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November 2019
Thanksgiving: for the Christian, every day is thanksgiving day. As you reflect on God's goodness, take time to express your thanks to Him and encourage others to give thanks. Your support for MNA provides the resources by which we serve church planters and others at the front lines in ministry. Thank you for standing with us in God's work.  

Thank you for your prayers and gifts to Mission to North American as we share the love of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ through church planting, church renewal, and missional partnerships across the United States and Canada. Your generosity has been used by Jesus to further our many avenues of ministry.

Click here  to donate online to the General Fund and click here to donate to an MNA Ministry or project . You can also mail donations made out to Mission to North America to:
Mission to North America
PO Box 890233
Charlotte NC 28289-0233
MNA Thanksgiving Offering
Support the MNA Thanksgiving Offering - Support Our Future Leaders

Our country is filled with people who are terrified that they cannot provide.  They walk by churches whose doors are closed, whose members never go out into the neighborhoods, who never demonstrate the love of Christ even if they preach it from their pulpit.

We want to mobilize our congregations to show compassion and mercy to the poor in ways that are effective and life-changing. To that end, we must raise up leaders in poor communities and send gospel driven ministers to such places. Each year we ask that you give generously to the Thanksgiving Offering so that we can encourage, train, and motivate new leaders to help the poor, share Jesus, and grow the church in communities of need.

You may give individually or as a congregation. We make brochures available for distribution to your church family. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Engaging Disability Training Opportunities

Developing a Disability Ministry Team 

Thursday, November 14, 2019 
3 pm ET | 2 pm CT | 1 pm MT | 12 pm PT 
Teacher: Ashley Belknap, Director of Engaging Disability With The Gospel 

To sustain and grow your church's ministry to people with disabilities and their families, you will likely need to consider establishing a disability ministry team at some point. 

Click here for more details.
Church Planting and Renewal Conference

This three-day event features topics such as rural, suburban and urban church planting, mentoring, and the nuts and bolts of planting. 

November 12-14, Milwaukee WI, Plenary Speaker: Brian Fikkert

For more information and to register, visit
A Virtual Walk? To Take Great Care... Of Your Pastor's Wife

What’s a Virtual Walk? An online stroll? A couch potato’s excuse to shirk exercise?

The Parakaleo Virtual Walk on Nov 17 is an event to raise awareness and allow people to show support for women in church planting. Parakaleo has many fans around the world--including in China, Latin America, and Australia--so if you join us on Nov. 17th, you'll be participating in a global walk! 

The Virtual Walk is part of our  Here for  Her  campaign to train and support church planting wives. Click here to learn all the details. We hope you will join the other participants around the world!
Connections and Conversations: A Gospel-Centered, Disability-focused Book Club for Families

Families living with disability often find it challenging to connect with others who really understand the impact of disability on everyday life. Join our new monthly book club,  Connections and Conversations, for real encouragement alongside others who love and care for someone who has a disability. 

If you enjoy reading, discussion, and connecting with others—without ever leaving home—this book club is for you!  

  • Each month we discuss one gospel-centered, disability-focused book. 
  • The book club time includes teaching and discussion on key points in the book. 
  • You can purchase the book and read beforehand OR simply join us for the conversation. 
  • The book club is on the 3rd Monday of each month. Choose either the morning or evening session. 
Join the group via a free, live Zoom conference call from any computer, tablet, or phone. Invite your friends and family. Grab a cup of coffee, and prepare to be encouraged! Remember, you don’t have to read the book ahead of time.  Click here for dates and books. Next up:

Monday, November 18, 2019  
The Life We Never Expected  by Andrew and Rachel Wilson   
Choose one:   
Morning     11 am ET     10 am CT    9 am MT    8 am PT   
Evening     8 pm ET    7 pm CT    6 pm MT    5 pm PT   
Considering Church Planting?
“I’m leaving feeling that this is one of the best things I’ve seen going on in the PCA.”… Fantastic week of learning, growing, stretching, and fellowship…Appreciate all the encouragement. ” Considering Church Planting? Then the MNA Assessment Center is for you. The cost of assessment is less than half of one month’s salary and operating expenses for a typical church plant, and a very wise investment that individuals, churches and presbyteries can make in starting a new church . The next open Assessment date is January 28-31, 2020 with an application deadline of December 2, 2019. Please plan ahead! An absolute three-week lead time minimum is required prior to each application deadline in order to apply, and we often run at capacity. Not convinced? Here are a few more kudos for MNA Assessment: “The assessors were the most valuable component of the AC… Loved the process, conversations, insight and the people. This is a life-long memory that I will certainly cherish…Getting the opportunity to learn from others in church planting and peers interested in serving the Lord in a similar way. It doesn’t happen often in the “real world” context and I felt supported and encouraged and challenged…. So much grace and love for those attending…I loved assessment, was encouraged and I’m leaving feeling that this is one of the best things I’ve seen going on in the PCA.”

