Where did November go? Really, I had intended to get a newsletter out before Thanksgiving, but November always seems to sneak up on me. I’m usually so busy trying to make sure I get everything crammed into my classes that I need to before the semester ends that I inevitably underestimate how busy that makes the month for me. Fortunately, the Thanksgiving holiday gave me a much-needed opportunity to take a time out and reflect on all the many great things I've been blessed with—including you, Faithful Readers. Thank you for your continued support of ECW!

The end of the semester also means that our two interns will be wrapping up their work for ECW. Liam McGurl has been working with us for the past year and has done some great features. A journalism major from Diamond Point, NY—up along the Adirondacks—will be graduating in May and is looking at graduate school for integrated marketing communications in the fall.

Amelia Kibbe of Harrison Valley, PA—who has been working with us this fall—is a dual journalism/English major and former editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper. She, too, graduates this May and is hoping for a job in the copyediting field, although grad school is also on her list of possibilities. 

Their work ( Liam’s) ( Amelia’s) has given ECW the chance to expand our usual offerings to include interesting modern Civil War-related stories. I’m thankful for their work, which has helped remind all of us that the war remains with us still today.

-- Chris Mackowski