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Love Means More is coming soon! The new website will take the place of Marriage: Unique for a Reason and will be a major new direction for our online presence.

This renewed focus will enable us to deepen the explanation of how marriage is an integral aspect of the truth of the human person, revealed in Jesus Christ, John Paul II's teaching, and in the created world itself. Check out the sample below to see the kind of answers we'll be providing to today's tough questions.

When the site initially launches, we will eagerly seek your feedback, so stay tuned!

Love Means More Sample Question

Why is sex binary instead of a spectrum?

Because the act of generating a new human being only admits of a limited range of possibilities:

  • generating in oneself (which pertains to women)
  • generating in another (which pertains to men)
  • not generating at all (which only occurs when one of the first two options is frustrated by intervening circumstances)
  • generating in both oneself and another (which has never been observed in human history)

More Action Needed

After the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) proposed a regulation distorting the Pregant Workers Fairness Act, it proposed another harmful regulation, this time attempting to alter the definition of sex-based workplace harassment to include “reproductive decisions… about contraception and abortion” and “sexual orientation and gender identity”. This would include using a pronoun other than a co-worker's preferred pronouns.

The regulation is open for public comment until November 1, and you can voice your objection to the EEOC here!

Model Legislation to Do No Harm

The national nonprofit organization known as Do No Harm has published a "Detransitioner Bill of Rights". The publication serves as model legislation that can be adopted by federal and state policymakers seeking to support those who suffered the effects of "Gender Affirming Care" (GAC), and to establish greater transparency and accountability by medical professionals who advocate for the harmful, experimental practices.

Legal/Policy Updates

Biden Administration – The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) instructed its employees to use co-workers' preferred pronouns. It is unclear whether employees would face disciplinary action if they failed to comply with the new HHS instructions.

Senate – NCAA president Charlie Baker testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and was questioned about the policy of allowing biological males to compete and use the same locker rooms alongside female athletes. Baker has not changed the NCAA policy since becoming president in March.

Courts The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that an Iowa school violated the 1st and 14th amendments by attempting to compel its students to use gender identity-based language, including preferred pronouns. A Wisonsin court blocked a school district's policy of using a student's preferred pronouns without parental consent. Conversely, Michigan's Supreme Court approved a rule requiring judges to use attorneys' preferred pronouns "or other respectful means". A female detransitioner from Rhode Island filed suit against the American Academy of Pediatrics and providers who supported her hormone replacement therapy, the effects of which she is now suffering. This is the second such lawsuit to be filed in recent months, after that of a detransitioning woman in North Carolina.

States – The governor of Arkansas signed an executive order removing "gender neutral" language such as "birthing person" and "chestfeeding" from government documents. A federal district court allowed an Idaho law to go into effect that requires public school bathrooms to be separated according to biological sex. Another federal district court allowed an Oklahoma law banning GAC for minors to go into effect. Wisconsin's senate advanced a bill banning GAC for minors, but the bills is expected be vetoed by the state's governor.

International – India's Supreme Court issued a highly anticipated ruling, declining to legally recognize same-sex relationships as marriages. After World Aquatics defined its men's and women's competitions in accordance with biological sex and established a third "open" category, the organization cancelled the new category after it failed to receive any applicants. The UK's National Health Service announced that it will require female- and male-only hospital wards to operate in accordance with biological sex.

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