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Giving Thanks!
As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, it gives us the perfect opportunity to teach our children the character quality of thankfulness. During the month of November, all recreational classes will take a brief moment each week to discuss what thankfulness is and what we can be thankful for. Encourage your child to fill out our thankfulness handout and turn into the front desk, so we can decorate our walls. Let's make thanksgiving a way of life, not just a one-day event!  

Gymster Gymnastics
November Theme:   Happy Hearts
This month, we will be discussing what it means to be thankful.  Each Gymster will be given the opportunity to share what they are thankful for each week during class time.  We will be handing out our "Thankful Heart" Turkey to decorate at home and bring back to ATA to hang on the wall.  November 20
th- 26  th , Gymsters will be participating in ATA's Turkey Trot in preparation for Thanksgiving Day feasts.

Skill of the Month:  Acro!
Gymsters will be trying some fun partner skills with their coaches!

Gymster October Flashback:
Gymsters had a fun week showing off their amazing costumes in the Pumpkin Parade and trick-or treating!

October Fun

Thanks to all ATA students & coaches who came dressed up last month! Be sure to check out our Facebook page.

2nd Location!

Great News for all our Valued ATA customers. Coming in 2020 ATA is opening a second awesome facility on Foxworthy and Meridian. More great classes in two locations. If you live in the Blossom Hill area and want to stay close, no problem, and if you live in the Cambrian area you can transfer to our second facility. Same great staff run by our awesome management team. No need to enroll or transfer now. You, our loyal Blossom Hill customers, will have the first opportunity to register for classes. Stay tuned. More details to come soon!  
Holiday Schedule

ATA will be closed on the following dates:
  •  Wed. Nov. 27th through Sat. Nov. 30th. Classes will resume on Mon. Dec. 2nd.
  •  Mon. Dec. 23rd through Wed. Jan. 1st. Classes will resume on Thurs. Jan. 2nd.
Just a reminder, make ups are not needed for these scheduled days off as tuition is based on an approximate average of 4 classes a month over a 1 year period.
Holiday Achievement Week

We are so excited about opening another great ATA facility at 1661 Foxworthy Ave, which will be up and running on February 1 st .  ATA's staff and management will be busy in preparation leading up to this date.  Because of this, we will be changing the traditional format of our Christmas shows.  During the months of November and December, classes will be run as normal, without taking time out to learn a choreographed routine. (as in previous years)  

During the week of Dec. 9 th - Dec. 14 th , we will hold a Holiday Achievement Week.  During the last 15-25 minutes of class, every student will get the opportunity to perform an individual skill, along with a class pyramid/acro skill. 

Parents, please come support your child in "their moment to shine".  Audience viewing will be limited to our regular parent observation areas, so please no additional guests this year .  Next year we look forward to our regular Christmas shows for family and friends.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by the front desk.

Looking forward to a fun holiday season of gymnastics!
Parent's Night Out
ATA will be hosting a Parent's Night Out for students and their friends! Our experienced and safety certified staff will organize game, relays, crafts, & supervised free play activities. Pizza will be provided. Let us entertain your kids while you do your Christmas shopping! Sign up in advance!

Date:   December 14th
Ages: 3-12 (must be potty trained)
  •  Option 1: 5-10pm $40 enrolled/$45 non enrolled
  •  Option 2: 5-7:30pm $24 enrolled/$26 non enrolled
Sign up online by going to Click on Parties & Events and then Special Events.

Acrobatic Gymnastics Team
With Fall definitely underway in full force, Team ATA has been working hard on learning acro partner skills.  It's been very exciting to see what new partnerships and established ones are putting in their repertoire this season!  Our Development Team athletes are learning and nailing down the basics early this season.  It's gratifying to see that most of our athletes are very close to the requirements they need and will still have a lot of time to work on perfecting them early in the season!
Periodic testing helps to keep everyone on target as we move along and transition into the part of the year for learning routines.  Now it's time to get their dance "on"!  Choreographers are hard at work selecting music and creating exciting and engaging routines for pairs and groups.  Athletes and coaches get a chance to enjoy the artistry of the sport come to life and to catch the vision for competing routines.
Entertaining guests in Halloween attire as Acro"Bats", two upper level trios had a chance to be one of several acts for a private party held at Great America on October 30th.  The six athletes got to have a taste of what it feels like to work as an authentic circus-style performance group!

Have a Great Day! 

"Life needs balance.  Life needs strength.  Start with gymnastics and go anywhere"




Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics


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