November Newsletter - 3rd Week             Nov 3, 2016
Hello to everyone!
I hope this letter finds you thriving in the face of our many political, environmental and humanitarian challenges.  So many issues are seemingly ready to blow! Two of the big ones are our presidential election and the Standing Rock clean water issue. These are both stimulating lots of emotions in us all!

As an American I am not thrilled with the images we are sharing with the world.  With that being said, globally we also have issues that I’m concerned about.  So how do I handle this without living in fear and sadness?  

1. I remind myself that as humans we can’t see the timeless spiritual picture.  The big picture on a spiritual level, I believe, is much more then we can comprehend.  This is a big leap of faith.    I trust knowing everything will fall into place.
2. I do what I can to support my causes.  This means I vote, donate and sign petitions.  I also take a breather when I need to.
3. I don’t discuss politics with very many people.  I have friends and clients with all different views.  I want to keep them!
4. I pray.....    

I came up with (Please call back, the office is closed) when I attempted to leave a message on the White House’s comment line.  As I previously mentioned, I take action when it is possible.  I was calling the White House to share my voice on Standing Rock.  I heard a message asking me to call back.  I found it pretty funny that the White House has hours of operation on their comment line..... 
I’m sharing this little story because of an important reminder.  You can always pray and Your prayers are always heard. Your prayers always make a difference. Your ability to have conversations with a higher power, the very highest power is always open.  If you want to share your concerns or your words of gratitude at 2:00 AM …  go ahead! There are no restrictions when conversing with God.  Pray for the best possible outcome and have faith that it will happen.  This means stepping back and acknowledging that your prayers have been heard.  You are now handing it over ….  It’s no longer your problem to oversee.   Enjoy the feeling of freedom!

This helps bring peace and balance into your life.  Do what you can and let go of what is out of your control.  So as we get closer to election day try practicing some of these techniques.   Do some deep breathing and know that it’s all under control.  Let me know how it goes!
If you need to take a break from the news....  go for it!

I’m planning a small gathering Dec 4th at 5:00 PM in Anchorage, Alaska.

This will be an evening of clearing and
welcoming in some fresh energy.  
It will be an opportunity for you to come
with some questions and get some answers!  

Cost is a donation to one of my favorite charities....  
The amount is up to you!

Many blessings of peace, compassion and awareness,

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