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October QUICK POLLS Results
Last month we asked our DPM readers:

Given the current health climate and COVID-19, would you be willing to attend an in-person meeting today if it were an option?

60% - NO
40% - YES
Therefore.... We Need Your Feedback Now More than Ever!
Meetings have changed...if not forever, at least for the foreseeable future. The way meetings are delivered impacts our experiences with them.... so we want to know your thoughts!

When we launched, one of the main purposes was to solicit feedback on your (DPMs and Exhibitors) meeting experiences. Now that meetings are primarily virtual, we need your input to help create the best virtual experience for the industry.

If you have participated in a virtual meeting or exhibited at a virtual meeting recently, please take a short survey so we can improve based on your feedback.
Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
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Get the most from
Our website is meant to be a one-stop-resource for everything you need to know about meetings in our profession.

Watch our useful video below and better understand how to navigate our site in order to find everything you need to know about upcoming meetings... and to maximize your learning, shopping, and/or travel experiences!

Navigating - PART 2
Did you miss Part 1 last month? No worries!
You can access our Navigating - PART 1
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Maximizing Your Virtual Exhibiting Opportunities
Last month we jotted down several tips to help exhibitors get the most ROI from their exhibiting opportunities. But everyone knows that videos are way more fun!!

Check out recent video about how to best utilize the tools provided for your virtual exhibiting investments: PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD
TIP FOR: Meeting Planners
On November 10th, hosted a group discussion event for podiatric meeting planners in an effort to learn from one another and discuss how to provide value to sponsors during a virtual event.

The event was jam-packed with useful information based on the experiences of our industry's top meeting planners. You can view the presentation slides by clicking here.
DPM Quick Polll
What Drives You?
Exhibit halls are notorious for offering prizes to DPMs who visit exhibitor booths. We want to know...
What types of prize opportunities are more exciting to you?
Gift Cards (i.e. Amazon)
Free or Discounted Products/Services from Vendor(s)
Voice of the Vendor
Vendor Suggestions:
Improving the Virtual Exhibit Hall Experience.

Over the last several weeks, we have had discussions with many exhibitors to get their feedback on virtual exhibit halls and suggestions for improvement. Here's a quick summary of what we've learned:
  • Too Many New Platforms to Learn: Each organization using different platforms is challenging and frustrating for exhibitors. If we're in this for the long haul, meeting planners should consider short-listing a couple preferred platforms/providers for the virtual exhibit hall experience.
  • 3rd Parties Who Don't Know Podiatry: Tech support must be someone within the meeting organization, vs. a third party that doesn't know anything about podiatric exhibitors and what their goals are.
  • Too Many Emails: Communicate clearly & concisely. Too many emails lead to confusion and a sense of being overwhelmed. Label emails with descriptive subject lines so they can be reviewed efficiently.
  • Real Value vs. Bells and Whistles: Many platforms seem to provide cool looking layouts and features, but if they don't provide quality leads they don't matter. Quality is greater than quantity with virtual leads.
  • Formula for Success: A virtual event will be considered a success if it delivers: an attendee list, lead forms, and a chat feature.
  • Lend a Helping Hand: Make the set-up process as easy as possible by creating video tutorials, offering one-on-one planning calls, and setting up demo pages.
90-Day Meeting Outlook
Click below to see events calendar for the given month:
Featured Meeting: SAM 2021
A New Hybrid Environment to Deliver a Commitment
to Continuing Education and Health
SAM 2021 will be a single-track conference, providing up to 21 hours of continuing education contact hours (CECH) for both those attending in person and virtually. FPMA will offer the regular SAM arrival process beginning Wednesday, January 13, 2021 through Sunday, January 17, 2021.

SAM 2021 will be a bit different from “normal SAM”, but we encourage all members to attend, whether in person or virtually, and support not only the Association, but also our industry partners. Without them, the annual FPMA Science & Management Symposium we all know and appreciate would not be feasible.

FPMA’s commitment to provide continuing education for our members, while also ensuring a safe learning environment, is of paramount importance. The safety and well-being of our attendees is of utmost concern and remains our prevailing priority.

SAM 2021 may look and feel slightly different, but the world-class education and peer-to-peer networking opportunities have not, and will not, change. Please join us for SAM 2021!

  • Click HERE to access on-line SAM 2021 IN-PERSON Conference Registration
  • Click HERE to access on-line SAM 2021 VIRTUAL Conference Registration
We believe that SAM’s adaptation to a hybrid event has the potential to take the conference to new heights.

The SAM 2021 On-Site Exhibit Hall will have the capacity to host up to 90 exhibitors in person at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. And, we will -- for the first time -- have the capability to provide a Virtual exhibiting option as well.

The extension of the Virtual Exhibit Hall will offer you immediate visual and informational elements that go beyond signage in a traditional booth. In addition, we’ve arranged for conference attendees to have access to the virtual platform. This provision ensures that as a virtual exhibitor, your message will be presented to every attendee, regardless of their attendance type.

FPMA is pleased to announce we have selected as our official provider of the SAM 2021 virtual exhibit hall.

In August, Ann and Sarah launched a virtual tradeshow for our industry’s exhibitors – PodiatryExpo. This event introduced us to an exciting and engaging online platform that delivered value to its participating exhibitors and FPMA is excited to utilize the platform for its 2021 Virtual Exhibit Hall. If you were an exhibitor at PodiatryExpo, you won’t want to miss the FPMA Virtual Exhibit Hall, powered by

Ann and Sarah have upgraded several elements of the platform that will be in use for the SAM2021 Virtual Exhibit Hall. FPMA trusts will deliver incredible value to the virtual exhibitors at SAM 2021 and we’re eager to offer this partnership to our respected industry partners.

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