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ewsletter November 2015
Navigating Culture: From Accidental Insults to Cultural Understanding

There was silence around the lunch table that I was sharing with my Brazilian host family at my host grandmother's special birthday lunch. I looked down at the flowered tablecloth, confused and embarrassed, trying to figure out what had gone wrong in the conversation leading up to this uncomfortable pause. My host grandmother had asked a simple question, how I liked school, and I had answered as enthusiastically as I could with my brand new Portuguese language skills. 'I really like school and my new friends, Grandmother!' Now everyone was staring at me and looked angry! What had I done?
Meet Hannah Benson, Program Officer

I'm Hannah, the newest addition to the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education's team. As Program Officer, I will be principally responsible for recruitment for our online program, providing ongoing participant support and hosting onsite groups. You can reach me at hbenson@upeace.org, and I hope to be in touch with my of you in the near future! 
Upcoming courses

Educating in Changing Times: Reflect, Rethink, Rebuild (online - Nov 16, 2015)
'This was a wonderful opportunity to brainstorm about ways to improve and reinvent education in the 21st century. I've taken away new techniques that I can implement immediately with my own university students.' - Kristen, ECT June 2014
Hybrid Diploma in Social Innovation (onsite and online - Jan 27, 2016) 
Join the second cohort of our new program that combines onsite professional development at the University for Peace with in depth online classes for a deep, personal learning experience.
* We'll be offering a free informational webinar about the Diploma programs Wednesday, Nov 18th. Contact us at centre@upeace.org if you would like to join!
Positive Leadership (onsite at UPEACE - Jan 27-29, 2016)
'I came to learn leadership skills, and I'm leaving knowing more about myself in every way.' - Sabine, Positive Leadership July 2015
'An exciting and enriching experience if you allow yourself to question your own beliefs. Inspiring for all of us who believe there are better ways to achieve results!'  
- Mariela, DYL July 2015

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change (online - Jan 18, 2016)
'EISC gave me the confidence to embark on a journey of social innovation in the name of a more peaceful world, and allowed me to articulate my passions and then utilize them for a practical application- a working business plan!' - Anonymous, EISC May 2015 
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