Volume XXVIII | November, 2018
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O&N 2019 Conference
January 22-23, 2019
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Ft. Myers, FL

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Glyphosate Testing
Round Two
!Don't Delay!

Get out of the weeds
by living without glyphosate.

Year two of our three year testing program is in progress. It's time to submit your samples to HRI Labs.

You've read the headlines.

  • A court ordered Bayer, to pay Dewayne Johnson, a former school caretaker $289 million in damages, asserting Roundup caused his cancer. 

  • Cornell University, Environmental Working Group, and the FDA all issued reports in just the last few weeks on foods contaminated with glyphosate.

IHRI Labs reports 86% of study participants had detectable levels in urine averaging 0.52ppb for men and 0.45ppb for women. Our pets have levels that are 40 times higher .

Let's be sure we're living up to the promise of a supply chain integrity that enhances health and wellness!

x mgs omega-3  ≥ 8% blood level?

Results from the more than 700 participants in our O&N/Grassroots Health study show that if the target index level is 8%, fully 90% of the population could achieve that level with 2400 mg/day. This is a much higher intake than most recommended levels.

PS, Carole Baggerly is going to ask you what your levels are at the Conference :/

In the News

Tony Wasson accepts the O&N
Champion Award
for Atrium Contract Management Division

F or embracing work that serves the health of generations to come;
Advocating on behalf of consumers, and
Supporting the Association’s vision of a healthy planet and healthy people,   

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