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November 2016 


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       Congratulations to all the guests who entered pictures in the MWA photography contest. Some of you won. Captain's Choice went to Mark Mitscher, although it was hard to decide which of his images was the best way to describe what we all do and love. 

Basket of fruit on cabin top_ all illuminated by kerosene lantern
Lantern Light by Mark Mitscher

Looking aft from midships at sun barely visible through blanket of fog
Fog Astern by Mark Mitscher

 Cruise News


                     Here's an addition to our annual lighthouse cruise, boarding July 9th. There's a new potential sport this coming season on the coast...the fog signals at most of the light stations are being automated:  turned on by keying the ship radio microphone five times on channel 83. The program goes by the acronym MRASS ( no off color jokes, please), meaning Mariner Radio Activated Sound Signal. We'll not only test this new system but also tour a lighthouse or two. On Friday of that trip we'll be part of a parade of sail by the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. 

                      In the meantime has a fun interactive map of the lighthouses we're apt to see during a trip.  Click on any one of them shown on the map and you'll see pictures of it along with some interesting facts and history.  

                                                                                            Saddleback Ledge Light

 Crews News

     Certainly the most exciting event after the sailing season was Sarah's wedding, attended by the crew and officiated by the person on the right.  An excellent time was had by all.

photo courtesy of Kris Jarrett  
Five  American Eagle crew and three  Victory Chimes crew; how ecumenical!

Happiness is a full woodshed thanks to Sarah and her husband Chris.
Eagle courtesy of Nat and Diane Smith.

One of the joys of windjamming is when moonrise becomes a major evening event.

  Pictures From Here

   Sunrise yesterday morning, courtesy of Shary Fellows

 Fall outfitting week for the Cadet on our railway before the winter boating season begins

A 1904 two foot gauge locomotive  at the Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington Railroad. When the original railroad ceased operations ( the train fell off the track) the schooner had been fishing for three years. You can go on regular runs with steam up on summer weekends.

We're researching this one:  we think this helmsman's father worked on the schooner in the 1930's

Replacing pilings for our be rth; large crane yanking out the old ones.
 There's always something going on at the water's edge.


  Postcards From Away



Don't miss the fleet of historic vessels if you're in Sydney. Try to schedule your 
visit  to go  for a sail on the barque James Craig, built in 1874. Alan Villiers said
 of her "She sailed like a greyhound and tacked like a yacht".

Not running for president in Iceland

Hamilton Cove is part of the Bold Coast Trail overlooking Grand Manan Channel way down east.

photo courtesy of MB Rolfe  


                             Sailing in 149 days! Hope to see you in 2017.

      John and the crew

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