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November 2011 NewsletterThanksgiving
Turkey Family Feast
"Zestaw Indyka"
Blackforest Ham
This Thanksgiving, try our famous Piast Family Turkey Feast (feeds 8-10), complete with a 20-24lb golden roasted turkey and all the trimmings! Fresh and homemade, just collect your order hot in-store on Thanksgiving Day! Pickup only, advance order required. Call (888) PIAST-US.


Smoked Turkey
"Indyk Wędzony"
Pulaski Kielbasa
  Looking for something different to wow your family and guests? This gorgeous smoked turkey is truly a sight to behold! Slow-smoked for over 12 hours. Comes out glistening with a rich auburn color, and an amazing texture and flavor. Pickup only. Advance order required. Call (888) PIAST-US.



Turkey Ham

"Szynka z Indyka" 

Salmon Bacon
Large juicy filets of turkey breast are cured in a special herbal brine and wrapped in a ham netting, then gently smoked and cooked. Looks and slices just like regular pork ham! A delicious and healthy sandwich alternative!



Greetings friends!

I hope this email finds you well. Fall is here in the New York City area, but you couldn't guess it from the weather. One minute it's 70 degrees and the next it's snowing!  


I have lots of news and specials to share with you. And if you're thinking of ordering online, be sure to scroll to the bottom for our special Double Turkey Coupon!


Halloween & All Saint's Day

ZniczeDo you know that Halloween as we know it doesn't really exist in Poland? The holiday has become more popular, most likely due to its proximity to the more solemn holiday of All Saint's Day. In Poland, this is a multi-day event and families drive for hours between cities and cemeteries to visit the burial places of the departed.  Gravestones are cleaned and decorated with flowers, and it is customary to light a votive candle ("znicze") at the grave of a loved one.

Emergency Landing

By now I'm sure most of you have heard about the All Saint's Day miracle plane landing in Warsaw. The pilot was forced to land the Boeing 767 with no wheels after all three of its landing gear failed. The aircraft slid along the tarmac on its belly, sparks flying, and a fire broke out in the starboard engine before it came to a halt. Click here to watch the dramatic video.     

Veteran's Day & Polish Independence Day

Piast proudly salutes United States veterans as well as today's fighting men and women both at home and abroad!  This year Veteran's Day coincides with Polish National Independence Day, or "Narodowe Święto Niepodległości", a public holiday that is celebrated on 11 November to commemorate Polish independence in 1918 and the end of 123 years of partition by Russia, Prussia and Austria. In Poland, Google honored this solemn holiday by spelling its name with the red-and-white colors of the Polish flag. And here at home, Piast was honored to cater a dinner for 200 guests at the Polish Consulate in New York City!


Ethnic Butcher Shops of North Jersey

Residents of northern New Jersey are blessed with a wide variety of ethnic restaurants and shops full of delicious foods!  Click here to read a great article in the Bergen Record about ethnic butcher shops!  Our favorite line: "If you've never had REAL kielbasa, check out Piast Meats and Provisions in Garfield, which blows those grocery store kielbasas right out of the water." 'Nuff said :)


Thanksgiving at Piast  

Thanksgiving may be a uniquely North American holiday, but here at Piast it's a popular time!  We have tons of new products and specials to tell you about.  First, our Turkey Family Feast, a total ready-to-eat takeout package that feeds 8-10. The centerpiece is a homemade golden roasted 20-24lb turkey, complete with all the trimmings! Only $195, pick up hot on Thanksgiving Day. Advance orders only: (888) PIAST-US.

Looking for something different to wow your family and guests? We also feature our famous Smoked Holiday Turkey, which is a gourmet quality 20-24lb turkey marinated in our homemade brine and slow-smoked for more than 12 hours.  It's a gorgeous bird that comes out glistening with a rich auburn color.  The flavor and texture are truly amazing.  Only $95, pick up on Thanksgiving Day. Advance orders only: (888) PIAST-US.

We also have a wide variety of turkey items that offer a contemporary twist on the traditional! Check out our Turkey Ham, which is marinated in a ham brine for a unique cold-cut flavor. Or our Turkey Head Cheese, which is made from pulled turkey meat and spices in gelatin.  How about our prized Homestyle Turkey Breast, which is a single piece of marinated turkey breast meat roasted over hardwood smoke?  Or our Cranberry Pork Pate, made from finely ground pork mixed with fresh cranberries and oven-roasted.  Plus many more items!  See the full Thanksgiving menu!


Thanksgiving in Poland

Did you know that Poles were immigrants to the US colonies before the original Thanksgiving feast occurred?  In Poland, instead of Thanksgiving they celebrate "Dozynki."  This joyful celebration, which dates to the middle ages, marks the end of the wheat harvest.  Still, there are a few "pioneers" who do celebrate Thanksgiving in Poland, read more here.  And check out these tips on how to enjoy an Eastern European-Style Thanksgiving Dinner!

Your Online Christmas Order

Can you believe it's already time to start thinking about Christmas? Well, you still have some time... but not too much!  To answer the question on everyone's mind: THE LAST DAY TO ORDER ONLINE FOR PIAST CHRISTMAS DELIVERY IS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11. We'll be sending out our Christmas circular and newsletter with coupons in a few weeks, so stay tuned!


November Circular


Time for our new November Circular, packed with Thanksgiving specials like our special-order Smoked Holiday Turkey and Turkey Family Feast, as well as novelties like our Cranberry Pork Pate and Turkey Head Cheese! Pick up a copy of the November circular in-store or download the PDF now!



From our family to yours,

Martin Rybak 

General Manager
Piast Meats & Provisions



Turkey Order

November Online Coupon

As a special offer to our online customers we are offering to DOUBLE your order of any turkey items for free from now until midnight EST on Wednesday, November 16. Enter coupon code DOUBLETURKEY at checkout.

Offer Expires: Wednesday, November 16