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November 2017  Newsletter

When you are informed, equipped and empowered as a parent/guardian, even the toughest threat or challenge will not deter your instinct to protect your child.  You face these - because your child has to.  You do all you can to equip your minor child to successfully navigate life, be safe and to thrive as a young person.  

As we look toward a new year, Parents' Rights in Education wants to let you know that you will be receiving our newsletter each month.  It will be shorter.  It will be focused.  It will provide information, practical tips and encouraging examples that you or a friend may find helpful.  Please do not hesitate to share your parental rights story or experience with us. 

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we want you to know that we are so thankful for you and for the teachers, coaches, clergy, superintendents, school board members and so many others who relentlessly stand to protect children and uphold our God-given parental rights. This is as it should be. 
The Age of Consent Law

The Age of Consent Law states at what age a person is considered old enough to have sex or marry.  The law was deemed necessary to protect minors from being sexually exploited by adults.  

In the United States the age of consent varies from state to state but is generally between the ages of 16 and 18.  In 1880 the age of consent in Oregon was 
10, it was bumped up to 16 in 1920 and has since been raised to 18.

But what does the age of consent really mean? It Is clearly the state stepping in to protect minors from sexual exploitation by adults.   Why did the state of Oregon deem it necessary to increase the age from 16 to 18 ?  We laud the increase and might assume, given the over-sexualization of children, that the increase in age was to add further protection for minors. However, if one were to take a closer look you might find the opposite to be true.   

It is ironic that in Oregon a minor can receive   contraceptive  care at any age without parental knowledge or consent.   If your 11 year old daughter visits her school-based health clinic or a Title X Planned Parenthood health clinic and requests birth control pills, she will receive them.  Yet it is against the law for a minor to consent to sex until they are 18 years old.  Further, it is against the law for the health care provider to notify the parent of the health care services their child receives at a school-based health clinic because of the child's right to privacy. What's more, if the parent has health insurance, the school-based health clinic will bill the insurance company and the parent will never know what type health care the child accessed.  You can thank House Bill 2758 - Patient Provider Privacy Act of 2015, the Oregon legislature, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Basic Rights Oregon, Cascade Aids Project and Oregon Latino Health Coalition for caring so much about your child's right to privacy.  As for your parental rights, expect more infringement on your rights to direct the education and health care of your child in the state of Oregon.  Could this be considered sexual exploitation by these organizations?  Why do they care so much about the sex life of minors?  What do these organizations have to gain?

This brings us to a larger question, why is the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) via the Comprehensive Sexuality (grooming) Education teaching minors about anal, oral and vaginal sex, mutual masturbation, gender fluidity, transgenderism, how to make a dental dam or put a condom on a banana? [See ODE sanctioned 'The Rational Enquirer''] The evidence shows that the ODE is endorsing sexual activity of minors under the guise of 'education'. This sure looks like the exploitation of minors by adults (even though it is occurring in a school setting).  
What is the result of filling a minor's head with inappropriate, and often pornographic, information and images at an early age? Does a 6th grader need to know about anal sex?  Does a 5 year old need to know that one day he's a boy and the next he can be a girl?  Is this really education or soft manipulation hidden behind the guise of education?  Or is this as simple as a tool to corrupt the youth of today and drive a wedge between parent and child?  Will sexual assaults increase just like drug use increased when middle schoolers were taught the DARE Program and "Just Say No to Drugs".  Turns out drug use went up when middle schoolers entered high school.  Could that be why they stopped teaching the DARE Program?   

In a study by the Associated Press, using federal crime statistics and educational records, there are approximately 17,000 'official reports' of sexual assaults on minors by minors (they don't address sexual assaults on minors by teachers of which there are a disturbing number).  According to the study, sexual assaults are largely under-reported.  It further states that some states don't track these kinds of sexual assaults and those that do vary in definition and classification.  While sexual assault by minors on minors usually occurs in the home, the second most common place is the school according to the Associated Press study.  

In Oregon there are 14 different criminal charges that can be brought as punishment for violating the age of consent.  The truth...in Oregon the age of consent laws mean nothing when juxtaposed with comprehensive sexuality education, the ability to receive contraceptive care at any age, and eliminating the protection of obscenity laws for minors in order to teach comprehensive sexuality education.