Click here   for more information or email Mary Ellen Garofalo at .
The PCA Unity Fund
Now Accepting Applications for The PCA Unity Fund Tuition Subsidy

Out of 4,882 Teaching Elders in the PCA, only 1% are African American, .8% Hispanic American, and 10% Korean/Korean American. The PCA Unity Fund aims to increase these numbers through training, mentoring and developing minority leadership in the PCA, primarily through providing tuition subsidies to support training at reformed institutions. There are both ordained and non-ordained options .   Click here to learn more about The PCA Unity Fund and here to access the applications. Deadline is March 30, 2020.

MNA News
Ministry to State Student Interns
MNA Ministry to State Is Growing Strong!

More people have joined Ministry to State to serve those who serve our nation in Washington DC and in state capitals across the country. Their summer interns program has been a great success and they are now developing a Fellows program. Regular Bible studies are taking place in the Senate and in several Cabinet agencies. Click here to read about all the developments and take up some of their prayer requests.
LAMP Brings Seminary Education to Churches

LAMP has allowed me to pursue an MDIV in preparation for ordination while at the same time working a full-time job and having a balanced family life. The study materials, lectures, and in-class time are all first-rate. I am so grateful that God led me to the LAMP program. I don't think another program would have met my needs so perfectly. 
From Brian Lum Shue Chan - 8 classes until graduation

When I was researching my options for pursuing a MBTS, LAMP Theological Seminary quickly emerged as the best fit for me. Classes are held at my church, and the program is affordable. The books and lectures are excellent quality, and I've enjoyed the weekly discussions with other students. I'm thankful the LAMP program exists because it has enabled me to follow God's call on my life while I continue to work.
From Leslie Miller - completed Year 1 of a MBTS 

Jonathan Culley, an Elder at Covenant Church in Palm Bay FL, talks about their experience with the LAMP program. Read his article here.
MNA SecondCareer Announces New RV Ministry Website

MNA SecondCareer’s RV Specialist, Gregg Noll, has recently launched the new website for the MNA RV Ministry (Recreational Vehicle). The address is . Also available are a live Facebook page and Instagram account , both under the name “mnaRVMinistry”. Anyone in the PCA community with an RV who might be interested in the ministry should go to the website and social media sites for information and news about upcoming service opportunities. Gregg Noll can be contacted at or 610-960-0022. General information about MNA SecondCareer can be found at , or contact Barbara Campbell, MNA SecondCareer Facilitator, at (phone 804-339-5005)."
Your Church Can Support Our Chaplains Financially Without Spending a Penny!

We need your help getting the word out regarding the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). MNA/PRCC Chaplain Ministries is an approved charity (CFC #38370) for federal employees to donate their payroll deduction gifts to. We need churches to let their federal employee members and friends know about this opportunity to help support our Chaplains. Sample bulletin inserts and an info letter are on our website.  The Campaign runs from October 1 – December 15, 2019.  Click here for more information, and for printable fliers to hand out to your congregation.
What Is Your Cultural Intelligence?
Among many congregations in America, Sunday morning at 11 remains to be a segregated hour. Nevertheless, there have been excellent movements within the PCA to welcome and include the ethnic minorities that God has placed all around us. I find few tools as helpful to prepare me to minister to others outside my culture than the IDI. – A recent Assessment Center candidate

