November 2022

Our Mission Statement

As a welcoming congregation, we work and worship together to become people of open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands. We honor the transformative power of love in our individual lives and broader communities.

I have a playlist that I listen to as I walk that includes songs from some of my favorite singers.  If I share who is on the list, it will be easy to guess my age.  I usually shuffle the playlist before I begin walking, so I don’t know which song is coming up.  But this month, when one of Barry Manilow’s songs would play, I would get a little bit melancholy.  The name of the song is “I hate to see October go.”  Of course, it’s about lost love and other things of that nature. It ends with these lines.  

“… I should be over it now, I know

It doesn't matter much how old I grow

I hate to see October go.”

(Barry Manilow)

So, I got a reminder from Elaine that I need to send the November Newsletter article.  And that ear worm of this song plays over and over in my head.  YES, indeed, I do hate to see October go.  Yet, good things await us in November!  And I need to refocus.  November 8 is election day, and oh, I do hope you all have already voted or plan to vote SOON so we will have some good outcomes.  I will attend the Southeast Regional UU Ministers Association gathering at the Mountain in November – always an inspiration.  We also wrap up our stewardship drive in November and have our Annual Meeting.  It’s a time to plan for a great 2023 for our congregation.  We can do this!!  Of course, we also have Thanksgiving in November and should be reminded to be grateful for all we have.  We continue to have some great worship services as well as other activities.  Be sure to read the entire Newsletter to see what opportunities await you.  

“And when your fears subside

And shadows still remain, oh yeah

I know that you can love me when there's no one left to blame

So never mind the darkness, we still can find a way

'Cause nothin' lasts forever, even cold November rain”

(Guns and Roses)

Peace, Love, and Courage!


For information about our in-person service please see our Covid guidelines below. Or, if you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this zoom link:

November 6

"Dammed Justice"

Clint Tawes

Justice is often compared to a flowing river, yet our experience tells us that it is a river that often does not flow freely. It is Clint's hope that this sermon will spark both an internal and external dialogue that will help us to identify and dismantle barriers to justice. When justice is dammed, how can we make it flow freely again?

November 13

"UU Values - Justice"

Rev. Jane Page

Unitarian Universalists value and work for justice. What does this mean for our congregation?

November 20


Mortimer MacArthur

This Sunday before Thanksgiving, we will enjoy a musical service, with our own Mortimer MacArthur sharing his talents!

November 27

"UU Values - Love"

Rev. Jane Page

The primary value we hold as Unitarian Universalists is LOVE - both the spirit of Love and the activity of Love. How do we live LOVE - individually, as a congregation, and as a religious association in this world.  


The county Covid risk level is subject to change.

On behalf of the Finance Committee, I want to thank everyone for their generosity during the pledge campaign. I saw every response, either with time or resources, as a commitment to the future of our Fellowship. 

But please understand that we will be happy to accept any pledges or increases in pledges that you may still want to make. Inflation has reared its ugly head, and the budget is tight. So do not hesitate to contact me at ( if you want to contribute more. But more importantly in this month of giving thanks, I am grateful for your support of our church. 

Martha Hughes, Chair - Finance Committee 

Relinda Walker

Michael Williams 

As many parts of nature revert into time of dormancy, I begin to think about how that relates to the wise people who have left this earth. I have been given the gift of the wisdom of many who have come before me. There is a term called “fictive kin.” These are folks that we consider family but who have no blood or marital relationship to us. Many of the wisest people who I have listened to and learned from are my fictive kin. Like leaves on the tree of life, they have transitioned on to something else, but their wisdom stays in me, and I pass it along.

Each time I pass along their wisdom it is like a new leaf springing forth on the tree of life. In that way the interdependence of us all continues if we are open to listening, learning and sharing. Wisdom sleeps and then reawakens like the spring. Each of us plays our part, sharing from one to the next.

I was once told by my dear deceased crone fictive kin friend Judy that in times of sadness, anger, or frustration I needed to remember what I was grateful for. I wonder if she knows how many times I have shared that sage wisdom with others. Like new leaves on the tree of life, I remember to be grateful, and I remind others to be grateful as well. What wisdom have you received and shared from your fictive kin? What new life from old wisdom have you brought forth into this world?

For the month of November, half of our offering that is not designated as a pledge will be shared with the Statesboro Library Youth and Family Programing. You can find a calendar of events on the library’s website. They have story times for toddlers, kids crafts and family activities, and a read out loud book club just to name a few things. Please support them with our donations in the month of November.

Adrienne Cohen

Board President


Our tradition of giving away half of the offering that is not designated as a pledge continues all year.

For NOVEMBER - Statesboro Library Youth and Family Programing

Thank you for your continued support and faithfulness to our congregation which allows us to remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our community.


Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. at UUFS

It's a HUUtenanny at UUFS! Bring your instruments and voices and clapping hands for lots of singing and fun. If you have a smart phone, you can look up the lyrics and sing along with the musicians. All are invited!! Please share this event with friends who would enjoy.

The Annual Meeting for our UU Statesboro Congregation will take place on

Sunday, November 13th just after Sunday service.

If anyone would either like to serve on the board or would like to recommend someone to serve,

please email Board President Adrienne Cohen at

Michael Williams for changing the batteries in our smoke detectors and installing the safety equipment supplied by our insurance company.

Janice West for regularly cleaning and changing the filters in the Mind Body Center's AC unit.

Tanya Carden, Teresa Winn, Cynthia Frost and Janice West for changing the furnace filters in the ceilings throughout the building.

Thanks to John Stanfield for refurbishing our swing set! A monetary donation we received from a Girl Scout Troop helped us get this done.

Native American Heritage Month

November 6th—International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

November 10th—World Science Day for Peace and Development

November 16th—International Day of Tolerance

November 19th—Prevention of Child Abuse Day

November 20th—Universal Children’s Day

November 25th— Elimination of Violence Against Women Day

Dr. Karen R. Lambie

Social Justice Team

MindBody Center Yoga

now has more In-Person Yoga classes.

See Covid precautions below.

Tuesday, 9:30-11:00 am Iyengar Yoga with Inge

Wednesday, 8:00-9:00 am Yoga for the Spine with Lynn Geddes

Wednesday 9:30-10:30 am All Levels Yoga with Fred

Thursday, 9:30-11:00 am Ease into Iyengar Yoga with Inge

For Fred’s and Inge's classes register with this link:

For Lynn’s classes email her at

Covid Precautions: We are still observing some Covid restrictions and limit our classes to 7 participants. To attend you must be vaccinated, be symptom-free, and observe social distancing. Mask wearing is optional.  

Reduced fee for Newcomers to MindBody Center: $30 for 4 classes 

For more information on our yoga classes click this link:

For more information on Fascia Fitness Training click this link:

Inge Spencer

Iyengar Certified Instructor

MindBody Center Yoga

912 596-3322 (call or text)

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or call or text Inge at 912-596-3322

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