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November 2015
Dear Friends of Shoals Marine Laboratory,
Last week I served as the moderator for a  film and panel discussion about the  Northeast Ocean Plan. Among the 100 or so folks at the event, SML alumni and staff were in the audience and SML alum Wendy Lull was on the panel. The Northeast Regional Plan and the associated organizing body is the first of its kind in the nation, and will hopefully lead the way for the rest of the country. The event included a lively public discussion about the value and need for ocean management planning to ensure the future health of our oceans. We all rely on the oceans for so much: jobs, food, energy, recreation, and more! The combination of our reliance, heightened awareness, and recent actions to manage and protect oceans is a loud call for increased marine science education! Shoals Marine Laboratory is answering that call. We have a wide variety of marine biology and sustainability courses and research internships. Last year, we added more applied courses in fisheries and habitat assessment. This year, we are adding a college-level  Marine Environmental Science and Conservation course that will address ocean management principles head-on (yours truly will be co-teaching this new course). Students are signing up for SML courses now! Please help us get the word out by posting the link to our website on social media pages and forwarding it to any students you may know. Marine science education has never been more important! Our students will be leaders in the wave of ocean management planning rolling across the country.
The Andersons (left) and Taylor (right) Photo: J. Cunningham
2015 Anderson Award Winner!
SML has awarded Taylor Heaton Crisologo (Cornell '16) the John M. Anderson Award for Excellence in Natural History. The Anderson family established this award to recognize outstanding SML undergraduates, especially those who carry on Dr. Anderson's passion for marine science education. Dr. Anderson was a Cornell professor and founding member of SML. Taylor reports that her time at SML cultivated an appreciation for the importance of field study and critical thinking: "I learned to consistently challenge myself, pay close attention to the natural world, and wonder; these values will always remain with me." Those are noble values Taylor! Congrats!!
Here's a little inspiration, but we want logo ideas from YOU!
SML 50th Logo Contest!
We need your help and ideas to design a logo for Shoals Marine Laboratory's  50th Anniversary! SML has many talented and artistic alums, and we would love to showcase a winning design from someone in the SML community. Here are some Logo Contest specifics:
  • Theme of the logo must be "Next 50"
  • 50th logo should incorporate the current SML logo in some way
  • If selected, your logo will be featured on the SML website, marketing materials, social media, apparel, and more for summer 2016!
Submit Logo Contest entries to Alexa Hilmer, , by Monday, December 7th, 2015... you have 3 weeks! Ready, set, go!

Photo: A. Hilmer
Summer 2015 research interns presented posters at the Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine (RARGOM) Annual Meeting on October 14th in Portsmouth, NH. SML interns represented 7 of the 26 posters at the meeting: Johanna Pedersen and Juliana (Jo) Hanle for the Tern Restoration Project, Karen Sonnichsen for the Marine Mammal Internship, Laura Kelly for the Intertidal Ecology Internship, and Alexandra Hiley for the Mercury Concentration Study. The Gulf of Maine is one of the fastest warming bodies of water in the entire WORLD, and we are proud that SML research interns are contributing valuable data from our Isles of Shoals home to the wider scientific community!
Ross Hansen
Photo: J. Coyer
SML's Award Winning Staff and Program!  
SML's Director of Facilities, Ross Hansen, and the entire Sustainability Program Team at Shoals Marine Laboratory received the Cornell University Partners in Sustainability Award on November 12th. This award, given by the Cornell President's Sustainable Campus Committee, celebrates leaders who are committed to and engaged in making Cornell as "green" as possible. Ross was recognized for the impact of the SML Sustainability Program at four levels: discovery, education, engagement, and practice. Ross has been integral to 10 years of Sustainable Engineering Internships as well as Appledore Island's 55kW solar energy Green Grid. Dive into the blue while living green at Shoals! Endless thanks to Ross, the Sustainability Program Team, and the generous support from many of you we could not have done it with out you! 

Photo: J. Coyer
Save the Date: SML Reunion!
Next summer is a big milestone for Shoals Marine Laboratory - we will be celebrating 50 years! 
SAVE the DATE for the 50th Anniversary Reunion:
August 19-21, 2016
We plan to have activities on the mainland and island including: SML auction, fun events for all ages (bring the kids!), lobster dinner, and much more. Expect registration details this January 2016!

Hermissenda _D.Brown_
Photo: D. Brown
Call for Auction Items!
Please contribute to our scholarship fundraising auction that will be held during the SML Reunion. It will focus on SML memorabilia and marine biology/sustainability-related items. We would be grateful for any and all donated items for this "fun"-raiser event. If you would like to give, please contact Jim Coyer, All donations will go towards SML Scholarships!

In closing,
This coming week, the Northeast Regional Planning Body Meeting is happening in Maine, where the public is invited to participate in the ocean planning process. I expect this meeting to be packed - as it should be because New England (as with most coastal communities) is so proud and protective of our rich maritime past! As the direct descendant of a Shoals fishing family, I share that pride in our ocean resources, culture and beauty. I also know that "while we cherish the old, we are always in quest of something better" (to quote Cornell's 3rd president, Jacob Shurman). To find something better, we need strong marine science education programs. SML is proud to the be largest undergraduate-focused marine educational center in the country. Through our educational programs, SML has a great responsibility and opportunity to help shape our nation's marine future. As we look towards our next 50 years, I hope you will join us to insure the sustainability of our programs. If you would like to make a year end contribution to support student scholarships, please click here.
As always, I welcome your valuable input and support to ensure that SML continues to be a vibrant place and extraordinary experience for our students.    
With deep appreciation and warm wishes,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D. 
Kingsbury Director of the Shoals Marine Laboratory
Shoals Marine Laboratory
113 Morse Hall, University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
106A Kennedy Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

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