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In July, we passed out a few copies of the Workbook at the APMA National Conference to gain feedback. We gathered some great insight to make this an even more effective tool for you. Since the Conference, we have made some significant enhancements that will allow us to provide our workbook FREE OF CHARGE to DPMs attending any type of educational event.

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Young Physicians Panel for Conference Improvement
Join us for our first-ever Young Physician Panel for conference improvement and progress.

We are hosting these sessions to get your thoughts and ideas related to the ways our industry can attract Young Physicians to attend
in-person meetings.

We will discuss topics such as:
  • What draws you to a particular conference?
  • What topics do you seek out in a conference agenda?
  • What times during the year are best for your schedule?
  • And so much more!
BONUS: There will be prizes involved!

TRICKS OF THE TRADE (Meeting Tips for DPMs)
Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
Article by Sarah Breymeier
We've hit on this concept in a different way before... meaning, we've previously recommended that you mix up your meeting choices in an effort to experience new ideas (i.e. hear faculty members you've never heard before; attend a niche meeting to sharpen your skills in a specific area; try more management meetings to make your practice more profitable, etc.)

But let's take this a step further. I specifically want to focus on meetings that will grow your skillset BEYOND MEDICINE.

It's not uncommon to see lectures at foot/ankle meetings which focus on the following: marketing, patient communication, and overall practice management. Most of the time these lectures are provided by your peers - fellow podiatric physicians - and that's great! It's extremely valuable to get perspective on these concepts from individuals who know what you do on a daily basis. This provides practical information that you will likely be able to implement quickly.

BUT (of course, there's a but), as podiatric physicians.... even those that have taken a considerable amount of time to expand their knowledge and skillset in topics outside of medicine or surgery... their TOP expertise is not necessarily in aspects of practice management (this is not an umbrella statement, but more of a generalization) . Obviously, however, there are experts in these areas you may want to consider in an effort to take your practice and/or your patient care (i.e. communication strategies) to a new level.

We know your time is limited and you already have to attend meetings regularly in an effort to obtain required credits; but if you are considering going to a meeting that is not podiatry-specific that will teach, inspire, and motivate you in ways that your regular scene cannot - do it!

There are a ton of these types of events to attend... but here are some of my favorite experts and/or events in business and/or personal growth.
NOTE: Some of the recommendations below are more course-based than meeting-based... but still worth the time spent!
Speak Up, DPMs!
Formerly known as the DPM Vote-N-Go
Don't worry, we won't tell! We really want you to be honest here and we hope you won't shy away.

We want to know... are you truly inspired by most of the meetings you attend, or are you just "going through the motions" to get your necessary credits?
Provide Your Answer Below:
I attend meetings that actually motivate me and it is exciting.
I attend meetings to get my credit requirement achieved, solely.
I want to be inspired at the meetings I attend, but the lectures fail to do so.
TRICKS OF THE TRADE (Meeting Tips for Exhibitors)
Start with Your Goal
Article by Ann Dosen
Before deciding on conference sponsorships or add-on opportunities, you must determine your goal for the meeting. Is it booth traffic, scientific podium time, brand visibility, generating a buzz?

If you are a brand-new company, you need to make a splash. You need your logo EVERYWHERE. Send as many representatives as you can. Each one is a walking billboard. If you were at the APMA National this year in Denver, no doubt you noticed a new brand called Arize. They are a HP 3D printed custom orthotic. In Denver, their logo, message, and product snapshot was EVERYWHERE. They also had at least 20 staff members there, all wearing logo shirts and wandering around smiling at everyone. Certainly, this splash likely cost a pretty penny, but it must’ve worked because here I am talking about it four months later! KUDOS ARIZE!

If you are an established company with a new product or service, you need to focus on opportunities that allow you to call attention to the featured product, not necessarily your company logo. Your goal is to capture the attention of not only new customers, but also your loyal/current customers. They need to see that you now offer something new they should learn more about. Logo placement options are not going to work here. You need to invest in opportunities that allow you to include messages and product images. Consider large-scale branding opportunities such as meter boards and banners. Digital opportunities that will work for you include email communications which allow you to include images, copy, and perhaps a testimonial highlighting your shiny new offering. Investing in a lunch-and-learn or other type of “podium” time will also accomplish this.

