November Newsletter - 3rd Week             Nov 16, 2016
Transformation & Messages

A warm welcome to everyone reading these words. 
I find life unfolding in a series of events and conversations that leave me pondering life.  Usually I am excited for the next step to reveal its self.   I often wonder how something that I have seen glimpses of, is going to manifest.  I see some things that seem far in the future.  (I don’t really believe in time in a linear sense, but for today it’s my example). Somethings are just outside my current moment in time.   It’s a wonderful balance of figuring out how I interpret the language the universe and I share.
Each of us have created our own unique way of communicating with the universe.   We are given opportunities to expand our awareness and our abilities to communicate.  We all share a direct connection with the universal consciousness.  Our life circumstances are an example of how we personally relate to the universal consciousness.  Our life is the manifestation of our personal awareness.  

With that concept in mind (which feels true to me) how can I see and feel others reality?  How can I do a reading for someone and have it resonate so strongly with them?  I believe we all share the same consciousness and connect to different aspects of the universal awareness… If you contact me for a reading, chances are we share a similar universal awareness.  In our language everything is a possibility.

Messages from the Universe

With all this being said, I will jump into some of
the universal messages
 I have been shown…  
These are messages that will potentially resonate with many people.
One message that I have been shown frequently is how our polar coordinate system is changing.  This effects our tides, our universal energy, the availability  of the sun and even how our bodies feel and minds work.   We all have polarization points in our mind and body.  This time of energy fluctuation can be a real challenge for some people and leave us feeling imbalanced.  I believe the way to counteract these imbalances is through nutrition and meditation.  Meditation will help you adjust quite wonderfully to the shifts in our awareness and polarization happening right now.  

I have also been told that the water ways are changing.  I believe this is in part to manmade objects like damns.  It is also due to the fact of the energetic change, the polarity changes.   We will see significant geographic changes in our lifetime.   

We will eventually see more of a mono currency exchange.....actually on this I think we see an attempt to have one money being exchanged globally, but below the surface there are many other exchanges instead of currency.  

Water with different types of salt will be used for healing.  These different types of salt carry different charges.. again related to the above theory of the polarization change. I’m really excited to see many changes in healing modalities that use colors and sound and light.  These will become more mainstream.
I’m going to move into more current information.  I have been shown that our country kind of hunkers down.  We start staying more in our communities, less travel a little more fearful of what’s out there.  This actually brings a drop in children going off to college.  We have the potential for an increase in community crimes.  It almost feels like people becoming afraid of what is outside their front door.   I am hoping that the decrease in travel ( both domestic and foreign) will help build stronger communities.  People working together to find solutions for their home community.  This could also help families develop stronger connections.  
Regarding political situations:

I see the obvious division of political parties.  I see agreements made between the parties that the President Elect is oblivious to.  There are things that the President Elect is just unaware of and I even feel that someone he appoints wants to keep him that way.  This is not foreign policy.  I see that China is unstable.  We will do better to not get involved.  It feels more like China throws a tantrum and we need to stay clear. 

The wall and or fence that Trump wants will not be completed and I see it eventually just left in the dust.  

I will share more in my future blogs.  I could write pages and pages, but will share a little every month.  Regardless of how everything turns out I know that there is a bigger picture then I’m aware of.  We all need to focus on the highest good for all and do our best to live with compassion and awareness.   
Blessings to All!
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