Hello My Friends,
November 29, Black Friday, is a 5 days away. But why wait? Time to clear the decks so we can deck the halls.

Following are some items that I would love you to have in your home, instead of my gallery. And thus we shall have a whole week of Black Friday. Beginning on November 25 and lasting through December 4.

Today, as I was creating this newsletter, I took my dear friend's name - Doug Franklin - in vain. He had the nerve to move to Bennington, Vermont and can no longer take photos for the gallery. So, today I was messing around and these first three photos show me unequivocally that I need a light box. Oh, Amazon! So there will be a second newsletter in a couple of days. Goodbye light spots and glare!
David Powers


Left to right: 9"H, 11 ½" diameter blown glass bowl. $540 now $324.   14"H, 6" diameter at top blown glass vase. $340 now $205.   7"H, 21" diameter at top blown glass bowl. $700 now $420.

Bill Inverso


Left to right: Coffee table 42"L, 18"W, 17"T. Flame box elder waterfall design with an acrylic base.  $ 1500 now $900.   "Inquisitive" For the uncle who knows everything ! 17"H, 12"W, 3"D. Walnut and maple placed together very precisely! $1600 now $960. "Western Vortex" 17"H, 16"W, 4 ¾ D  $1600 now $960.

Skip Bellock


Left to right:  "Moon Rising"  22 ½ H, 12"W, 3 ½ D.  Ash and Russian Olive.  $1650 now $990 "Summer Lightning" 23"H, 23"W, 6"D.  Silver Maple and Walnut. $2600 now $1560.   "Nautilis"  23"H, 18"W, 8 ½" D.  Box elder burl on granite base.  $950 now $570.
Nick Eason


Top left to right  "Master Mouser"  (Barn Owl) 15"H, 12"D, 7"W.  Beautifully figured Box Elder with Mahogany base.  $1300 now $780.   "Hidden" (A Bittern and her nest)  15"H, 12"W, 4"deep. Mahogany with curly Maple base.   $1950 now $1170 .  Bottom left to right "Pursuit" (A trout relief)  35"L, 13"W, 1 ¾" D.  Mahogany.  $1400 now $840 "Rising to the Hatch (A trout relief)  16"L, 8"W, 3"D, Mahogany.  $900 now $540 .

Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road  at Riverside Plaza
(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)

 Sandy and Ol' Goliath
 Larry Lefner, Sculptor