For November 2020

Embracing a free and responsible search for truth and meaning while demonstrating our strong belief in the interdependent web of all existence.
Liminal Spaces

As we approach November and the leaves begin to fall, I find myself in a liminal space. In his article entitled, “The Liminal Space – Embracing the Mystery and Power of Transition from What Has Been to What Will Be,” Alan Seale shares:

The word “liminal” comes from the Latin root, limen, which means “threshold.” The liminal space is the “crossing over” space – a space where you have left something behind, yet you are not yet fully in something else. It’s a transition space.

When one is in a liminal space, it may seem that nothing is certain, and that that the future is very unclear. It can be extremely unsettling for someone who likes to make plans and work toward completing goals, etc. Yet here I find myself, in this in-between place for many reasons.

First, my son and my grandson are both planning big moves; one to a place much further from home and the other coming back to Bulloch County. There are so many unknowns connected to these moves. Will they survive and thrive?

My two precious great grandchildren will have parents in two different states and will be shuttled back and forth. Will they survive and thrive?

My other grandson is a senior in high school, studying at home, not sure what he will do when high school is over. Meanwhile, his mother’s long-time job at JC Penney is ending this month as they close the store in Statesboro. Will they survive and thrive?

My mother is home from the hospital, delighted that the autopsy indicated there was no cancer, yet still having unresolved problems that cause her much difficulty. Will she survive and thrive as she approaches her 94th birthday on November 15?

Our congregations are completing their stewardship drives in the midst of a pandemic in which church life is anything but normal. Will they survive and thrive as we attempt to move forward with so much unknown?

Our nation is having what many call the most important election in our lifetimes? Will our democracy survive and thrive?

There is so much that is unknown in my life – and I am sure in yours as well. Seale states:
The liminal space can bring us face-to-face with our inner fears about who we are, how we show up in the world, our strengths and vulnerabilities, and our successes and disappointments. It can cause us to question the very core of our beliefs, practices, and identities. Herein lies the power and the gift of the liminal space. The liminal space shakes us out of our habitual lives. It draws us out of what we have known, yet does not allow us to know what is coming next, or when. It’s the chrysalis stage for the caterpillar.

At times like these, I call on those familiar words of Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer as I ask for the “Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Indeed, with all of those instances I named above, I have already provided whatever support and influence that I had within my control. Now I must let go. And that’s okay. For it’s in the liminal spaces where transformation and evolution can happen. Blaise Pascal, 17th-century French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, and philosopher, wrote:
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
May it be so!

Peace, Love, and Courage!
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In our efforts to provide access to all who want to participate in our joint services, we have recently added the option for closed captioning of what is being said.

If you are familiar with the voice recognition tools on your phone and messaging systems, you know that these are not always perfectly accurate. But they are often close enough that you can get a pretty good idea of what is being conveyed. Many of us have expressed concern about what others were saying via ZOOM. Sometimes, this may be due to our own hearing problems, and at other times, it may be a technology issue. In any case, we are hoping that this improves your experience.

You do not have to have the captions on – and for those who are hearing fine through their computers or headphones, it may even be distracting. But it IS available. There is also the possibility of making the font size larger. We want to be as welcoming as we can be for all folks during these difficult times. And we are glad to be able to provide this service.
November 1
“Dialogue on Race: Insights from Black UU Women”
Teresa Winn, Worship Leader
Led by Paula Cole Jones, Washington, D. C. based consultant and elder in Black Lives UU, allows our congregation to “sit in” on a dialogue between five Black women as they confront racism. These activists have been stirring up “good trouble” in communities, in UUA, and in other traditions for decades.
ANTHEM: Sing Gently

November 8
“Election Reflection”
Rev. Jane Page, Worship Leader
Every four years, Rev. Jane shares an “Election Reflection” on the Sunday after the Presidential election. This year as we meet jointly on Zoom, in addition to her own homily, we will have a breakout group time during the service for members and friends of the two congregations to share their own reflections, joys, and concerns related to the election. Join other Unitarian Universalists as we make meaning of the results of the election
(if we have them by then.)
ANTHEM: Let There be Peace on Earth

November 15
“Exploring Water: Essential Source | Essential Symbol”
Beth Sutton, Worship Leader
 TED talk, “How to Transform sinking cities into landscapes that fight floods.”
By Landscape Architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom.
ANTHEM: Mother Earth, Beloved Garden

November 22
 “Being a Good Ally – Economic Differences”
Rev. Jane continues her series on “Being a Good Ally” by examining economic differences and how that affects our society. How can we as Unitarian Universalists be better allies for those who are financially challenged within our own congregations, our communities, and the world?
ANTHEM: Give Thanks

November 29
“A Crack in Everything”
On this fifth Sunday, we will be guests of Rev David Morris and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks on Zoom. Parker Palmer writes that everyone’s heart breaks, and that the question is whether our heart is brittle and breaks apart, or is supple and breaks open, allowing for love and healing to enter. How do we keep a supple heart?
Join us online streamed live from the
UU Congregation of the Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk, N. C.
Follow this SPECIAL ZOOM link to join. https://us02web.zoom.us/i/89296119207
Meeting ID: 892 9611 9207
To join by phone (audio only) call: 929 205 6099
Our Stewardship Campaign for 2021 started October 1, 2020 to end October 25th. Our six Ring Leaders are contacting members in their Ring to give a big thank you if you've already sent in your pledge and a reminder to those who have not. Each Ring Leader has a list of their Ring members and those who have sent in their pledge forms. Here is an update as of October 22. We need the support of every single member of our congregation for our Tomorrows in 2021. Many volunteers are working to connect our members and our stewardship campaign for the support of our UUs of Coastal Georgia congregation. It takes all of us to support our beloved UU community.

