November, 2020
Will HB 6 Be Repealed?
It remains unclear whether the Ohio General Assembly will enact any legislation modifying House Bill 6 – the controversial law at the core of the $61 million corruption scandal that has made state and national headlines. With, at most, only three legislative session weeks remaining in the year, a bill has yet to clear even one legislative chamber, creating a very tight timeline.

Right now, three pieces of legislation pending in the Legislature would repeal House Bill 6.

Settlement This Week on PIPP+ Electric Riders
Ohio allows utilities to fund many discrete activities such as smart grid development or distribution pipe replacements through riders. A rider is an add-on to the distribution rates. It is generally not broken out. Riders are adjusted quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. In 2021, the USF Rider will recover $192 million.

PUCO Issues Revised Credit and Disconnection
Provisions Affect Natural Gas PIPP+

The five-year rule review of the Credit and Disconnection Rules – 4901:1-17 and -18 – has been completed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). These rules, as the name implies, involve the rules that determine deposits, the conditions that can lead to disconnection, and PIPP+.

Changes to the rules were minor. Ohio has very good consumer protection rules, and this rule review did not weaken any of them. Likewise, PIPP+ has been a success since implemented. Customer payment compliance is up to 70%. Customer arrearage credits continue to grow. OPAE did not recommend significant changes to the current regulations.

HB 6 Scandal Continues to Grow

It is no surprise that the $60 million scandal that resulted in the passage of HB 6, the nuclear bailout bill continues to grow. In this case, it is the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Sam Randazzo, who has been snared in the web. Randazzo resigned last Friday.

The Chairman’s resignation follows the firing of five senior FirstEnergy executives, including the CEO Chuck Jones for what a statement termed as violations of corporate ethical rules. Among those fired was the FirstEnergy Ethical Officer.

Dialogue With Dave
We are pleased to present a very special, post-election interview with Jen Miller, executive director of the League of Women Voters Ohio. Jen and Dave discuss voter safety, the election process and how gerrymandering continues to hamper true democracy.

I am blessed Bridges CAP came into my life

To whom it may concern:

The reason I am sending this email is to give all of you and your employees a very big Thank You. With the pandemic hitting us all this spring, many of us Ohioans have been impacted in such a way that it will be a fight to get back on track with life and regularity that we had been accustomed to. Unfortunately, I am one of those Ohioans in dire straights.


And thank you to all the other members who provided content.

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