November 2015 Newsletter
November...descending light...barren trees... GRATITUDE

In this issue...after dinner digestive gift ideas and recipes...Herbal Allies, Level 1, 2016

We are grateful for the bounty of food as we celebrate around the table at Thanksgiving.  However sometimes, we overdo. We come away from that delicious desert, which we had on top of a very filling meal, feeling bloated and well, a bit gaseous. Fortunately, herbs, and even some on your kitchen spice rack, can be all the relief you need.

Sitting down with a nice cup of tea made of peppermint, chamomile or ginger could be a relief to your tummy.  In the event you don't have any of them, reach for some fennel seeds and eat a pinch of them. Or two. 

A number of herbs which help ease gastric distress are in the carminative family. These herbs are high in volatile oils which sooth the digestive system and help remove gas from the digestive tract. 

Here are some ideas for tummy tamer teas:  

*  fennel - crush 1 tbsp of seeds and add to cup of boiling water, for more zip   add pinch of dried ginger root (can use small amount of peeled fresh                 ginger rt if no dried)

*   Peppermint and chamomile equal parts to equal 1 tbsp per cup

*   Anise and cardamon seeds equal parts to equal 1 tbsp per cup

Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving...and please consider donating to your local food pantry.



That wonderful elderberry syrup (find recipe here), so supportive for wellness and winter about a twist..elderberry syrup goes beautifully with a little white wine. This creates a "kir". A traditional French cocktail is made with a blackcurrant liqueur. I created my own version of kir this summer with elderberry (personally wildcrafted from my secret spot!) syrup  and a light Portuguese white wine. Was recently gifted with some frozen black currants which will also be transformed into a syrup. Syrups are easy to create (I use honey, rather than sugar). Get raspberries, elderberries, blackberries...the possibilities are endless. Present in separate bottles, be sure to label... guarantee you will get a lot of "WOWS" from this gift!

Another old recipe of mine, makes a lovely hostess gift for a holiday party... 

Mulling Spices
(recipe makes a quantity)
8 oz. cinnamin chips
4 1/2 oz each whole cloves and allspice
6 orange peel
3/4 oz cardamon pods
Mix all ingredients together. Find a nice, small glass jar (4 oz jelly jars work great), tie a pretty bow, and you are off to the party!  Save some for yourself...makes the house smell great! Use for mulled red wine or apple cider.

Have recipes...will travel...interested in hosting an evening in your home with some friends to learn how to create wonderful herbal gifts for the holidays? Contact me for themes and cost. Need a minimum of six, maximum of ten. Hostess attends for half price!
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In gratitude 

and wishing you and yours a

very blessed Thanksgiving!



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