Stewardship Campaign 2021 - As of October 22
Stewardship 2021 Goal: $89,000
Total amount pledged: $49,970
Number of packets sent: 58
Pledges received: 31

So remember
  • Friday, October 30: Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot
  • November 3: General Election and Special Election.
Sunday, November 15 at 9:30 a.m.
November’s Adult RE discussion will be on "Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope" by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. “With stark poignancy and political dispassion 'Tightrope' addresses the crisis in working-class America while focusing on solutions to mend a half century of governmental failure. This must-read book ‘shows how we can and must do better.’ (Katie Couric)” [From Amazon website]

Contact: Dorin Schumacher 912-266-6558 or drdorin@earthlink.net
Meeting ID: 97927385643


Diane Knight
phone: 912-634-1367
cell or text: 912-577-8168

A few years ago, June Sherwood brought an idea to several UUCG women to form a Sisterhood group so we could discuss various topics (usually one per monthly meeting) and get to know each other better. A second group was formed late last year, and both groups are going strong and meeting our needs to connect with and learn from one another.

If you are interested in forming any of the groups mentioned, please let me know. June and I would be happy to help you get started.

Green Tip of the Month
Thinking about sprucing up the homestead for the Holidays, maybe a fresh coat of paint? During the course of my “COVID” project (new construction) I researched low VOC paint. (VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds.) My builder uses Sherwin Williams, so I found out that their brand is called “Harmony”. All the major brands should have their own version. While you can’t eliminate all VOC’s, since the pigment contains some, if you choose a lighter color, you’ll be better off. At lease the fumes don’t make me want to run for a respirator! 

If new carpet is on your horizon, do some research before buying to minimize the “off gassing” that can contribute to respiratory distress. 

Hope you have a Happy Halloween, and are enjoying Fall –
Sharon Ehle
Please remember those in need...
If you are able, please take some items to Sparrow's Nest Food Bank. 
Especially during these difficult times there are many families in need. They can use canned fruits, meats, pasta and sauces, beans, rice, cereal, diapers, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc.
Cash or checks payable to FAITHWORKS are also always welcome.
Sparrow's Nest is located at:
2911 Altama Ave, Brunswick, GA 31520
PHONE: 912-261-8512 x110
You see men and women in our community carrying their life's belongings in shopping bags and back packs walking to get out of the elements or looking for a place to sleep. Doorways, under bridges, abandoned houses or cars become their homes, or for a lucky few the couch of a friend or relative.

The Well is a hospitality center for people who are homeless , providing resources such as a shower, laundry room, phone, internet access, and address for correspondence. By providing this venue, FaithWorks helps those who are homeless with opportunities to reconnect with family members, access important services to help them leave the streets, and recover from sickness and disease. Our guests often regain employment and restore hope in their lives.

Guests at The Well are always in need of towels and toiletries.  
Please drop them off at The Well . It is located at
1101 Gloucester Street - Brunswick
HOURS: 7 Days/Week from 7 AM- 5PM
PHONE: 912-261-8512 x 119
The Robert S. Abbott Race Unity Institute envisions a community where healing and reconciliation are commonplace amongst
people of all identities, social justice is upheld and honored, and people honestly engage in history in order to live more truthfully
in the present. Ultimately, we strive to influence thought, which leads to changed hearts, which leads to changed behavior.
The Abbott Institute is a 501 (c) (3) organization established in 2007.
Mail: P.O. Box 1834 | Brunswick, GA 31521
Our UUCG CARING FUND was established for the benefit of UUCG affiliated folks. The Fund is intended for members and friends of our congregation who are undergoing hard times, such as extensive medical bills, loss of home, etc. There are times throughout the year when we specify that a certain amount of our offerings will go to this fund. 
Just click on the image to
view (or print) a copy of these community directories.
Diane Knight
UUCG Social Justice Coordinator
Home Phone: 912- 634-1367
Cell: 912-577-8168 (call or text)
Twenty singers from Brunswick, Statesboro, and elsewhere have been contributing their recordings which were sent to John who synchronizes them and mixes them together to create the performance recordings. 
You can listen to past anthems again at:
Just click on that link, and then on the orange musical note of any of the songs that pop up.

John Cowlishaw
Rev. Jane Page, Minister
(912) 682-3566 
Interested in joining UUCG? 
Rev. Jane Page
Sally Revoile
Membership Team Leader
(912) 634-3868
Rev. Bill Phillips, Pastor Emeritus
Phone: 912.635.3512 (home) or 912.434.4140 (cell)

Elaine Deaver
Newsletter Editor/Part-time Administrator
Acting President: Judith Longfield
Vice President: Judith Longfield
Treasurer: Ted Davis
Secretary: Erin Lee
Trustee: Lollie Bohannon
Trustee: Lilly Morgan
Trustee: Heather Turner 
Our location is 1710 Gloucester Street - Brunswick, Georgia
PLEASE SEND MAIL TO: UUCG, P.O. Box 1056, Brunswick, GA 31521