Volume 4  |  Issue 3
November 2016
Upcoming Events
November 18
A multi-faceted event sponsored by the Support Community for Instructional Technology to explore and engage instructors with the pedagogy and features of ICON (powered by Canvas).
January 12
Please save the date for 4CAST 2017.
Center for Teaching
NSF Study Explores Classroom Teaching with COPUS
As the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology supports evidence-based teaching practice, it has increasingly become involved in researching teaching and learning at Iowa. This new focus has launched new research partnerships with faculty and staff members across campus, as well as helped to secure outside funding for multifaceted, long-term projects.
One of those projects is a $600,000 National Science Foundation Improving Undergraduate STEM Education NSF IUSE) grant.

ICON 'Groups' Help Students Collaborate
With the adoption of Canvas as the engine that drives ICON, instructors have gained many new functions within our course sites that help us collaborate and engage with other users in the course. One such tool is known as "Groups."
Groups is a powerful tool in Canvas that can help increase student collaboration...
Seizing the Moment: Center for Teaching Begins Review Process

The Center for Teaching is celebrating its 20th year and its mission to "promote and support efforts to enhance instruction at The University of Iowa."  Board of Regents-approved University Centers are required to periodically undergo review, and this is our year. 

Inaugural Graduate Teaching Fellows Program
The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology and the Graduate College are pleased to introduce our inaugural 2016-2017 Graduate Teaching Fellows. 
These four outstanding graduate students were selected from a large pool of candidates last spring and will work with the Center for Teaching and their home departments to create programming throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. 
Save the Date 4CAST: January 12
4CAST '17 will highlight teaching and learning issues related to Big Data, social media, and new technologies-topics set forth by the Office of Outreach and Engagement (Provost's Office) for our campus-wide,  "Our Lives Online." 
ICONext 2016: November 18
Friday, November 18th
2520 University Capitol Centre
8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.