If you are an established company and do not have a new product or service to highlight, you need to remind your audience why they should be doing business with you and also ensure they are familiar with your complete product line; including older, lesser-known products. Rethink your booth layout so it looks different from previous events. Try a new color on your tablecloth, a fresh backdrop, or simply place your table differently. For example, many exhibitors place their table at the front of the booth, arrange their products on top, and stand behind the table ready to greet attendees. Instead, push the table to the back of your booth, arrange your products on top, and stand at the front of your booth, in front of the table (not behind). Hold a lesser-known product in your hand while you smile and greet attendees. You never know – they may just ask you what it is and, voilá!; a meaningful conversation ensues. Consider hosting a loyalty or appreciation event for your existing customers while at the conference. Invite them to bring a colleague along. This gives your reps the chance to chat with new and old customers, as well as highlight some of your “oldie-but-goodie” products.

Don’t forget! Whatever you choose to invest in, you must accept responsibility for its success. You cannot rely solely on the conference organizers to promote your participation as well as you could. Send email blasts, send postcards, spread the word! 
Speak Up, Exhibitors!
Formerly known as the Exhibitor Vote-N-Go
The 2022 Campaign for Exhibit Hall Traffic
Together, we will make a difference.

Join the team and your fellow podiatric exhibitor colleagues in an industry-wide campaign to increase traffic to the exhibit halls.

You are likely familiar with the I VOTED stickers for political campaigns, right? We are offering the same concept for the exhibit hall!

Help us decide on our STICKER SLOGAN below!
What's your favorite?
Browse or Bust.
Shop 'til You Drop.
Support Vendors. Support Podiatry.
Did You Hear? Free Beer! (ok, J/K but still awesome)
Orthotics, and Wound Care, and Screws... Oh My!
90-Day Meeting Outlook
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TRICKS OF THE TRADE (Tips for Meeting Planners)
Improve Your Digital Branding Offerings
Article by Ann Dosen
Have you been disappointed by the lack of interest in your organization’s digital branding opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors? Sarah and I have been having many discussions with our exhibitor colleagues lately and one of the topics we’ve been focusing on is the current branding opportunities available to exhibitors at meetings.

We 100% believe in online, digital advertising. I mean, our livelihood is a website, right?! However, when reviewing various conference prospectus’ for digital opportunities, we’ve been noticing a need for improvement.

Many times, the opportunity offered is a logo placement on the organization's website or in email communication. While logo visibility is important and can attract attention, exhibitors need more to justify the cost of these add-ons. We know from online marketing that it only works if we are able to include a “call to action.” A simple way to make this more appealing to exhibitors is to allow them to design an “ad” with a corresponding link for your digital publications, rather than just a logo. This will allow the exhibitor to place a compelling ad with a call to action and accompany it with a link specifically designed to capture the visitor's information for follow-up. Of course, the success of the ad depends on the ad design and landing page link – all in the hands of the exhibitor.

Additionally, conference planners must be aware of how attendees will interact with their website and email communication, and design digital opportunities around this. For example, including an exhibitor ad or logo on the conference website will not provide a significant amount of return. Here’s why: once attendees register for the event, it is unlikely they will return to the website often enough or for enough time to interact with the exhibitor ad. A website listing provides a limited amount of exposure.

Another example: email communication. If your digital opportunity is that you will include an exhibitor ad or logo in a registration confirmation email, though it may sound valuable, it’s actually not. Here’s why: once an attendee is registered, it is unlikely they will open the confirmation email. They know they registered. If they do open it, it’s just for a cursory glance to ensure the process worked. Improve this opportunity by including exhibitor ads in several email communications, specifically those providing pertinent information to the attendee such as hotel reservations, on-site details, and agenda highlights or workshop signups.

We have so many more thoughts on this. We will be publishing more of our findings in future newsletters so keep an eye out. Additionally, if you would like to chat with us, please reach out to us anytime via email at

PS - We're busy updating our comprehensive calendar with all the podiatric conferences for 2022. If you don't see your meeting on our calendar, please reply to this email with the pertinent details (when, where, what) and we will get it added as soon as we can!

Additionally, if your conference offers a track for medical assistants, please let us know so we can add those details to your event listing.

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