November 2019
New Release: Water Conflict Chronology Updates
Around the world, reports of violence over water are escalating as populations grow and pressures on water resources increase. At the same time, civil and regional wars are taking a toll on civilian populations through the destruction of water infrastructure. Our Water Conflict Chronology , updated with more than 300 new entries, shows recent attacks on civilian water systems in ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, as well as growing violence in parts of Africa between traditional herders and farmers.

View the updated Water Conflict Chronology here .
Upcoming Event: President Jason Morrison to Join COP25 in Madrid
In a few weeks, people from around the world will gather for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid. Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison will attend the Water Action Event on December 6th, featuring the Global Commission on Adaptation's newly created Water Action Track . This track will help mobilize global efforts and provide actionable recommendations to create climate and water-resilient societies.   
Pacific Institute Experts Weigh in on California Wildfires and Power Shutoffs
The evidence continues to grow that human-caused climate change is influencing, and worsening, the risks of extreme heat, drying of soils and vegetation, and wildfires. As California residents cope with the effects of raging fires, impacts on water infrastructure and water quality are often overlooked. Surface water flowing from burned areas presents a serious water quality threat to lakes, streams, and water reservoirs, including potential contamination from metals, nutrients, and organic contaminants, and water infrastructure may also be damaged or contaminated. Additionally, power shutoffs meant to avert wildfires may have unintended consequences on water systems. Over the past few weeks, Pacific Institute experts weighed in on the recent wildfires and power shutoffs in California:

ABC 7: How Global Warming, Climate Change Contributing to Wildfires, Power Outages

The San Francisco Chronicle: No Heat, No Light? Not So Bad. No Water? Much Worse.

CNBC : ‘There are Lives at Stake’: PG&E Criticized over Blackouts to Prevent California Wildfires
Help Support a Water Resilient Future
As the year draws to a close, our planet has once again experienced warmer temperatures, and the prospect of running out of water is rising around the world. The impacts of climate change are increasingly apparent and intensifying. We can’t afford more denial and inaction.   

Building on over thirty years of innovative research and thought leadership, and in response to this mounting crisis, the Pacific Institute is significantly accelerating and scaling our reach and impact. We recently redirected our strategic focus and have a new 2030 organizational goal to catalyze the transformation to water resilience in the face of climate change.   

Help us realize this vision by making a leadership gift today. To inspire you, the Pacific Institute Board of Directors has generously offered to match all contributions between now and December 31st, up to $200,000.   

Please send your most generous gift before December 31st and your contribution will have twice the impact. Donate Today !
Bringing Attention to Communities Without Toilets on World Toilet Day
Tuesday November 19th is World Toilet Day , bringing attention to the 4.2 billion people around the world living without safely managed sanitation services. Even i n California, where the Pacific Institute main office is located, the human right to water and sanitation remains unrealized for many communities . A recent Pacific Institute report determined the number of Californians without toilets and hot and cold running water because of incomplete household plumbing and homelessness. The report offers strategies and solutions that can be adapted for communities around the United States.

Learn more here .
Update from the CEO Water Mandate: Connect to Capacity-Building Resources with the Water Stewardship Toolbox 
As co-manager of the UN Global Compact's   CEO W ater Mandate,  the Pacific Institute mobilizes business leaders to advance water sustainability around the world.

The Water Stewardship Toolbox ,  from the CEO Water Mandate, is a free online library of tools, datasets, reports, guidance, case studies and more that helps users understand and build capacity on water sustainability. The Toolbox now features over 450 resources from dozens of organizations around the world.

View the Water Stewardship Toolbox here .
Pacific Institute’s Salton Sea Summit a Success!
California's Salton Sea , the state's largest lake, faces a host of challenges, including a glaring disconnect between the rate of change at the lake and the rate of efforts to address that change. On October 17th and 18th, the Pacific Institute and the University of California, Riverside hosted a multi-disciplinary   Salton Sea Summit   in Palm Desert, California. Attended by nearly 250 people, the summit attracted a broad range of interests, promoted an exchange of ideas, provided real-time community feedback and recommendations, and developed new opportunities and partnerships. Media coverage included:

Univision : Symposium on the Salton Sea

Desert Sun : Imperial County Seeks to Declare Salton Sea Crisis a Health Emergency; Wants State, Federal Disaster Funds

KESQ : Aerial View Shows Environmental Disaster at the Salton Sea

Videos and conference presentations on hydrology, ecology, dust control, projects, and policy from the summit are available here .

Earlier this month, Senior Researcher Michael Cohen discussed the current situation at the Salton Sea on the What's Up With Water podcast from Circle of Blue. Listen here .
Meet Our Communications Intern Paige Lary
Paige joined the Pacific Institute in September 2019. She says she eventually hopes to leverage the knowledge in communications, climate change, and water sustainability she has gained at the Pacific Institute into a career making films on these vital topics.

Read more here .
Upcoming Events: November Through December 2019
November 17-19 : Research Associate Giuliana Chaves Moreira will serve as a moderator at the World Toilet Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

November 22 : Senior Researcher Dr. Sarah Diringer and Research Associate Cora Kammeyer will speak at the Sustainable Water Markets Symposium in Santa Barbara, California.

December 4 : Ms. Moreira will speak at the Pro-Spring Riverheads Program Meeting in Minas Gerais City, Brazil.

December 6: President Jason Morrison will attend the Water Action Event at COP 25 in Madrid, Spain.

December 11 : Mr. Morrison will speak at a CEO Water Mandate event on the role of the private sector in addressing SDG 6, hosted by the Global Compact Network Brazil in Sao Paulo.

December 11-13 : Senior Researcher Michael Cohen will attend the annual Colorado River Water Users Association annual conference in Las Vegas.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming staff events on our announcements page . Read the list of Pacific Institute experts’ past outreach here .
Pacific Institute in the News
National Geographic : Thirsty Future Ahead as Climate Change Explodes Plant Growth

Bloomberg: America’s Biggest Problems are Intensified in California

The Hindu Business Line : India Must Pay Attention to Water Use by Industries

New Times : Water Board Workshop Examines the Homelessness Crisis' Relationship to Water 

Read more news featuring Pacific Institute research and experts here .
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