New York Agriculture in the Classroom | November 2020
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Important Dates:

Nov. 6- Teacher of the Year Applications Due

Jan. 6- Commodity Icon Art Contest Submissions Due

March 15-19- Agricultural Literacy Week 2021

June 28- July 1- NAITCO Conference 
NYAITC Commodity Icon Art Contest
Calling all artists! New York Agriculture in the Classroom is searching for talented young artists from across New York State who are interested in helping us create a new statewide agricultural commodities map. 
Our digital commodity map will be an agricultural literacy resource designed to help students and teachers more fully learn about the robust and expansive food and fiber systems found in New York State. To participate, you must be a NYS student in grades 3-12. The winning artist will win a framed commodity map, a $100 gift card, their art displayed at The Great New York State Fair, an awards presentation at school and more! The sponsoring teacher will also earn one aeroponic Tower Garden for their classroom. Visit our website to learn more and submit artwork by January 8, 2021
Nominate a Deserving Educator for Teacher of the Year Award!
Do you know an amazing educator or team of educators who integrate agriculture in their curriculum? The New York Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year nomination period is now open. This top honor is awarded annually to a teacher, or a team of teachers, who are committed to teaching through the lens of agriculture. The the top nominee(s) will earn an expense-paid trip to the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Nominations or self nominations are due Friday, November 6, 2020

Visit the New York Agriculture in the Classroom website where you can find more information as well as learn about past NYAITC Teachers of the Year. Complete the application today!
New York Farm Bureau Foundation Ag Fact Calendar Goes Digital
The New York Farm Bureau Foundation has developed a digital calendar with each month focusing on a specific agricultural topic. Students and teachers can build their agricultural knowledge as there is a fact or trivia question featured for almost every day of the month. The focus of the November calendar is nutrition and balanced eating. 

Visit and click on the name of the month to view the accompanying resources. 
Teacher Resources
Elementary Resources
Supreme Seeds
In this lesson students will engage with various types of seed, be introduced to the many uses of seeds, taste edible seeds, and make a seed mosaic. 
John Deere, That's Who!
Students will explore how producers and consumers work together to meet human needs by using the book John Deere, That's Who! This lesson is designed for students in grades Kindergarten-2. 
A Rafter of Turkeys
In this lesson students will learn about the domestication and life cycle of the turkey, recognize how turkeys are raised on farms, and identify turkey products.
Bartering Through the Seasons
Students will learn about the seasons, become familiar with the process of wool production, and explore how trade and barter have historically allowed people to satisfy their needs and wants. This lesson can also be paired with the book A New Coat for Anna for an interesting introduction to the topic. 
Middle School/ High School Resources
Agritourism: Extreme Farm Makeover
Through project-based learning, students will work in groups to design an agritourism experience that will increase profits for a family-owned farm and provide agricultural literacy opportunities for community members. This lesson is intended for students in grades 6-8. 

In this lesson, students will use infographics and charts to explore the careers that produce food, clothing, shelter, and fuel along with a variety of agricultural STEM careers requiring critical thinkers and problem solvers.
Plasmid Problem Solving
This lesson compares and contrasts prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and examines the form and function of the plasmid found in prokaryotic cells. Students will then use these principles to simulate how a desirable gene can be isolated and inserted into a plasmid as one step in the process of creating a genetically modified organism (GMO).
The Geography of Thanksgiving Dinner (Grades 9-12)
In this lesson students will identify common Thanksgiving foods and their farm source, determine if those foods can be produced locally, and locate the common origins of their Thanksgiving day dinner. 
November Book Nook
Eating the Plates
A fascinating slice of American history, Eating the Plates describes the customs, manners, and eating habits of the Pilgrims. From the hardships of the settlers' first years in the wilderness, to their eventual success in farming and hunting, the reader is immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of life in Plymouth. The evolution of diet in early America and the glimpses of Pilgrim manners and home life are sure to amuse and are subjects that should appeal to students. Ten tasty, simple recipes provide directions for a full meal.
Ancient Agriculture
This book shows the progression of technology through history as human civilizations progressed from foraging to farming. Agriculture enabled humans to transition from hunter gatherers to form permeant self-sustainable settlements. This chapter book includes text as well as photographs and reproductions to illustrate the implementation of agriculture in our daily lives.
Time for Cranberries
From the cranberry bog to the Thanksgiving table, join Sam and his family as they harvest a classic American fruit. When the vines hang heavy with berries that the autumn winds have turned deep red, it's time for cranberries! This is the year Sam is finally old enough to help with the harvest! This charming, lyrical picture book follows Sam and his family as they raise the water in the bog, pick the cranberries, and gather the fruit for processing. It's a story of modern family farming in action, showing readers where their food comes from and delighting them along the way. This book is a great companion to lessons on farming, harvesting, use of machinery, Thanksgiving, or cranberries and can be paired with the video "Cranberry Bounce" to learn more about cranberry production. 
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