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Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Extended: The Biden Administration has extended the Affordable Care Act open enrollment to January 15th 2022. However, plans must be changed or enrolled in by December 15th for a January 1st 2022 effective date.

Affordable Care Act Plans Will Automatically Be Renewed: You may be receiving a large amount of SPAM emails from Healthcare. gov stating you need go to their website. You do not. Your plan will automatically renewed if no changes are made by December 15th.

Suspicious Phone Call Activity From "Healthcare .gov": Rarely does healthcare .gov call current customers. However, some customers have reported ongoing phone calls from healthcare .gov requesting information. We suggest not engaging in these phone calls. If healthcare .gov is stating you need to complete something, please let us know and we can do so if required. Many of these phone call may be fraudulent.

Steeper Fines For Hospitals Not Disclosing Pricing: Biden Administration has expanded the Trump Administrations penalty for hospitals not disclosing pricing on their website from $109,500 to $2,000,000. Read More
Medica COVID-19 Vaccine Website and Information
National General has typically been offering the lowest priced 3 year plans for those age 55 and younger. Contact us if you are interested in quotes.

COVID-19 Updates from National General.
Pivot Health is now offering 3 year plans in Iowa.
Wellmark Blue Cross has filed for a proposed rate increase with the Iowa Insurance Division. The proposed rates will go into effect on January 1st 2022 and must first be approved by the Iowa Insurance Commissioner. It is important to note that often, increased tax credit subsidies often off-set the increase in premiums on the Affordable Care Act plans. Wellmark states the following reasoning for their rate increase:

Pre-Affordable Care Act Plans
  • 6% Increase in Claims over $50,000
  • 16% Increase in Pharmacy Costs
  • 47% Increase in Dermatology Costs
  • 82% Increase in Specialty Prescriptions

Affordable Care Act Plans
  • 15% Increase in Doctor Visits, Psychiatric Visits & Physical Therapy
  • 18% Increase in Claims over $50,000
  • 83% Increase in Mental Health Services
  • 181% Increase in Ambulance Services

Proposed Rate Increases
  • Pre-Affordable Care Act Grandfathered HMO plans - 0.0%
  • Pre-Affordable Care Act Grandmothered HMO plans - 10.0%
  • Pre-Affordable Care Act Grandmothered PPO plans - 5.9%
  • Affordable Care Act plans - 11.1%

View Wellmark's Rate Increase Infographic

Wellmark will soon be mailing out new insurance cards. Under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, health insurance cards must now include additional information such as deductibles, in and out of network maximum out of pockets, etc. Please note card and plan information will be the same. You will just have additional information on your card.

UHC has filed for a 25% average rate increase on their Pre-Affordable Care Act plans. While these plans have held very stable premiums in the past, we new the time would come where significant rate increases would be in store. This is due to not only increasing medical costs, but also that there are no new customers allowed in the Pre-ACA risk pool of plans.

While United Health Care has offered the more comprehensive coverage on the 3 year plans, they have also had some sizable rate increases. If you have one of the UHC 3 year plans and would like to review your options, please let us know.

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Oscar announces plans to build upon its Culturally Competent Care Program. This enables "members with diverse values, beliefs, and behaviors" to access Culturally Competent providers and can deliver care that meets their needs.

If you are new to Oscar, don't forget to set up your online account.

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