VegMichigan's Biggest Giveaway Ever!
VegMichigan has just launched a new initiative to distribute thousands of vegan food sample packs to college students who have never tried Beyond Burgers, vegan pizza, plant-based milks, and other popular vegan items. Our newly hired college ambassador, Sarah, will work to register non-veg students to the program on our registration page. In return for receiving the free package, students will agree to sign up for one of VegMichigan's free virtual presentations and provide feedback. All deliveries will be made using VegMichigan's 100% zero-emission vehicle. We will launch this initiative at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, but with your support we can expand to additional universities. We have negotiated a deal with Cottage Inn for a small vegan cheese and two-topping pizza voucher for $7 based on our purchase of 100 vouchers in advance. The retail price of this pizza is over $12. Additionally, we are taking delivery of 1,000 frozen Beyond Burgers and are purchasing hundreds of single-serve plant-based milks to launch the program. Each student will receive a box that will cost approximately $10. Please consider becoming a VegMichigan member or make a one-time special $10 donation to deliver an awesome free food starter pack to a student right here in Michigan.
Sarah, a University of Michigan student and our new college ambassador
Zero-Emission Delivery Car
Dr. Jamie's Health Corner
Bracing for Winter: Tips to Help Get Through The Hard Months
Welcome back, VegMichigan friends! I can’t believe it’s November already and the holiday season is right around the corner! In November, we also see the start of the cold, dark, long, wintery months. Ugh. All around us, our animal friends are instinctively busy preparing to endure the upcoming season. Deer, rabbits, and squirrels are finding food and hiding it for later. Bears and skunks are trying to gain weight before going into hibernation. Many animals are growing thicker fur right now to help keep them warm. Earthworms are digging themselves deeper into the soil, and other animals are digging burrows and preparing to huddle close together for warmth. This poses an interesting question for humans: should we also be doing something to prepare ourselves for winter?
The Most Peaceful Place
Please watch this brief 3-minute video, and if it is something you feel might motivate your friends and family to reduce their consumption of animal products, please share it with them. This is a non-graphic video that will hopefully get people to think more about their food choices. Thanks for watching, and please consider subscribing to our channel after watching the video.
Pumpkin & Apple Dessert Pizza
Are you looking for a unique fall dessert recipe that everyone is going to love and is fun to make? This pumpkin apple dessert pizza is topped with some of fall's best flavors. Click here for the recipe blog and on the button below for a step-by-step video that will make it super easy for you to make. Remember to subscribe to our channel after watching the video.
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Vote For Your Favorite Vegan Pizza in Michigan
We're thrilled that vegan pizza is so common now, it can be found in nearly every corner of our state. VegMichigan worked closely with Buddy's Pizza years ago to add vegan cheese to its menu and even helped Buddy's launch an official VegMichigan pizza. More recently, we worked with Cottage Inn on the launch of its vegan menu with Violife cheese and plant-based meats available at select locations. Now, we need your help crowning the best vegan pizza in Michigan for 2020!

We've put together a list of more than two dozen vegan pizza options around the state and now it's your turn to help us decide! Vote for your favorite and share the survey with all of your friends so they can do the same. We've done our best to include all of the options we know of, but if we've missed your favorite, feel free to write it in! We'll tally your votes to narrow the list down to the Top 10 and will put it to a second-round vote in next month's newsletter to crown the winner in January.
Upcoming Events
Ann Arbor Area Meetup - Vedge Cafe (waitlist only)

VegMichigan Virtual Visit - Greater Lansing Meetup

Plant Plunge 5-Week Session (Virtual)

Plant-Based 101: Compassionate Eating (Virtual) with Kim Korona

Plant-Based Nutrition (Virtual) with Chantal Singer, RDN
Join Us for a Special Virtual Presentation on Humane Investing

VegMichigan is excited to present Humane Investing with Certified Financial Planner Brenda A. Morris! As a mission-driven business owner of Humane Investing, LLC, Brenda has spent years figuring out how to make a difference for the animals using investment dollars most efficiently and she does not want you to have to do the same. Even before you choose a vegan financial planner—or at least one who is open to your vegan values—it would be helpful to know the basics, which you will learn during this virtual presentation. See details here.
Last Month's Prize Winners + Great New Riddle
Congratulations to the winners of last month's riddle challenge! (The answer was grapes.) Beverly Fradis won a gift card to Be Well Lifestyle Center, Andrea Koueiter won a gift card to Nosh Pit Detroit, Judy Brady won a gift card to Detroit Street Filling Station, Lisa Roxy won a gift card to Chau Haus, and Rayleen Morgan won a 6-pack from Neu Kombucha. Congrats!

For the November riddle, you'll have a chance to win one of the great prizes listed below.

The best vegan pizza in town!

Click here for weekly specials and discounts!

High quality vegan ingredients made in Michigan
To enter, solve the following riddle, and email your answer and gift preference to Winners will be announced in the December newsletter. Good luck!
RIDDLE: I'll keep you cool on a hot summer day, but I also cover the ground in the fall. I’m actually a benefit to the soil, but people always want to get rid of me.
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