
      The Massachusetts Advocates for Children and  The Boston Foundation convened a Workforce Development Task Force with a goal to increase inclusive workforce and post-secondary education placements and opportunities for Boston youth with disabilities, for all types and severities, while enrolled in school and after exiting.  
      The Task Force released its report and action plan in late October . Although focused on Boston, the report's recommendations are applicable statewide and beyond.
Highlights from the MA Jobs and Workforce Summit
Many thanks to the sponsors, speakers and participants in the 6th Annual MA Jobs and Workforce Summit!   We heard inspiring calls to action from the Senate President, three state agency Secretaries, three college Presidents, the Attorney General, numerous business leaders, and varied labor and workforce leaders.   We heard about the impact of automation on the workplace, the challenges of the gig economy, and best practices for youth employment programs.  See a few highlights below.
2015 Jobs and Workforce Summit
2015 Jobs and Workforce Summit
State Street Corporation honored as Employer of the Year
State Street Vice President Mike Scannell (center) accepts the award.
The 2015 Workforce Champion Awards were presented to State Street Corporation, the Manufacturing Advancement Center Workforce Innovation Collaborative and Drury High School's College and Career Readiness Model. 

Many thanks to the WSG Executive Team below for pulling the summit together!
See you next year!
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Thanks to our sponsors!

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