4-H Update
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Annual 4-H Report
Check out our accomplishments from the 2019-2020 4-H Year! 
From national winners to virtual 4-H camp, we have a great deal to celebrate!
Thank you for your contributions and on-going support of the 4-H program.

4h Online Update
We have a very exciting update to share with our families and volunteers!

The company that developed 4hOnline has worked on a major update to improve functionality and ease of use. For simplicity of communication, the original 4hOnline system will be referred to as 4hOnline 1.0 and the new system 4-H Online 2.0.

Working within the period given by our vendor, the 4hOnline 1.0 system will shut down at noon on June 30, 2021. Families and volunteers will not have access to either system from June 30- August 15, 2021. Families are encouraged to delay re-enrollment for the 2021-2022 program year until the system is open and they can complete the online self-enrollment process when 4-H Online 2.0 opens enrollment after August 15, 2021.

If enrollment or re-enrollment is necessary during the interim period the system is offline, your county staff will work with you to complete the enrollment process.

Please note all dates listed are subject to change based on our vendor and UCANR 4-H needs. Any changes will be broadly communicated by the State 4-H Office.
4-H Adult Helper in Virtual Learning Spaces

As a result of COVID-19 and restrictions to gathering in person, 4-H has moved many educational activities into virtual learning spaces. In response to the unique needs of these learning environments, and to uphold 4-H youth protection and adult supervision, a designated role of Certified 4-H Adult Helper has been created.

For adults who would like support 4-H by becoming a Certified 4-H Adult Helper, please refer to this 4-H Adult Helper Certification Flowchart for an overview of the process.
Incentives & Recognition Updates
Golden Clover Awards

The Golden Clover Awards recognize outstanding achievements of members, volunteers, program staff, and groups within the 4-H Youth Development Program. Golden Clover Award winners are awarded a small cash award, a medallion and lapel pin.
For more information on Golden Clover Awards, see it here

2020 Golden Clover Awardees

  • Ashley Pyler: Fundraising
  • Allyson Eileen Jolly: Spirit of Civic Engagement
  • Taylor Boothe: Collaboration & Outreach
  • Special Events: Coding Project Group
  • Julie Salmonson: Volunteer Mentoring
  • Janelle Turpin: Ironstone Dog
  • Ethan Auyeung: Brownlee Science
  • Kylie Klopping: Beekeeping
  • Wild California Virtual Camp: Staff Team
Higher Education Awards

Higher Education Scholarships are awarded annually. In 2020 there were 2 categories: Dean Memorial Scholarships and Mabel Jacks Scholarships. Each scholarship is a $1000 award.
For more information on Higher Education Scholarships, see it here

2020 Awardees

  • Avery Permenter
  • Dustin Geringer
  • Jacob Miner
  • Makaylie Cook
  • Isabel Hanchai
  • Shelby Thomason
  • Theresa Wood
State Fashion Revue Update

Our new theme is “State Fashion Revue: Reboot”. While acknowledging current events, we also see this as an opportunity for a new start. 

State Fashion Revue will be a virtual event in May 2021.

Because of this, there will be a few changes. To qualify for SFR, the participant must be enrolled in 4-H and must be named the County Winner in one of the state categories.

However, the requirement to make the entries as part of a sewing project has been removed for all categories. This is to encourage members to participate in Fashion Revue who may not be able to attend in-person project meetings.

All counties should hold their Fashion Revues by April 24 so eligible members can register for the state event by April 30.

The categories are continued from 2020:
  • Consumer Science Purchased $40 limit
  • Vintage
  • Box Challenge
  • Traditional
  • Cosplay

For more information please visit the SFR website. We are also looking for many people to join the SFR committee who have skills in Zoom and Google, since everything will be online. We would value any support whether you are a techie or not.

Please contact me if you are interested!
Gianna Lovell, SFR 2021 Co-chair, ggiolovell@icloud.com
American Connection Project Interactive Wi-Fi Map Available

Several partner organizations have announced the launch of the American Connection Project (ACP) interactive Wi-Fi map. The map provides a free resource to help the public locate more than 2,300 free Wi-Fi locations across 49 U.S. states. The map includes Wi-Fi locations from Land O’Lakes, Inc. and its ag retail owner network, along with several partner organizations including National 4-H Council and Cooperative Extension (providing half the locations), and many other corporations. The Wi-Fi map is an extension of efforts undertaken by the American Connection Project to drive meaningful progress toward closing the digital divide to create opportunities and reduce digital inequality for rural and urban communities in the United States.

The map is designed to provide immediate but temporary access in service to all who live in the United States who lack access to the internet today. Throughout the next several months, additional locations will be added to the map.