In our November newsletter you will find: Giving Tuesday launch of CIHS Scholarship Fund, CIHS faculty at Climate Change Conference, new binaural beats brain entrainment album, CIHS Holiday Open House, and exciting upcoming events.
CIHS Celebrates Giving Tuesday and launches 2023 Scholarship Fund
Thank you for your generous donation.   

The Scholarship Fund’s purpose is to better serve our community and provide new opportunities for current and potential students in need.
Scholarship funding will not only help us recruit and retain deserving students, but it makes higher education a reality for promising students who lack adequate financial resources. Your contribution will make a direct impact on our students' well-being, and connects directly to our mission of supporting and encouraging the growth of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit, and uplifting the global conscious community. On behalf of everyone at CIHS, we offer heartfelt appreciation for considering helping our students in financial need.
CIHS Trustee Yem Fong has very generously donated $10,000 toward the initiation of this scholarship fund.
The CIHS Scholarship will be a need-based scholarship. Often a scholarship of any financial size can make the difference of whether or not a deserving student can receive a CIHS degree. As you consider end of the year giving, please donate to our new fund, we thank you in advance!
Dr. Sharon Mijares featured at the Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference
Dr. Mijares presented at COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, on November 12, where countries came together to take action towards achieving the world's collective climate goals. She was on an Egyptian panel speaking for Promoting Adaptation and Resilience for the Poor and the Vulnerable. She was the final speaker and emphasized the need for human awakening leading to greater caring and unity with Mother Earth for all life on this planet as we are all intimately connected. She ended her talk with the words of Greenland shaman, Angaangag Angakkorsuaq,
"The time has come to unite our voices and our hearts, to walk our spiritual paths with practical feet, to restore the balance that’s been missing on the earth. We cannot wait. Through our Healing Circles, we create experiences that empower us to live more compassionately, transforming our world one life at a time, melting the ice in the heart of [humanity]" -“Ice Wisdom.” The word “man” was changed to “humanity.”

CIHS Board Member Dr. Rick Gold and friend of CIHS Yuval Ron release new album: The Healing Power of 40hz through Metta Mindfulness Music

Join Dr. Richard Gold and Yuval Ron to learn about the healing properties of 40hz, and how you can utilize the music from the album, The Healing Power of 40hz, to benefit your brain's health, improve sleep quality, and reduce pain. This album is composed by world renowned musician and composer, Yuval Ron, in collaboration with Eastern Medicine specialist and Executive Producer of Metta Mindfulness Music, Dr. Richard Gold.

This album features Sitar master Pandit Nayan Ghosh, Sarangi master Suhail Yusuf Khan, Cellist Dennis Karmazyn, Tar player Matin Eshaghi and Santoor player Mrs Eshaghi.

This entire album contains binaural beats music that entrains the brain's frequency to modulate to Gamma waves, and in particular, to 40hz. The frequency of 40hz is featured in 3 different sound layers in this album (triple strength 40hz) which has been shown in medical studies to clear out abnormal protein plaque in the brain, improve function of brains' immune cells, learning, and memory.
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CIHS Holiday Open House

Please join us to celebrate the holidays!
Tuesday, December 13th from 5:30-7:30pm

Performances by the Encinitas Ballet, light appetizers, engagement with our local community, and shared holiday merriment.

We are enrolling now for Winter Quarter!
CIHS is committed to inspiring students to excel in all aspects of life by educating the whole person.

We are currently accepting applications for the Winter 2023 term which starts on January 9, 2023. To apply, please submit your online application at no later than December 15, 2022. For a list of our degree programs, please click here.

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