Have you bought into the myth of the midlife crisis?

You’re not alone. We live in a culture that believes anyone in midlife is on a slippery slope towards their demise. Yes, midlife can be a time of questioning many of our choices. But growth, clarity and fulfillment come with examining what changes are needed to live authentically and on purpose.

JOIN US on Tuesday December 1st at 7pm to learn new tools to harness our energy, creativity, and wisdom, so we can begin to forge a vibrant, exciting path forward.

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This month's theme: GRATITUDE

While the coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult to find much to be thankful for from the last few months, moments to express gratitude can still be found.

And because November is National Gratitude Month, the thanks don’t have to start and stop on Nov. 26. This month, JFS wanted to put together a few ways you and your family can show gratitude all month long.

Why is gratitude
good for you?
Discover the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude and how to practice being more grateful everyday.
Share your selfies completing your week of gratitude by using the hashtags #JFSGratitudeChallenge & #JFOVirtualVillage and we will share them on social media to inspire others!
Thankfulness is Good for Mental Health! 

By Teresa Drelicharz, LIHMP

As we approach Thanksgiving Day 2020, many people may be wondering, "what's to be thankful for, it's been a devastating year!" Although we may not be in the mood for gratitude, research shows that focusing on what we're thankful for, especially in trying times, is quite beneficial to our mental health, and our physical health. How does gratitude help? According to “Nationwide Children's”, a Blog by Pediatric Experts, showing gratitude has the following mental health benefits: [...] READ FULL ARTICLE
What else is new?
Our 2019-2020 Impact Report is ready!
We want to share with everyone what JFS has been able to accomplish in this last fiscal year.

All our programs and efforts are made possible thanks to your continuous support, so we want to take a gratitude moment here to say THANK YOU!

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JFS is offering Virtual Counseling ONLY
until further notice.

As COVID-19 cases rise in Omaha, our office has transitioned to working remotely again. Our therapists continue to see clients over Zoom, a practice we have taken on since March 2020.

Please call our office at 402-330-2024 to make an appointment.

  • Between July'19 and June'20, we had 60 community activity programs for Yachad members.

  • As of 11/06/20, we've served 92 people through COVID-19 Emergency Relief for a total of $42,805, helping families have food on their table, pay their rent and other bills.
Have you lost your job due to COVID-19?

Have your hours been cut due to your business being closed?

Have you lost income due to being quarantined?

  • For Scholarship Assistance, call Diane Walker at 402-334-6551
  • For impacted JFO employees, call HR at 402-334-6435
  • For impacted Jewish Community members, please call Linda Cogen, Assistance Coordinator, at 402-334-6493

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