Volume 8.18 | November 23, 2020
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Social Justice Project

89 Years at St. Anthony's

Sr. Nancy Honored at the Dwelling Place

St. Elizabeth Mission Society Mass Cards

In Memory

Brothers and Sisters All - Social justice project
By: Margaret Magee OSF
Pope Francis’ newest encyclical Fratelli Tutti is a very timely and compelling document that we are encouraging everyone to read and share in clusters, local associate communities and faith groups. Its message is filled with our Franciscan spirituality, especially the values of fraternitas and the inherent dignity and integrity of all people, who are our sisters and brothers, created by our gracious and loving God.
Fratelli Tutti also impels us to action and engagement with others in promoting our Franciscan gospel values in any way we can. We have been invited, as sisters and associates, to just such an engagement with the students at St. Bonaventure University.
Recently, some of us have met with Jim Mahar, a professor in the School of Business. Jim, as many know, is also deeply involved with BonaResponds, a volunteer program where students have assisted in hurricane disaster areas and with smaller events and projects as needs arise.
A Social Justice Project: Jim and his students are developing a new website, Brothers and Sisters to All that will be launched soon. The purpose of this website is to reach out to people on topics of social justice, initially focusing on racism and immigration. Jim hopes that this is also a way of educating the students on Franciscan spirituality and the values to live out beyond graduation and throughout their lives.
We see this as a great opportunity to connect with the university students and as a way of sharing our Franciscan spirituality, values and our passion for social justice.
The Mission: Awaken, inform, and enlighten
We are all brothers and sisters. Our differences are much less than our similarities.  We want to unify a world that is too full of divisions. We want to help spread the social justice message of equality, respect, and love.
The Invitation: We have reached out to some sisters and associates inviting them to be involved in this social justice project. We are looking for sisters and associates who will gather quotes related to the issues of racism (Black Lives Matter) and immigration from various resources (Fratelli Tutti, Laudato Si, articles, books, Franciscan sources, etc.). These are the first two issues that Jim and the students are focusing on. There will be others.
In sending quotes we ask you to add a brief reflection (a paragraph or two) on how Franciscan spirituality and its values speak to the particular issue. Or, after reading a book on the topics of racism or immigration write a brief book review. Quotes, reflections and book reviews are to be emailed to Denise at denise.bunk-hatch@fsallegany.org who will collect and forward them to Jim and the students. Important: Denise Bunk-Hatch will be the point/contact person for our sisters and associates who choose to be involved. This is an ongoing project, there are no deadlines or schedules, so as you read and reflect, collect quotes, write reflections, and create book reviews, send them to Denise. These will be valuable for use on our own website, Facebook, Twitter and in our FSA newsletter.
If you are interested in being involved in this project send an email to Margaret Magee at mmagee@fsallegany.org.
Celebrating 89 Years at St. Anthony's
On November 1, 1931, St. Anthony’s opened its doors to care for the community of St. Petersburg. The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany had purchased Faith Hospital, which was being closed, for $40,000. Spending $200,000+ for renovations, the Sisters named it St. Anthony’s Hospital after St. Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan priest known for his great preaching and care for the poor. Recognized also as the patron of lost things, it is fitting that we help people who have lost their health to recover in body, mind or spirit.

The Sisters responded to a need for health care in this area, and with the dedication of Physicians, Team Members, Board Members, Auxiliary, and Volunteers, we have continued to carry out our Mission of giving quality, compassionate care to all who come to us and to the greater community.  Today, through Baycare, St. Anthony’s is able to spend millions in renovation to meet the ever evolving healthcare needs of our area.

On behalf of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, with much gratitude, we thank you for your commitment to enable this sacred Mission of Healing to continue with such quality, love and compassion.

Blessings as we get ready to celebrate 90 years in 2021! 
Sr. Nancy Chiarello Honored at the Dwelling Place
On Friday, October 30, Nancy Chiarello was honored with a simple “Covid style” luncheon on her last official day at the Dwelling Place of NY. Several former employees, volunteers, and a member of the Board, joined with the new Executive Director, Deborah Pollack, for a meal from Nancy’s favorite restaurant. As a ‘founding mother’ of the Dwelling Place, Nancy deserved a huge thank you for her more than 45 years of service to the women of NY who came looking for a place to call home and the loving acceptance of which Nancy was a great part. As with so many other things, that thank you has been put off for the time being.

Nancy has moved to Staten Island and to live with the Presentation Sisters there. She will be returning to the Dwelling Place as a volunteer. Blessings Nancy, for your commitment and love for the women of the Dwelling Place.
Christmas Mass Cards offered by the St. Elizabeth Mission Society
By: Courtney Walters, Communications Coordinators, St. Elizabeth Mission Society
Send your special prayer blessings to friends or loved ones this Christmas with Christmas Mass enrollment cards from St. Elizabeth Mission Society. As members of the Mission Society, their intentions will be remembered at Christmas Eve Mass and in other Masses celebrated throughout the year in the Motherhouse Chapel.
They will also share in the prayers and good works of our Sisters in Brazil, Bolivia, Jamaica, and the United States. As a sponsored ministry of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, the St. Elizabeth Mission Society shares in its spiritual aims, one of which is to advance the awareness of God's love. Donations given for the cards are used to support the ministries of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany who work to educate, heal, clothe, and feed those who are desperately poor in Jamaica, Bolivia, Brazil, and the United States.
Christmas cards, as well as various other enrollment cards, can be ordered online at https://www.franciscanhope.org/shop/ or by calling the Mission Society office at (716) 373-1130 or e-mailing steliz.pubications@fsallegany.org. Christmas cards will also be available for order in Jennifer Henning’s office due to Covid-19 visitation restrictions within the Motherhouse.
Advent Scripture Series from The Franciscan Center, Tampa, with Sr. Jeanne Williams OSF
The Infancy Narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and the Prologue of the Gospel of John provide a kaleidoscope of images of the Promised Messiah. Each session of this Advent series will focus on Jesus presented through a particular lens.
Join us via Zoom as we explore how the varied images of Jesus might enhance our Advent preparation to receive Christ into our own lives in a deeper way at Christmas.
December 3rd: Matthew: The Hebrew Scriptures Fulfilled
December 10th: Luke: Humble Messiah to the Gentiles
December 17th: John: The Word Became Flesh
Fee: $25.00 for series (no refunds) - When you register for this program the Zoom link will be sent to you.

In Memory

Sr. Anne Shepherd OSF
Date of Birth: June 6, 1925
Entered Eternal Life: October 22, 2020
Sr. Maria Donizete de Freitas Rabelo OSF
Date of Birth: July 27, 1968
Entered Eternal Life: November 20, 2022