Cultural Intelligence is the ability to function effectively across various cultural contexts. – Resilient Ministry
Is your ministry context one in which you interact with a wide variety of people and cultures? Or…do you feel like you don’t interact enough with people who are different than you? Finding out about your “cultural IQ” is a stepping stone to deepening and enriching relationships with others who are different than you. MNA is offering the opportunity to take the Intercultural Development Inventory followed by an individual debrief of the results, including a personalized development plan you can use going forward. There is a cost for this service, but it’s an investment well worth making if you want to grow in this crucial area of life and ministry. You can read here for more information, or contact Ann Powers at
Religious Liberty of Military Chaplains Is Being Challenged Without Success

At any one time, 3-4 of our Chaplains are dealing with religious liberty challenges by the enemy. Our staff and God’s grace have enabled our Chaplains, so far, to win every attack, but we desperately need our churches praying for us and for our Chaplains more than ever before! 18 consecutive years of war has taken its toll on our military families, and our Chaplain families as well. We prefer to have at least one church praying specifically for every one of our Chaplains. We have many brand new Chaplains that currently have NO church praying specifically for him, his family, his ministry, and for those he serves. Please refer to the l ist of Sponsoring Churches on our website. If your church does not currently Sponsor a Chaplain, please contact your session or Missions Committee and ask them to consider doing so. Thank you.
2020 Events
How can churches engage with the arts?

Creative partnerships between churches and outside organizations can be mutually beneficial. Cultivating space for the arts to flourish in communities can expand churches’ impact, strengthen neighborhoods, and even benefit churches financially. Come to the Convertible Conference to learn how the Harrison Center and Redeemer Presbyterian have successfully partnered for almost 20 years and how churches can engage with the arts in your own community. 

March 6-7, 2020 | Pre Conference March 5
Indianapolis IN

Check out our calendar for more events
Volunteer Opportunities
Metanoia Prison Ministries Is Looking for Mentors in TN and SC

Do you live in the Chattanooga, TN or Greenville, SC area? If you do, are you interested in mentoring a prisoner one on one, in person? If you are interested, please contact Mark Casson at . We would love to have you join us in the community mentoring ministry. 
Second Career Logo
Opportunities Abound for All Skill Sets

Currently there are numerous PCA church planters and other ministries across the country seeking volunteers to serve on site. A variety of skills and abilities are needed. Anyone interested in seeing if there is a need locally where they live should take a look at the current Opportunities to Serve at the MNA SecondCareer website at or contact Barbara Campbell, MNA SecondCareer Facilitator, at (phone 804-339-5005).
Church Planter Updates
Virginia Beach VA

Jimmy and Suzanne Brock have seen their 18 months of community building, developing, activities, hard work and prayer culminate to the official launch of Resurrection Community Church on Sept 15 with 73 people in attendance! As they continue their mission to connect the people of southern Virginia Beach with God and each other through His Word, person to person, neighborhood by neighborhood, please remember them in prayer as they are looking for a long-term, part-time worship leader to lead their music team and that God would continue to bring new visitors to check out their Sunday worship services and community in general. Click here to read their latest newsletter. ]
Baltimore MD

Harris Creek Community Church desires to be a faithful yet understated presence in East Baltimore. As church planter Hansoo Jin stated, ‘'We do not exist for our own good. Instead, we exist for the flourishing of the city around us and for the glory of God." He and his wife Wana were reminded again of their hope in Christ while planting this church in the form of $2.13. To read this heartwarming story and know how to specifically pray, click here for their latest newsletter. 
Charlotte NC

West Charlotte Church hit a huge milestone. They just added their 100 th member! With their Elder and Deacon candidates just finishing up their training, they are looking to make the transition from mission church to a particular church in December. They also just added their first interns, Femi Oke and Garrett and Lauren Black. Be in prayer for their new ministries kicking off that include neighborhood groups as a space for deeper fellowship, a new class for middle schoolers, and more frequent gatherings for their high schoolers. Click here to read more about how God is moving in this church plant.
Looking for a PCA Church ?
Know someone who's moving? Be sure to suggest they check this list of new church plants around North America as they look for a new church home. Don't see a new plant in a possible destination on the list? Contact us (678-825-1235) and we'll try to find out more information for you! You may also want to visit the PCA Church Directory for a list of established churches.
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Pray for Our PCA Church Planters 

The Intercessor is a quarterly letter with prayer requests from PCA church planters and MNA Ministry Leaders. The requests are organized by week, making it easy to follow along in individual or group devotions. They have expressed many times how grateful they are for prayer support.  Click here  to read online, where you will also see subscription options. 
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