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November 2018
We Love CARPLS : A Staff Retrospective
Executive Director Al Schwartz

"It keeps me motivated that CARPLS is constantly working to improve our services for clients. I’m proud of the work our staff performs and the way they embrace technology to meet our clients' needs."
CARPLS has had an abundance of talented staff members since its inception. Some are veteran professionals, some work with us when they can, and some are newly getting to know the joys of working for CARPLS. We appreciate our staff and their stories.

Aleida Lozano Netzel , a staff attorney, is a CARPLS all-star. She was one of our early hires, and since then has continued to solve problems for clients. As a child, she translated for her neighbors when they needed to attend court and parent-teacher conferences. “It’s just what my parents expected of my sister and me,” Aleida said. “We spoke English and Spanish so we had to help those who couldn’t. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer.” 

Aleida adds, “CARPLS is important because our clients have real issues which they have difficulty identifying, and we provide somewhere for them to turn. It’s the best job ever. The staff has always been great and supportive.”

Leslie Wallin has worked at CARPLS since 1999, for many years as a part-time staff attorney, and now as a full-time supervising attorney and volunteer coordinator.

“A friend told me I had to work for this legal aid hotline with the weird name. A staff attorney named Al Schwartz was my next-door neighbor and was on the receiving end of my countless questions. I am grateful to all of my colleagues from the last 20 years who have made me a better lawyer."

Before Kenny Bahena , a paralegal, started at CARPLS in 2015, he took a family law class that staff attorney Patti Cintron-Bastin was teaching. He soon started, in Kenny’s words, pestering her until he secured an internship and was later offered a full-time position. Kenny enjoys working for CARPLS because of the people we assist.

“Most of the people we are working with don’t have the money to pay for legal services. Many are just about ready to give up. They are so grateful to receive our help for free. Following up and being told how much we’ve helped is amazing. I’m always proud to say where I work and what we do.”
One of our clients recently called
Ian Turnipseed , a staff attorney, his "guardian angel." Here's to all of our guardian angels at CARPLS!
Wed, Nov. 7: It's TRIVIA Time!
Are You Smarter Than a Lawyer?
Come find out on Wednesday, November 7!

Test your knowledge against some of our best legal minds.

Brendan Greeley from The Steve Dahl Show and the
Matt & Brendan podcast will be our MC for the evening.

5:30 p.m. Reception 6:00 p.m. Trivia
Bar Louie, 333-335 N. Dearborn in Chicago

Mulligans available. Cash only. One for $10 or three for $20. Limit three per team and one per round.

Expect contests of great brains, wit, and maybe even strength.

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Nov 11: Showing Gratitude For Our Veterans
"This opportunity to serve veterans is truly a combination of my wanting to help others and my family’s gratitude for those who have made our path to living in this country possible...To have an opportunity to give something back and show how much we care is something that I am truly grateful for this Veterans Day."

- Karla Chrobak , Supervising Attorney of the IL-AFLAN hotline
Nov. 27: Mark Your Calendar for Giving Tuesday
A mother and her child trying to escape their abuser. A veteran in need of a home.

These are some of the ordinary people who turn to us for assistance.

CARPLS helps tens of thousands each year resolve their legal matters by connecting them with expert attorneys on our free legal aid hotline and court advice desks. Though we work tirelessly, many people still need our help.
With a donation to CARPLS this Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27 , you can help ensure that the everyday members of our community can achieve justice.
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CARPLS was represented at the 25th Annual Pro Bono and Community Service Fair by Supervising Attorney Leslie Wallin, Zoran Stanoev, volunteer, and Chris Hamway, associate board member.
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