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November 2020 | Issue 3
Mental health in this season
Parenting During a Crisis: Solutions for Helping Our Children Survive Thrive During the Covid Pandemic 

November 9th at 10am

In this "new normal", what does does it look like to thrive and what support do children need?

Join "Parenting During a Crisis: Solutions for Helping Our Children Survive Thrive During the Covid Pandemic" to explore how to share appropriate information and to teach coping techniques to your children.
(Youth Empowerment Services)
Idaho Federation of Families supports families and the community better understand YES services available to Idaho youth under the age of 19 with mental, behavioral, or emotional issues which limit their ability to participate in family, school or community activities.

Explore what the YES system of care offers families, how to access YES, the history of YES and even how to have your voice heard and make a difference for youth across Idaho.
Coaching and Connecting
A safe space for parents to
come and talk about the hard stuff
Foster Parents
1st and 3rd Mondays
November 2nd and 16th
10am MT/ 9am PT
Trauma Responsive Parenting
November 5th
12pm MT/ 11am PT
Adoptive Parents
2nd and 4th Mondays
November 9th and 23rd
8pm MT/ 7pm PT
Open Mic:
Support for any parent
3rd Thursday
November 19th
12pm MT/11am PT
Parents of youth transitioning
from inpatient: Part 1
3rd Tues of the month
November 17th
11am MT/10am PT
Questions and info please contact
Family Support Line
Family Support Line

Idaho Federation of Families provides support to families making decisions to seek mental health support for their child.

Whether you are at the beginning of that journey or you have been accessing services and supports for several years but need some guidance please contact us via our website, email, or phone.

or call us at (208) 433-8845
Coffee Chat
November 18th at 12pm MT/11am PT

Topic of Conversation:
CANS assessment

Join us to share your thoughts on what is working and what is not in regard to your family's experience with the CANS assessment.

This is an opportunity to share both general and specific comments from your family’s perspective. 

Your story matters!

Youth M.O.V.E. Idaho
Virtual Drop In Center
In our new virtual drop in center, youth from across Idaho are able to socialize online, decompress, and connect with peers in a safe space on Discord. Youth M.O.V.E. is free to all participants. While this is not a therapy group, we can offer additional resources for youth struggling in their own mental health challenges.

Find us on Instagram @youth.move.idaho
or contact our youth coordinator, Jennifer McNealy
FYI Children's Mental Health
Every Tuesday, join FYI Children's Mental Health Idaho, for information to help you navigate your child's needs, to find resources in your community, and let you know what is happening across Idaho for youth with mental health challenges.

November topics include:
  • Mental Health Crisis- Suicide prevention and resources
  • Creating a crisis plan
  • A story from a youth
  • and more!
We hope you will join us weekly on your podcast app of choice.
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