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Trauma Informed School

In 2016 House Bill 4002 -Trauma-informed School Pilot Program was submitted to the Oregon legislature that proposed a road map to reducing "chronic absenteeism" in the public school.  Is this wasting more taxpayer dollars by funding a pilot program to create trauma informed schools

This bill was combined with a second House Bill 4031, and given the "feel good" title of the Coordinated Student Success Act, was passed and signed into law by the  governor.  It directed the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Chief Education Office to "jointly develop a statewide education plan to address chronic absenteeism in public schools."  As is the case in Salem these days, this bill was passed as an " emergency bill".  That should be of no surprise, d uring the past few years we have seen a plethora of bills passed by the Oregon legislature using this tactic . The purpose of attaching the emergency clause to a bill is to allow  the law to immediately go into effect and thereby assuring the bill  cannot be challenged vis-a-vie the referendum process.    This is clearly an abuse of power by the legislature and Governor Brown.  

As we take a deeper look at the system perhaps some would deduce that trauma is resulting from these school programs and is the reason for the absenteeism (and drop-out) rate.   Here are a few curious facts: I wonder, were the boys at Cottage Grove High School traumatized when the female assistant basketball coach marched into the boys locker room while they were showering? The assistant coach engaged in this behavior for several years (see our Winter Newsletter 2016).  Why would a female assistant coach disregard the norms of decency and respect?  Or, is it traumatizing when a transgender boy is allowed to shower with the girls in the girls locker room?  Could it be traumatizing when 6th graders are introduced to pornography via the 2013 Oregon Adolescent Sexually Conference in a breakout session entitled "I Say Porn You Say Porn"? Is it traumatizing when students are introduced to the Gender Gummy or Gender Unicorn in which they are told in their K-12 comprehensive sexual education (grooming) class that their gender is fluid?  Is it traumatizing when a kindergartner tells her mother in tears that she's afraid she will turn into a boy after her teacher introduced a boy in her class as now a girl?  Could it be traumatizing when a first grader is summarily sent to the principals office for using the incorrect pronoun when addressing a  transgender first grader?  Is it traumatizing when 6th graders are taught about anal, oral and vaginal sex in K-12 comprehensive sexuality (grooming) class?  

We should be highly suspicious of yet another "program" to cure the ills of absenteeism in the public school. We should know who is publishing and who is promoting the program's curriculum and exactly what safeguards/parameters school districts will have in place to monitor what will and will not be discussed in a classroom full of students with varying experiences and maturity levels. We should find out who is going to benefit financially from the implementation of this program.

We know that Oregon already has the dubious honor of having the highest dropout rate among the 50 states.  We were told 20 years ago that by creating and locating school-based health clinics in Oregon schools that the health of students would improve and absenteeism reduced. Of course healthy students learn better.  Of course healthy students miss less school due to illness.  Yes, it was a grand idea, parents would not miss work to transport their ill child to the pediatrician. The government would become the "in loco parentis"...stepping in for the parent while the child is in school.  Parents would not miss work to be a parent and take their ill child to  their  doctor and the student would not miss class; a truly wonderful socialist idea. The trauma informed schools program appears to be yet another vehicle  that could easily infringe on the rights of parents.  This is much like the intrusive and biased 2016 Oregon sex ed standards, the confidential services minors receive in the 73+ school-based health  clinics around the state and the notable failure of adults to protect children by hiding behind Oregon's obscenity laws in the name of "education".

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Parental Rights Amendment
If you missed signing the parental rights amendment, we urge you to read below and learn more about this amendment. 

Please visit  parentalrights.org  and learn more about the Parental Rights Amendment and sign their petition.  In Oregon our parental rights are under assault by Governor Brown, Oregon legislators, government agencies, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Basic Rights Oregon, Cascade Aids Project and other entities. These organizations are threatening the safety, well-being and corrupt the innocence of our children by legislating away our parental rights and conferring them on our children and then controlling the children via public school programs, curriculum and policies. For example, children in Oregon can receive contraceptive care at any age without parental knowledge or consent.  A 15-year-old in Oregon can have a sex change without parental knowledge or consent.

It is a sad day when the government at the behest of these entities work together to create laws that are removing our constitutional rights as parents to direct the education, health care and upbringing of our children.  Make no mistake, the assault on parental rights is a national movement. Oregon is one of many states leading the charge to diminish our rights as parents.
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