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Wow, it's barely still November- time really does seem to quicken during the holidays. Time has certainly been flying here.  The press has been wonderfully interactive this past month, for which I am truly grateful because it gives me the chance to hopefully share information that will help make people's lives more positive (plus, ok I admit it I'm a little vain and it's fun to do press!).  

See below for articles and videos with tips on how to manage stress, stay focused, and  strengthen relationships (with yourself as well as others!).  Also, please feel free to reply to this newsletter and let me know what's on your mind.  This newsletter now has nearly five thousand subscribers, with about one thousand opens every issue.  I'd like to know more about who you are and what interests you.  I'll be sending a survey soon to ask more specific questions if you care to share, but in the meantime please know that I always enjoy hearing back-- so feel free to hit reply and say hello, if you want!

Stay warm, stay well, and I hope you enjoy below! 


Dr. Chloe 

Dr. Chloe on Fox 5

Dr. Chloe on FOX to discuss coping after Tribeca Terror Attacks
Dr. Chloe Carmichael shares how to manage anxiety and anger  from terrorism or other violent world news. Dr. Chloe offers ideas for adults to cope, as well as ways that parents can discuss these issues with children.

Click the image or  click here  to watch the video. 
Political Polarization is a Psychology Problem

Political disagreements can be stressful-- but the good news is that there are some relatively simple ways turn disagreements from feeling like "verbal competitions" into meaningful dialogue, if you want to so.  It's totally fine to avoid the topic of politics altogether, but if you're looking for ways to navigate conversations peacefully and enjoy civic dialogue then read this. *Could be especially helpful if you or your family likes to discuss politics around the holiday dinner table!

Click the image or  click here  to learn more about "Political Polarization".

Are You a Defensive Pessimist?

"Defensive pessimism is a tendency to think negatively about your current or future situation in order to avoid disappointment and keep yourself focused on areas for improvement. 
- Chloe Carmichael, PhD
This article discusses how to manage the tendency of many successful people to "prepare for the worst": this tendency can be helpful because we do want to make sure we think carefully about potential future issues so we can prepare for them; yet we also want avoid becoming too negative.... how to do? 

Read  three helpful tips on how to find the sweet spot of using enough defensive pessimism to stay on our toes, without overdoing it to the point of demotivation.

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Dr. Chloe Quoted in Different News Sites

How to Deal with Financial Anxiety

"Money is really a resource that can provide people with a sense of safety and security. When we feel that resource is scarce, it can actually make people feel like their survival is in jeopardy on a very primal level."

 Leadership That Trait Can Yield Enormous Results

"You need to have a certain amount of security in personal relationships that you don't necessarily want to have in a manager relationship. This is because personal relationships are a natural commitment, while customer and employee relationships are transactional in nature."

You Deserve Someone Better 

"It shows they are in favor of your growth, they respect the choices you make for what's best for yourself and they're not trying to isolate you."

Have a Stress-Free Holiday! 

Dr. Chloe on FOX5 - Signs You Need Help, Holiday Stress
Dr. Chloe WJLA-TV (ABC) Interview with Kidd O'Shea and Autria Godfrey
The holiday season is here, and while this can be a wonderful and joyous time it can also come with plenty of stress. But nothing to worry about it because Dr. Chloe have some helpful tips to have a stress-free holidays. 

To learn how to be in sync this holiday season, check out the video clips above or read her Blog article - How to Survive Holiday Season with Your Family
10 Commandments of Dating

If you haven't yet had that "hooray moment" of finding your life partner using your current techniques, 
maybe you need to try something different. 
Dr. Chloe developed 10 Commandments of Dating that will help you find your match! This commandment is a guideline that will help you approach dating in a steady, measured way that lets you get to know people before getting too vulnerable.  

Check out the video Dr. Chloe created just for you to guide you in successfully finding your lifetime partner!  Click here to watch this video at any time and anywhere. 
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